The Name Game

I am at that point in my pregnancy...

Last night I had to sit up, or lay on my side to get my back rub. That was a sad moment. I can no longer sleep on my stomach, that is horrible! I am hardly showing, which is really weird, if you saw me you would just think that I was chunking up a little, unless you knew I was pregnant.

I am also at the point where I am dreaming of names. Unfortunately I have a husband, who is a complete pain in the ass when it comes to picking out names. He never wants to just let me have my say!

Aren't I the one who is carrying this child for 9 months?

Aren't I the one who is already having extreme sciatic pain?

Aren't I the one who switches the laundry, and then has to sit because I am already having contractions?

Aren't I the one who can't brush her teeth without puking?

Aren't I the one with the terrible taste in my mouth 24/7?

Aren't I the one, who used to have a cute tummy, but now (as we found out when I was pregnant with Chloe) if you draw eyes and hands, my stomach resembles this lovely painting below by Edward Munch...

Aren't I the one, whose breasts have already grown another size, and will grow again when I nurse, but contrary to what everyone thinks, they will not go back down. So after having started off well endowed, I am now someone that has to shop in specialty stores that are mainly for hookers and drag queens?

Aren't I the one who stays up and frets about our kids lives, the problems they are going to face? Remember that shot on the news last night, the one where the girl got hit over the head with the folding chair. I almost removed my children from school today to homeschool them (luckily I realized that would probably more detremental to their health that a chair to the head.) But even still, Jon didn't blink an eye about it!

Aren't I the one who is going t have to push this child out of my body, and considering each one of my children has gotten larger, we are looking forward to a ten pounder this time. I'm sure most of you think it is probably like a slip 'n slide now, but I am still pretty nervous!

And the list could go on, and on... So shouldn't I be able to pick the name???

It's funny when I think back on the other names. Chloe was Chloe from the moment I was pregnant. At the time, there were no Chloe's so I loved that it would be different. Even still there are only 3 in the whole school, so that is pretty good. I also remember the crap people gave us about that name, "It's an old lady name, it's the drug addict sister off of ER, etc..." It grew on them, and I couldn't imagine any other name on her now.

I had no choice with Andy, because Jon always wanted his son after him. So Jonathan Andrew the 2nd it is. There are too many Jon's or John's in the family, that is why we went with Andy.

For those of you who don't know, Buffy is not her real name. She is actually Elizabeth, but I knew that would be way too long to yell, so we had to find a nickname. When we chose Buffy, we got the same mixed reactions. My grandma still calls her Elizabeth, even though Buffy continues to tell her "Grandma I like Buffy." One of Jon's nieces told me (to my face) that Buffy is a table dancer's name. Now fast forward about 6 years, we are at Brian and Dorothy's for a BBQ. We go up to their bedroom to turn on music, as all the kids follow. They have a beautiful 4 poster bed. We turn it up loud, and it turns into Dance USA up there, with kids and adults all dancing. Then out of the blue, I see Buffy eyeing one of the posts, and within a second she had jumped up on the bed, wrapped one leg around the pole, with the other sticking out, and just swung around like there was no tomorrow. So thank you, she is not a table dancer, pole dancing is apparently in her blood, and I am sure there is a major difference!

Cooper was supposed to be Rocco, but Jon vetoed that. We all wanted it, even the kids. But for some reason he has the deciding vote. I don't mind Cooper, in fact it suits him quite well, but Rocco would have also!

I can't believe how long this is, I am sorry. I am just really ticked, because the one name I want more than anything Jon won't even consider! So tell me, do you think I should have final say?


Anonymous said...

No! Not after making me read about your breast and referring to your Who Who as a slip and slide. PLEASE put a disclaimer at the top of your posts for you brothers PLEASE!!! JSP

Kristy said...

Sorry brother, I almost said something, but I figured you wouldn't read it all the way through since it is so long!

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard. Ian and I NEVER agree on names. We have to be somewhat normal because we have a doozy of a last name. With Evan, the birth certificate lady was literally banging on my door every day.

I definitely think you should have the final say!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, especially since it's a girl, Cameron wasn't keen on Ivy for our daughter's name because he thinks she'll be called poison(which is fine with me, stay away from my daughter!) I think it's growing on him. The fact that Jon wouldn't let you name Cooper, Rocco means you have the final say!

PTC said...

I think I should have the final say. With all of the motorcycle rides Jon took me on, I'm sure some of my DNA is in there somewhere.

Laurie M. said...

Well, you are the one who fills out all the paper work in the hospitial, right? I think after all the work that goes along with childbirth, YOU should be able to choose a name! But I know how you feel- We didn't always agree on names either. In fact we don't even discuss names until we know the gender just to eliminate some of the argument.

Kristy said...

Mike, as long as you move into our ward, I just might let you have a say!

On a sidenote, I knew someone who named their baby, but when it came time to bless her, the husband changed the name, without telling the wife. I don't know how that marriage lasted!

Kristy said...

I love Ivy! Good job, it will grow on Cameron! I can't believe you commented, this is huge!!!

Mimi said...

what's the name you love?

liz said...

I am laughing so much from this post.

1) hooker clothing shopping, too funny.

2) slip and slide. good one, nice imagery.

3) 'ass' is always unexpected in posts and never less than hilarious.

4) why is my husband leaving gay jokes in your comments section? shouldn't he be spending his time finding me a house?! NOT reading blogs sheesh. ;-)

liz said...

p.s. seriously- I have to tell you COOPER could never be a Rocco. But only because I knew one who got fired once for bad choices associated with the women at work.

Amy said...

I think you and Jon should chose names and let the kids vote - NOT!

I personally like the name you've already given "him" --CINQ--.

Then when you go on vacation you can say, "We brought everything - even the kitchen Cinq! Ha! Okay, not so funny, but I'm working on fumes here. When exactly are we supposed to get that much needed REST before the baby comes?

molly said...

*wiping tears* Cracking up, oh my, that was good stuff. Thanks for the laughs.
And yes, us girls should be able to pick the names, why can't they just accept that? Tims last argument for one of the names I liked (and he didn't) was that is sounded like a cows name. I mean really, who names cows anymore?

Karen said...

I always said whoever has the most pain during child birth gets the final say on naming. But I wanted to name my oldest Blue and didn't get to. Took a long time before we did agree on a name for the boy. The girls were much easier for us to name.

Here's an idea I always wanted to try: have 7 names picked out--one for every day of the week. Then whatever day Baby is born on gets that day's name.

Erika said...

Way too funny!! Dying to know what the name is that you love. I have gotten the veto twice (each boy) now on the same name, but other than veto power, John has let me make the ultimate decision, which always means I'm running down to the names office right as we're checking out of the hospital.

Andrea said...

YES!!! You should have the final say in the name! Or at least I agree with all the wonders of pregnancy we have to endure! ha ha :) You definitely had me chuckling! And I'm pretty positive your tummy (with a face drawn on it) doesn't look like that painting! Ok, you had me laughing when you said you have to buy bras at the same place drag queens shop. And I'm sure there is a difference btwn table dancing & pole dancing! that's funny!!

Here's what I did to get the name I wanted with our last kid:
just say the name each day, work it into conversation. it becomes familiar & your hubby should begin to like it from hearing it often. I did it & it SO WORKED!!! All the others we agreed easily, so I only had to work on the last one. I mean c'mon, Ben came up with names like Thor & Bruce Lee, etc. I had to WIN. and I did! Good LUck!!

Anonymous said...

Kristy can pick names and I just have to agree thats not so bad. Any name she wants. Its her choice. All I ask is to be given a vote.