Weekend Review

My yahoos in the pool

Delicious cherries, my first ones this season,
and they were perfect! I had to take a picture
because they are sooooo pretty!

Friday was a hell day. The kids were monsters, I was exhausted from the week, I couldn't wait for Jon to get home. He did, I had a meltdown, we had dinner, then we headed off to the pool to swim. The kids had fun, and wore themselves out, which was very nice. The rest of the night, I lied in bed, read my book, watched tv, and got a backrub from my sweet husband.

Saturday, Jon took the kids to clean the church building, and then they had a primary activity. I went with my mom to Sam's club (I like going anywhere with her), then came home to get started on chores. Mom called a little while later to tell me Johnny and Jimmy were at the house, and to see if I wanted lunch, so we put chores off a little longer and headed over. After a few hours of random fun, home videos, lunch, and Jimmy annoying me, we headed home. We got some chores done, and then I talked Jon into going to the grocery store. We came home, the kids swam, I got dinner ready while Jon grilled, and we all had an enjoyable evening.

Sunday, I woke up early. Started frying the sausage and bacon, then sauteed onions, scrambled eggs, made tortillas, toast... and 45 minutes later Jon's breakfast was ready, and I was spent. I pushed too hard, so poor Jon had to do the dishes from his Father's Day breakfast, but I still think he was happy. We made it to church on time, and everyone behaved. During Sunday school, I took off to go to the cemetary so I could have some alone time. I picked everyone up and we headed to my mom's for steaks. It was such a fun afternoon, and everyone had a great time. We didn't get home until 6:30. The kids just snacked for a while and watched tv, then went to bed. Jon assured me it was a good Father's Day, I hope so!

So now we are back to the routine, I need to go get ready for swim lessons, and everything else my day will hold...

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