I woke up this morning in my bed. Not on the couch, not in a chair, not in one of the kid's beds, but in my own bed. For those of you who don't know, I struggle with insomnia, which only gets supremely worse when I am pregnant. Then as soon as I get big enough to not lay on my stomach, it is pure misery for the rest of the nine months. So, needless to say I have not been sleeping well, especially in the last few weeks. Last night I crawled into bed, I was still feeling pretty gross, and was hoping to fall asleep before I started to throw up again, and I woke up 8 hours later in my own bed. Even Jon was surprised to see me in bed this morning. Usually at about 1:00 something wakes me up and I head to the couch for the rest of the night. I am thrilled, I hope it wasn't a fluke. Please oh please let me sleep like that again...

Last night we went and saw "Horton hears a who" for FHE. The kids got a lot of money from the Easter Egg hunt at my mom's, so they all paid their own way (that's about the only way we can all afford to go). It was darling. The movie theater was freezing, so I had a grumpy Cooper, but besides that it was good.

I am determined to accomplish a lot today, so wish me luck!


Andrea said...

That's great!!! I only had problems sleeping when the heartburn kicks in! It came earlier and earlier with each of my kids. Yikes! It burned so bad, so I had to sleep sitting up (like on the couch). Good Luck! Hope you're able to sleep a little better!

BTW - I'm having a little contest on my blog & picking 3 random winners on Friday. Check it out here:

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! good sleep is a miracle when you are prego. hallelujah

loved Horton hears a who. and have you tried the drive in? so fun. Glendale or Scottsdale . we do Scottsdale. heavenly day cheap. 12 and under are free! and adults are only 7 bucks. Tuesday. is half price night. 3.50 per person over 12. two feature films. we saw Horton hears a who and Spiderwick chronicles together. awesome!

onehm said...

So so glad that it was working out so nicely! It's a great shock when that happens, isn't it??
:) Have a great day!