Crazy Hair Day

I have no idea why Buffy is making a pig face,
but this is the crazy crew before school
this morning...

I think the back of Andy's looks
like a peacock.

Cooper's sides looks cool

Nothing too exciting this year. I was just too tired to even think of anything new. So hair color and gel was all they got. They seemed pretty happy with the results though, so that is good!


The Sherrill Family said...

They are all so cute even with their crazy hair! Good job!

Sheri said...

Your kids rock! My kids will never let me do anything for crazy hair day.

liz said...

nice job mama- that looks like fun

Erika said...

If that is your mediocre job...they look great!! What great pictures!

I have been so bad at commenting lately--out of town...visitors...looks like you have been busy!