Oodles of stuff

Coper waiting patiently in the back of the truck,
while Jon was loading up to go camping...

Actions shot of Cooper and Buffy
during the water ballon relay at waterday

Andy laughing about a water balloon
to the head...

Buffy & Salem cheesing it up

Joey, Abby & Cooper waiting for lunch

The girls before the talent show,
hopefully I can get the video to upload.

So I made it through another week. These are a few highlights from this week and last. We have a busy weekend ahead of us, and I am so happy that the weather is cooperating. I hope my body does! The kids are excited that they only have 3 days of school left, and next week we have Crazy Hair Day and Pajama Day, so they are thrilled. I have a billion and one things I want to try to accomplish today, so I've got to go. Hope you all take advantage of this amazing weather, and have a great weekend!


liz said...

talent show?! you should have told me i could have recommended this great song for them to dance to about a homecoming queen!!

cooper I love that kid. he is going to be a superstar big brother!

ducklips said...

Don't you just love the last days of school? I think I have not been more busy this whole year and that is including Christmas time.
Have fun with it!