Difference between Lds and FLDS

This was e-mailed to me by 3 different people today. I thought you might all enjoy it too!

Some Mormon Women sing...

Some Mormon women dance...

Some Mormon women write scary stories...

Some Mormon women have a lot of
money and great hair...

I know hundreds of Mormon women. They do all
kinds of different things and live all
different kinds of lives...

This woman served as a leader in the Mormon Church. She recently
spoke to teenage girls worldwide. She encouraged them
to stand up to peer pressure, strengthen their
families and serve others.

None of the Mormon women I know look like this...

None of them are marrying off their teenage daughters and --
although some may joke about wanting a sister-wife
(preferably one who is really fat & ugly,
does bathrooms and changes diapers),
none of them really want to share their husband with anyone!


Some Mormon guys can throw a ball...

Some Mormon guys yell at the ball...

Some Mormon guys make scary movies...

Some Mormon guys have a lot of money
and really great hair...

I know hundreds of Mormon guys. They do all kinds of
different things and live and kinds of different lives.

This is one of the leaders of the Mormon Church. Recently he spoke
about honoring women, especially mothers, and gave advice
to husbands and children about how to treat
the women in their lives.

None of the Mormon men I know look like this...

The Mormon men I know are honest and hard-working. They don't
cheat, smoke, drink or gamble.

And TRUST ME... the last thing any of them
want is another wife!


Sheri said...

I am going to post the link to your blog on my blog - I loved this post!

C.W. said...

Actually, that post is kind of ironic because if we rewind history about 150 years, it was Mormon women and children being hauled off by the government and Joesph Smith in chains and on trial.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i was wondering when someone would post this. way to go!

Jon said...

One wife is MORE than enough for me!


Sheri said...

Kristy - just wanted to let you know I changed my blog address to:

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