Star Wars

I guess this club comes to the children's hospital to visit the sick kids. My mom told us about it, so we could bring the kids to see the characters. Cooper was so excited, until we got there, and then he hung on my leg like a leech. We were standing in the corner, when Darth Vader started walking over to us, I was a little scared. It was like "Holy Crap, here comes the Dark Side." He shook Buffy's hand, Cooper cowered, he took Andy's hand, and instead of shaking it, he yanked on it and pulled Andy close. I wish I had been on the side to see Andy's face, he was a little freaked, and then he laughed it off. Fox news asked if they could interview my kids, Cooper refused, and Chloe chose Andy to be the spokesperson. Needless to say, it wasn't a great interview, so I doubt they will ever be on the news, but we'll see. Anyhow, they had fun. I am not sure it was worth battling the heat, and walking from the parking garage to the hospital, but I guess it made them happy, so hopefully I will be able to cool down soon!

Fantasy Friday

Can I just say how much I would love for my front room to look like this. The wallpaper totally rocks, the green couch is awesome. Maybe not the fur on the chairs so much, but heck I'd take it if it was offered to me...

I want to redecorate sooooo badly, I hate being poor!


A few months ago, Cami called me and told me that her mother-in-law was going to buy tickets to High School Musical, and that all of her nieces were going, etc... So I told her to get tickets for me and the girls. I saved up over the last 4 months, and paid for the tickets, and I kept it a surprise from them. So last night we headed off to meet everyone for dinner at Monti's, then went over to the show. The girls had so much fun. It was so cute. I wish I could have used my camera inside. I remember when I took Buffy to see The Wiggles when she was 3 or 4, and how excited she was. It was the same last night. You are all gonna make fun of me, but I kept getting goosebumps, from the music, from the looks on my girls faces. It was priceless. Buffy just kept asking me if I was cold. Anyhow, so it was a fun night. I am glad I did it with them!

I was freaking out about parking at Gammage, and got super lucky. There was a nice officer directing traffic, and I explained to him that I am very pregnant, and can't walk that far, and he let me pull right in to the Gammage lot (instead of the parking garage down the street) and park in one of the 1st few spaces. I am so glad, or I would have missed the 1st half of the show, because I still would have been walking from my car.


Tempe Marketplace

This is my new favorite picture!
This towel totally rocks,
I would love to go to the beach
and have a whole photo shoot
with this baby!

My friend Rachel gave us her movie tickets for today because she is out of town. So we headed off to Tempe for the movies, after a nice $104 fill-up for my car. We were running late, which I was stressed about, but luckily the theater wasn't jam packed. Afterwards we headed to Target to get a few things, and then we went back to the Marketplace so the kids could play in the fountains. They had a good time, and luckily there was shade to sit in, and even a little breeze so I didn't totally die. We are home now, everyone is tuckered out, Coop is out on the couch, I'm sure Buffy will be out soon, and Andy is on the Xbox. Time to relax for a while...

Chloe started her babysitting job this week, so she is gone 3 days a week. She is super excited because she is making $8 an hour. My cousin is still nursing, and takes her baby to work, but he is getting older and a lot herder to deal with. So Chloe is going to work with her, and apparently when he is being cranky and wants his mom they are also having her do some work. She seems pretty excited, she really wants a new Ipod, so I think that is going to help her stay motivated. It is freaky how much she is growing up. It blows my mind!


The little things

Sometimes I feel like if it's not some huge grand gesture, I just shouldn't do it. I can't just bring a few cookies from store bought dough to someone, I have to make them fresh, lots of them, and they have to be perfect. I wish I wasn't like this, but I am.

There are a few times I can think of in my life, where someone did something small for me, and it meant more than something gigantic.

4 years ago, we were on vacation to SLC for a family reunion. I was the only one from my family that went, everyone else stayed home. As always, I tried to clean my house before we left so when we got home it was clean. Of course it wasn't spotless, by any means. When we got home a week later, things seemed cleaner. Jon and I just shrugged it off, figured we had forgotten everything we had done. A few weeks later we found out that Jimmy, Amber & Cami had come over to clean our house. They just wanted to do something nice. I can still hear them laughing about the hundreds of water bottles they found underneath the girls bed. It meant more to me than they know.

When my dad died, I remember early on the morning of the funeral. We were at the viewing, with so many people. People that I knew, a few of my friends, but mostly my parents friends, older people paying their respects. Then my friend Brigham showed up, I don't know why, but it really touched me. He didn't have to be there, but it made me feel good knowing he made the effort. (I hope I haven't embarrassed him now) I don't think I've ever told him that, so now he knows.

I love it when Keith wears one of my dad's ties to church. He only does on special occasions, and everytime he kind of hesitantly waits for me to notice. I see it, and we just smile. It makes me so happy to know other people still love him, and miss him.

Late last night my mom calls, she tells me she is sending her cleaning lady over. She is only paying for 2 hours, so she can only do my kitchen and bathroom. That is more than enough, those are the spots in the house that are neglected in my pregnant state. Luckily we had our home teachers over last night, so we had already cleaned the front room, hallway and dining room. So today I have a clean house. I am thrilled. This little act means so much to me, I'm not sure if my mom even understands. This means tonight I don't have to get frustrated at Jon for not wanting to come home from work, to do my housework that I can't accomplish. I don't have to try to talk my kids into doing extra chores, it is done, and I can relax.

Anyhow, next time you are wondering what you can do for someone, think of little things. It doesn't have to be huge, even a phone call out of the blue will work. I am so grateful for the people that do little things for me, sweet e-mails, fun phone calls, movie tickets in the mail... It helps me remember how truly blessed I am.


Tagged (again)

So my fun friend, Karen, tagged me, in a totally cool different way. First off I really like the paragraph she wrote about me, so here it is:

Kristy @ Random Thoughts…she’s one of my friends from the kids’ school. We might be totally different in some ways (she doesn’t drink, swear, she doesn’t rat her hair, she gets ill on one cigarette…), but she lets me be me and she even trusts me sometimes with her children (how was I supposed to know that Sex & The City was going to be at the very next screen at the drive in when I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda? Did Chloe have many questions?).

Read hers through, it's pretty funny, just a warning about language. That's Karen, and I love it!

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like

3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere

4 .Tag five more blogs with links

5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Here is my memoir:

Loud, redheaded, clone producing, super woman!

It's a little silly, well a lot I guess, but I am hot, and knocked-up, what do you expect?

Now the people I tag:






Little Jill

Audrey - Yours can't say fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!


A few more than five, but who cares really?!?

Fantasy Friday

I think I have officially passed the point of being able to paint my toenails. I did it the other night, and it about killed me. Could you imagine having your own private room for a fabulous pedicure. A few years ago, Cami gave me a gift certificate to go to Nordstroms Spa to get a pedicure. It was the most amazing pedicure of my life. I would love to go again, but hell I'm not picky. Send me to Dragon Nails, where I pray the whole time I won't get fungus of the mungus, or something worse. Anyways, a pedicure is my Fantasy today...


Just to freak you out!

Buffy went to a birthday party today. They did face painting. Her eyes freaked me out! Of course I had to end it with a pretty picture of her. Freaky Diki!!!

So far, so good...

When Jon got home yesterday, I told him we had to leave. I was sick of melting. We had some free kids coupons for Chinese food, so we headed off. After dinner, we ran into Old Navy so I could exchange some things, and I took the girls into Ulta for some fun new nail polishes. Ulta is now set up like Sephora, it kind of cracks me up. When we got home, it was still 83 in the house, but better than 90 I guess. The kids went to bed, Jimmy came over and bugged me for a while, then we headed off to bed. Even when our house is 76, I melt at night, so I was freaking out. My sweet husband put the fan on my side, so it was blowing directly on me all night. It was absolutely fabulous!

So far it seems like everything is defrosted, and is working. I have to keep an eye on it throughout the day, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Pessimist or Realist???

Everyone says I am a pessimist, because I always expect the worst. That's how I get through labor, I assume I will die, then everything else seems like nothing, because at least I lived!

Jon has been wanting to do a bunch of things around the house, using money we really need to be saving for emergencies. He doesn't worry, he just says if we need it, we'll be able to get it. I don't think that way, so it is a big deal.

Sure enough, I was right. My a/c isn't working today, no big deal, I think the pipes are just frozen, but I have known this was going to happen because it has been 2 years since we have had an a/c problem. So now, I am pregnant, extremely hot, cranky, and we have our a/c off so the pipes can defrost. It is already 90 degrees.

So am I a pessimist, or a realist because I know what our luck is, and things always go wrong for us?!?

The funny thing is, when it comes to anyone else, I always look on the bright side, why am I so jaded about my life? I am a constant mystery I suppose... I will never truly figure myself out I guess!

I think I NEED this...

Is that the cutest diaper bag ever? I can't even afford a crib, but I want a pretty diaper bag. I guess this should be my Fantasy Friday!

Details here, in case anyone wants to surprise me ;)

Overheard so far...

Buffy (while looking at a Fruity Pebbles box):

I don't get this, they are cave men, Cave men don't have milk, or cereal. It just doesn't make sense...

Andy (after I ask him to help me up from the couch):

Mom, why don't you just stop laying down, or sitting down. That way we don't have to help you up anymore.


Weekly Photo

So the ever fabulous Liz started taking a picture every Sunday. I thought it was a great idea, so I am going to try to go along. It might be a weekly photo, instead of actually being taken every Sunday. Hopefully it will help me get back into taking pics! We'll see. So here is the 1st, us right before church. Enjoy Liz!

ps I didn't get to actually look at them until today, Chloe looks like a nerd in everyone. I was ready to kill her when I saw them this morning! Can you believe this is the best one?

Weekend Review

My yahoos in the pool

Delicious cherries, my first ones this season,
and they were perfect! I had to take a picture
because they are sooooo pretty!

Friday was a hell day. The kids were monsters, I was exhausted from the week, I couldn't wait for Jon to get home. He did, I had a meltdown, we had dinner, then we headed off to the pool to swim. The kids had fun, and wore themselves out, which was very nice. The rest of the night, I lied in bed, read my book, watched tv, and got a backrub from my sweet husband.

Saturday, Jon took the kids to clean the church building, and then they had a primary activity. I went with my mom to Sam's club (I like going anywhere with her), then came home to get started on chores. Mom called a little while later to tell me Johnny and Jimmy were at the house, and to see if I wanted lunch, so we put chores off a little longer and headed over. After a few hours of random fun, home videos, lunch, and Jimmy annoying me, we headed home. We got some chores done, and then I talked Jon into going to the grocery store. We came home, the kids swam, I got dinner ready while Jon grilled, and we all had an enjoyable evening.

Sunday, I woke up early. Started frying the sausage and bacon, then sauteed onions, scrambled eggs, made tortillas, toast... and 45 minutes later Jon's breakfast was ready, and I was spent. I pushed too hard, so poor Jon had to do the dishes from his Father's Day breakfast, but I still think he was happy. We made it to church on time, and everyone behaved. During Sunday school, I took off to go to the cemetary so I could have some alone time. I picked everyone up and we headed to my mom's for steaks. It was such a fun afternoon, and everyone had a great time. We didn't get home until 6:30. The kids just snacked for a while and watched tv, then went to bed. Jon assured me it was a good Father's Day, I hope so!

So now we are back to the routine, I need to go get ready for swim lessons, and everything else my day will hold...


Too Funny not to post

My mom just sent this to me in an e-mail:

Mike was going to be married to Karen, so his father
sat him down for a little chat.

He said, 'Mike, let me tell you something. On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite I took off my pants, handed them to your mother and said, 'Here - try these on.'
She did and said, 'These are too big; I can't wear them.'
I replied, 'Exactly, I wear the pants in this family and I always will.'
'Ever since that night we never had any problems.'

'Hmmm,' said Mike. He thought that might be a good thing to try.

On his honeymoon, Mike took off his pants and said to Karen, 'Here - try these on.'
She tried them on and said, 'These are too large. They don't fit me.'
Mike said, 'Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will. I don't want you to ever forget that.'

Then Karen took off her pants and handed them to Mike. She said, ‘Here - you try on mine.' He did and said, 'I can't get into your pants.' Karen said, 'Exactly. And if you don't change your smart ass attitude, you never will.'

And they lived happily ever after.

Fantasy Friday

Last night I had the chance to go and visit with my mom for a bit. Just me and her. I had to go to the store, and instead of going home, I headed over to see her. I told Jon I would only be a few minutes, and I wasn't home for almost 2 hours. We laughed, we cried, we commiserated... I honestly don't know what I would do without this woman in my life, she has become my rock since my dad died.

My fantasy today would be to take care of her. I wish I could pay off her bills, send her on a fabulous vacation, help her find someone that will make her happy, just do everything in my power to make her life the best it can be.

I really miss living with her, as much as she drove me crazy. She told me the same thing last night, she misses having us in her house. She liked coming home to people, and to grandkids that couldn't wait to see her. I see my mom a lot, but not as much as I should. I hope she knows how much I love her, and realizes how much I need her!

Anyhow, I know this is a weird fantasy Friday, but it is strong on my mind. It is the first thing I would do if I had a wish...


Diving Board

So here is a little video I got of Cooper going off the board.
I am so glad he is getting over the drama!!!


Pure Joy

So are you wondering what has brought me pure joy today?

For the 1st time in my married life, I have a washer and dryer INSIDE of my house. While we lived at my mom's, we knocked out a wall between 2 closets in the hallway, and moved the entryway into our bedroom. It is eventually going to be a master bathroom, but we have long since run out of money, so it is on the back burner. The room already has a drain in it though, and gas. The floor is terrible concrete that we ripped the tile off of, the walls are uneven, the ceiling is horrible, but I don't care! Jon put the washer and dryer in there, and I don't have to walk outside anymore. I have never enjoyed doing laundry so much! I am one happy lady right now!!!


Weekend Review

Friday we spent the day working on chores, and Andy headed off to a sleepover. That night we took the other kids to Tempe Marketplace to kill some time. The kids had a blast playing in the splash zone. I was so mad I didn't have my camera. Copper was an absolute riot!

Saturday Jon took the kids on a fieldtrip to the dump, so I got some quiet time in the morning. We headed off to Costco, and came home to start some major chores. My mom called after a while, and her and I headed off to Target, it was a nice break. Jon played paintball Saturday night, so it was me and the kids. We played a few board games, and I counted contractions and prayed I wouldn't have to drag my kids to the hospital with me. Luckily they slowed down!

Church went well, and afterwards we just hung out while Jon went and did Home Teaching. Last night for dinner we had a carpet picnic, and watched Ratatouille. The kids had fun, and I was happy to just relax.

So I am now gearing up for another week. Swim lessons, church stuff, getting things ready for Cinq, etc... I am hoping for another good week, with cooperative kids. I have an ultrasound today, and I am going to take the kids with me, so they are pretty excited. I hope I am not insane for doing this, I guess we shall see!


Fantasy Friday

Not so much because I am a Chevy person, in fact I am more of a Ford person. But this is a Hybrid, and my whole fam could fit, and who wouldn't want a new car?!? Gas is literally killing us right now, and it is only getting worse. I haven't driven anywhere all week. I have maybe totaled 6 miles this week. Today I have errands to run, and I have to fill up, which honestly makes me want to cry...


Pool Time

I've wanted to take this picture for the
last 2 years, I need to do it before it is too
sunny. I will try again, but still thought
this one was adorable. Unfortunately I
missed the boat for Chloe, the pool only
goes to 10 feet, so I can't get one of her
by her age.

I love his pool hair,
and that is a classic Cooper smile!

Cute Buffy!

You will be happy to know that there were no tears during lessons today. What a relief, of course tomorrow they go off the diving board, so we'll see what happens then. I am just happy to get through today!

Summer mornings...

This is what it looks like on a typical summer morning. The kids snuggled up in my bed, I don't know what's wrong with their beds, but oh well, watching cartoons. Chloe didn't want her picture taken, she was on the computer (always).

Since this sweet picture was taken, someone has switched Buffy and Andy to evil, so my day is definitely looking up (not). Cooper is already whining about swim lessons, so wish me luck. I'll report back later...


The Mean Mom

I'm sure you have all seen her before, that mean mom... Either at the mall, or a school function, maybe church, even McDonald's. The kind of mom that makes you feel really good about yourself. Not so much because they are abusive or anything, but they just seem mean, and uncaring.

Guess what, that was me today. I was THE mean mom.

We headed off to swim lessons, everyone was so excited, I had packed my our lunches so we could hang out afterwards and eat, then just swim once it was open to the public. We get there, and Cooper starts... Crying, like you have never seen before. Pure terror filled screams when I make him get in the water, you could hear him for miles. There was another kids like that in the class, he just turned 2 yesterday. Cooper is 4 1/2, and he likes to swim. So did I comfort and love, hell no! I sat there and pushed him in whenever it was his turn.

Honestly, I have never wanted to kill a child, and cry for a child so much at the same time. I was heartbroken, I have never heard him cry like that before, but on the other hand it just pissed me off. He was being so ridiculous! So I told him if he didn't stop, he wouldn't get a snack from the snackbar (the highlight of going to a public pool), the tears kept coming. I threatened to call his dad, tears were still there. I told him he would be grounded from the pool, still crying. 35 minutes of complete torture.

The worst part was how the moms were looking at me, like I was this cruel heartless lady. I wanted to hold him, and keep him warm and tell him he never had to go again, but if I did that, what good would it do? So now I have to look forward to tomorrow, and I pray he acts better, if not I can just kiss any chances goodbye of meeting a new friend at the pool this year...

So far, so good...

Well we have made it through 2 days of summer break, and it hasn't been so bad yet. Friday we hung out, ran a few errands, and swam for a bit. When Jon got home we did chores because I knew we would be gone all day Saturday.

We had a fun weekend, our nephew got married, so our day was consumed with wedding activities. Sunday we all went to church, no one was sick, which was a miracle in itself. After church we watched tv, and then Jon and the kids wrestled and played for a few hours. It was one of those really good Sunday afternoons.

Yesterday, Cooper and I went to Target. When we got home, everyone quickly got chores done, and we went to the Park Pool. I got the kids signed up for lessons, and then we stayed and swam for a few hours. We had dinner at my mom's last night, and as usual had a great time laughing.

The kids start their lessons today, so I need to pack snacks and lunch, because we are just gonna stay afterwards until the pool opens for swimming. The kids are working in the backyard, and again I am surprised at how smoothly things are going. I hope my children keep cooperating and behaving, maybe this won't be such a long summer after all...