Did you?

Did anyone watch the Crystal Darkness documentary? Did you watch it with your children?

I tivoed it, so I could watch it later and decide if it was suitable to watch with Chloe. There was a line in there where they were telling parents to talk to your kids while they are young, 11 is a great age, because they are more likely to listen than when they are 16. Am I bad because I don't want to talk about it yet with her, she is a child. Once we bring these things into our lives, they never go away. I don't want to talk about how girls turn into prostitutes, I don't want to have to explain what a prostitute is. The other night when we were reading the scriptures, Chloe read a verse with the word "whore." Of course, being the daughter that she is, she had to ask what a whore was. Luckily, Andy's scripture had a definition I could live with. Why am I so scared to talk about this stuff? I want her to stay naive, and young and innocent, and yet everyone says that by this age they aren't anymore. Is that true?!?

This is the part of parenting I did not think through all the way. HELP!!!


Sheri said...

I always tell my kids "don't do drugs" "don't smoke". I say it somewhat jokingly, but I figure maybe I can brainwash them now.

We have a family member who has been to prison and basically ruined his life because of drugs. So even though my boys are still young, they've seen the destruction it can do first hand.

I think it would be better for you to talk to her about these things then for her to hear about them from someone else. That way she will know that the subject isn't taboo and she can talk to you about it.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the issue is not the right thing to do. They are aware of the drugs around them and they know more than you think. We have been very open with Brie about drugs and Sex. I want her to be comfortable talking about these things with us so if she is tempted to participate in something illicit she will come to us and ask for help. If it's never discussed in the home then it's look upon as something taboo and embarrassing. Doing and saying nothing is more damaging, You won't be taking away her innocence, but empowering her by giving her the truth about the temptations that she will face outside the walls of her home. Pray for the strength and guidance of what needs to be said and the lord will direct you.

Kristy said...

I have to add that we have spoken about things like this before, but I have never gone into graphic details. She has had the "talk", and she has seen some of the pain that drugs can cause. I just don't know how much details I need to be giving to my 11 year old, does that make more sense? I still don't like talking about it either!

Mimi said...

I'm sure she is already somewhat aware of things that go on around her. I learned about sex in like the 2nd grade. Good luck, i'm not looking forward to that talk either.

Andrea said...

Didn't see that show or even know about it.

We have definitely talked about cigarettes & alcohol, but have only talked about drugs a little. We haven't had the sex talk w/ our kids yet (our oldest is 9). We've mentioned some about the female cycle, but I guess we need to pray about it & finally talked to our oldest 2, so they are informed. I mean we've had to warn them about sexual predators in a way, which is awful to have to tell our kids. My mom had the sex talk with me when I was in 3rd grade, so around 9 I guess. We thought it was funny & gross. ha ha.

Tiffany said...

I have a few family members that have had major problems with drugs & as a result their lives are not great. I talk to my kids all the time about the choices these people have made and the consequences they are dealing with as a result. Personally I have a harder time with the sex issues than the drug issues. But I do agree they need to hear about what is out there.

Andrea said...

You've been blogged (and awarded)!!


The Sherrill Family said...

I watched that program but I agree that it would maybe include a lot of explaining for someone like Chloe. My mom pulled my 3 younger siblings out of school earlier this year because she just couldn't deal with everything that they were being exposed to. It's so tough growing up in these days! I think I'm going to put Kennedy in a box!