(Sorry it's not the best, but my scanner
isn't working, so I had to take a picture of
a picture. This is the picture from the
reunion 3 years ago)

Last night we had a mini reunion with my dad's family. My aunt & uncle are in town, so whoever lived in town and could make it went over to my cousin's house for dessert. We had made a time capsule back in 2001 at our reunion in Newport Beach, and we were opening it last night. It was so fun seeing my cousin's and aunts & uncles. There weren't even half of us there probably, but there were still a bajillion of us.

My grandma & grandpa had 5 kids, I grew up with lots of cousins, doing lots of things with our family. I loved it. I have always wanted the same thing. My mom and dad had 5 kids, but I bet my mom tops out at 16 grandkids, max. I am apparently the only kids that really enjoys reproducing (or is at least stupid enough to keep doing it). On the way home I was talking to Jon, and hoping out lots that we have children who have lots of children. I want lots of grandchildren, I want lots of great grand children, I want my kids to grow up loving to be with each other. I want to go on vacations with my kids and their kids. I want my grandchildren to love seeing each other, and want to hang out all the time.

I was very lucky to grow up this way. I couldn't imagine my life without my family, without our summer vacations with my mom's family, or our reunions and parties with my dad's family. My brothers and sisters aren't as keen on vacationing together, and it really bugs me. Since my dad has died, it has slowly just died away. Everytime we try there is always someone who gripes, or says they can't afford it, or something. I just want to scream at them at tell them to suck it up, so our kids can have a relationship with each other, so we can have fun. We always do, no matter how much of a pain it is, we always enjoy it!

I am anxious to see where my children will take me, what kind of life I am going to have in 20, 30, 40 years. It seems so far away. When my grandpa was in hospice a few years ago before he passed away, he had a family picture (photo above) from a mini reunion we had had the year before to celebrate his 90th birthday. The nurses would walk in, and just star in awe at the amount of people, and that's not all of us. My grandpa was so proud to show us off. That is what I want.

I feel like I am trying to raise my children right, and I am trying to teach them the importance of family, so maybe one day I will be amazingly blessed. I hope I am doing it right, I guess only time will tell!


Sheri said...

I had the same sort of upbringing and loved it too. I'm lucky that most of my boys have cousins close in age and that we are lucky enough to all live close to one another. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am.

Laurie M. said...

I love big family pictures like this. It's amazing to think that it all started with just 2 people!
I think you are already teaching your kids that family is important because it's important to you!

ducklips said...

I love big families too. I know I sound a bit like a hypocrit w/ only 3 kids, but my mom is a saint and I can't see being able to do what she did. My kids are all very close to their cousins and it surprises me that even when Merilee comes down from Oregon, they pick up right where they left off and are still best friends.
I often think I hope my kids are as close as I am with my brothers and sisters. There are 10 of us and all of us are pretty much very close. We still love to spend hours and hours sitting on my mom's kitchen floor and talking and laughing til all hours of the night. I hope my kids have that w/ eachother as they grow up.

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Don't worry Andy's not close with any of cousins either, I think it's weird. We have had a Poulsen Family get together twice a year ever since I was a little girl and my dad has 4 brothers and 5 sisters, it's a challenge but it can be done.