A few months ago, Cami called me and told me that her mother-in-law was going to buy tickets to High School Musical, and that all of her nieces were going, etc... So I told her to get tickets for me and the girls. I saved up over the last 4 months, and paid for the tickets, and I kept it a surprise from them. So last night we headed off to meet everyone for dinner at Monti's, then went over to the show. The girls had so much fun. It was so cute. I wish I could have used my camera inside. I remember when I took Buffy to see The Wiggles when she was 3 or 4, and how excited she was. It was the same last night. You are all gonna make fun of me, but I kept getting goosebumps, from the music, from the looks on my girls faces. It was priceless. Buffy just kept asking me if I was cold. Anyhow, so it was a fun night. I am glad I did it with them!

I was freaking out about parking at Gammage, and got super lucky. There was a nice officer directing traffic, and I explained to him that I am very pregnant, and can't walk that far, and he let me pull right in to the Gammage lot (instead of the parking garage down the street) and park in one of the 1st few spaces. I am so glad, or I would have missed the 1st half of the show, because I still would have been walking from my car.


Anonymous said...

Sis you look great in these photos. Don't forget how she loved princesses on ice either. I forget, who bought her tickets to that? JSP

Sheri said...

It's times like these that I wish I had girls.


Kristy said...

Johnny, you're the best brother ever! Telling a pregnant woman she looks good in a picture, you made my day! I forgot abut Disney on Ice. She totally loved it, what an awesome uncle!!!

Karen said...

We were there too! And at Wiggles when Sophie was about the same age. Weird, huh?