So far, so good...

When Jon got home yesterday, I told him we had to leave. I was sick of melting. We had some free kids coupons for Chinese food, so we headed off. After dinner, we ran into Old Navy so I could exchange some things, and I took the girls into Ulta for some fun new nail polishes. Ulta is now set up like Sephora, it kind of cracks me up. When we got home, it was still 83 in the house, but better than 90 I guess. The kids went to bed, Jimmy came over and bugged me for a while, then we headed off to bed. Even when our house is 76, I melt at night, so I was freaking out. My sweet husband put the fan on my side, so it was blowing directly on me all night. It was absolutely fabulous!

So far it seems like everything is defrosted, and is working. I have to keep an eye on it throughout the day, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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