Still here...

It has been a long week...

A week of:
  • 3 doctor's appointments
  • 1 trip to a blood lab, whilst trying to calm Andy, as they take gallons, I also have to keep Cooper and Declan occupied ( oh and did I mention that the lab was the stinkiest place I have ever been, I am so glad I had perfume in my bag to put under my nose)
  • 1 fieldtrip to Senior Center
  • 1 fieldtrip to Sunsplash
  • 1 fieldtrip to bowling alley
  • 1 PTA Meeting
  • 4 meltdowns (all by me)
  • 1 husband leaving with 1 son on campout, other son wasn't sure if he was feeling well enough
  • 1 son getting a ride this morning with CW, because he did feel well enough
  • 1 talent show at school
  • 1 enrichment night
  • 1 late night milkshake (Dorothy just knew I needed some attention last night at 10:00, I love that she didn't care I was in my garms)
  • 1 dinner with grandma
  • 7 serious Charlie Horses in my calves
  • 1 grandpa in and out for surgery, he is fine, Thank Goodness!
  • 1 Mother's Day celebration in Cooper's class
  • 1 Mary Higgins Clark book

Sorry I was MIA this week, hopefully next week will work out better! I think I am even too exhausted (physically & emotionally) to even dream of a fantasy today, check on me later, I might feel better after my appointment. Keep your fingers crossed that I go another pregnancy without gestational diabetes!!!


liz said...

x [that's my crossed fingers]

Mamie Coffey said...

probably not a good time to mention it, but I tagged you on my blog yesterday... ;)
&- that is my fingers crossed.

Mimi said...

what a week. Can't believe we went a whole week without seeing each other again. Love ya!