When I took that picture on my last post, I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should post it. I couldn't decide if it was gross, or weird, because my stomach is seriously not that big. So I am very glad that I got some positive comments, it made me feel much better about my decision!

If you only knew the process it took to actually get that picture, while I am trying to hold my giant orbs out of the way, and take the picture by myself. I can't believe how my stomach looks like the size of the earth, and it also looks like I am an Amazon woman. My feet look like they are 30 feet away. It kind of cracks me up.

So thanks again!

It was a busy weekend, and we got a lot accomplished, so I am very happy about that. Chloe and Andy got home from their trips safely, and had a great time. I am thankful to have everyone back at home and under the same roof again. I can't believe it is Mother's Day this week. I have to figure out what to do for my mom and mother-in-law. I am looking forward to Mother's Day surprises, and hope my husband is on top of it all. I am really hoping I can get my hair done this week sometime, oh that would be so nice! We'll see how it all comes together. Lots to do, so I will talk to you all later!

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The Sherrill Family said...

That's so funny that you say all that because when I saw that pic I was like, "Wow she has a stomach!" but then when I saw you the other night there was nothing there!!!!! Where are you hiding her? So I don't have your e-mail to give you the details for Kennedy's B-day party so here they are...Saturday May 10th 11:00-2:00 at our roof-top pool. We will just be swimming and eating! Feel free to come if you guys can. If not I understand but we would love to have all of you! Call me for directions! Hope you guys are doing well!