Tempe Marketplace

This is my new favorite picture!
This towel totally rocks,
I would love to go to the beach
and have a whole photo shoot
with this baby!

My friend Rachel gave us her movie tickets for today because she is out of town. So we headed off to Tempe for the movies, after a nice $104 fill-up for my car. We were running late, which I was stressed about, but luckily the theater wasn't jam packed. Afterwards we headed to Target to get a few things, and then we went back to the Marketplace so the kids could play in the fountains. They had a good time, and luckily there was shade to sit in, and even a little breeze so I didn't totally die. We are home now, everyone is tuckered out, Coop is out on the couch, I'm sure Buffy will be out soon, and Andy is on the Xbox. Time to relax for a while...

Chloe started her babysitting job this week, so she is gone 3 days a week. She is super excited because she is making $8 an hour. My cousin is still nursing, and takes her baby to work, but he is getting older and a lot herder to deal with. So Chloe is going to work with her, and apparently when he is being cranky and wants his mom they are also having her do some work. She seems pretty excited, she really wants a new Ipod, so I think that is going to help her stay motivated. It is freaky how much she is growing up. It blows my mind!


Laurie M. said...

I love the first pic of the kids in the towel- so cute! I can't believe your Chloe is babysitting- they grow up too fast!

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

That looks like so much fun. Where did you get that towel? That thing is huge! I need to get one for Jake cuz he always complains about all the towels being so small!