Monotany of Motherhood

Sometimes I really just want a break from it all. Do you agree?

Last night, after crying to myself for a while (it has just been one of those weeks), I finally decide it is time for bed, when you know what, Andy is up with a fever and a stomach ache. So I set him up on the floor in the front room, then up on the couch next to me so I could rub his belly. This went off and on for about 4 hours. I was finally completely exhausted, and woke Jon up or his turn. Of course his turn consists of him sleeping through everything on the couch, man I wish I could be the dad sometimes. I don't know why, but when my kids are sick I feel so guilty for not being with them. I feel like I need to be in the same room with them, so I can hear every grunt or moan, and be able to help them at a moments notice. I hate this about me. I wish I could just sleep, and know that if it is really bad they will come and get me, but I can't. Andy is hardly ever sick, he was my most unhealthy baby and toddler, up until about 4 years old, then he changed. He never gets sick, so when he does he is just miserable and doesn't know how to act, the poor little guy! I just got home from the doctor's, he's got laryngitis and bronchitis. Good times...

On top of everything, I am feeling not so well again. I can't go through this again, no way! I just want a break, just for a day or two, no worries, no laundry, no house cleaning, no cooking, no fighting, no tears... So wish us luck, pray that it stops with him, or I just might lose my mind completely!


Mimi said...

Honestly I don't know why you guys are so unlucky in health. hope you all get over the sickies sooner rather then later. I love ya, and hope you can find some solace in your life right now.

Good luck and hang in there!

Sheri said...

This has been a brutal year for sickness. I know when I'm sick the last thing I want to do is take care of everyone else. I hope you all feel better soon!

I know what you mean about wanting to get away...I feel that way atleast once a day.

Crazymamaof6 said...

it is hard to be the mom. and being prego is never easy. especially if you are sick. UGH! hope he's better now. this was days ago so hope it was short lived. it has been a bad year for sick kids. and sick parents we've had it too. you aren't alone in wanting a day or two off. not feeling sick , not being interrupted sleeping. and just a great relaxing day, feeling good doing something you want. i have days like that too. it rarely happens but i think every mom of a handful of kids fantasizes about it.