It's a new week. I am hoping for a fresh start. I heard some feedback recently about how all I do is complain on my blog. I am so sorry, I don't mean to, so I am going to consciously try to get the older Kristy blog back. I think everyone is healthy (except me, barfs...), my kitchen is clean, Jon got a lot done around the house this weekend, so I am going to focus on the good for you all!

Andy had his Pinewood Derby this week, he won 1st place at our ward's, which was super exciting. Then on Saturday, he won 1st place for the whole stake. I am so happy for him. He was so excited. Now he is qualified for regionals. Holy Moly, how far does this go?!? Anyhow, he was excited to bring his trophy to school today!

Last night, the girls were being their usual selves around bedtime (which is awful if you don't know), and Buffy realized that her pillow was on Cooper's bed. Cooper was asleep on it, so she woke him up to get it, leaving Cooper in tears, and Jon and I not so happy. Jon went in and really got after her, and a little while later I went in to check on them and she is crying in her bed. She thought that Jon and I hated her now. My heart broke, that poor little girl, she is so sensitive. I explained to her that I could never hate her, no matter what she did, I just didn't like some of the things she chose to do. After a lot of loves from me she calmed down, of course her and Chloe still didn't go to sleep for almost an hour and a half. I have got to figure out something different to do, because I am really getting tired of their bedtime crap. Any suggestions?

I am excited for my ultrasound this week, and the kids are super excited. So stay tuned for the news!!!


Sheri said...

Wow! Regionals! Maybe you could give us some of your speed secrets as Ian only seems to be concerned about the look of the car and not how fast it goes...

Mimi said...

so glad to have the old kristy back! how fun for andy, and give buff some loves for me!

Amy said...

Amanda pulls that "You Hate Me" crap all the time.

So I tell her that she is right. "Yep. We sure do hate you. We hate you so much that we wash your clothes and cook you dinner and kiss you goodnight every night. We hate you so much that we play games with you and help you to spell words and ride bikes with you...We hate you so much that we are teaching you to be kind to your brother just to make you MAD!

I say this all in the most comically evil voice I can muster without laughing too soon.

Smiles eventually ensue.

Crazymamaof6 said...

SUPER exciting! can't wait for you to find out! that is so fun!

awesome on the pinewood derby. pictures of the car please! so fun. ours is in a couple weeks and we haven't started it yet. awesome. that is rad he did so well! and wow seems like the fun never stops with it. even better.

bummer on the bedtime crap.
we do bedtime the love and logic way. they ahve to be in there rooms, not causing trouble for anyone else. i don't care what the hell the do in there as long as they don't bug me. and they have to get up at the normal time. so they read, do homework, play gameboys. as long as i don't see them.but more often than not they go to sleep anyway with the freedom to choose. of course they can't be loud or wake people up, but it works for us. it has taken the stress away from bedtime for me. it also helps that i am not often home at bedtime. a little retail therapy for me. and Dad doing the crappy job of getting the kids in bed helps immensely.
good luck.
and have you read the 5 love languages book? great insight into everyone. there is one for kids too but i liked the first one better. the kid one was a little more confusing since it hypes all 5 love languages at important for all kids to grow up normal and well adjusted.
sounds like buffy is all about words of affirmation, and harsh words crush her. just guessing. but it's a great read. we give it for wedding gifts.it's FABULOUS!

Crazymamaof6 said...

and i guess i can't spell or type. sorry about that. get what you can out of that last comment/novel.

The Sherrill Family said...

I think you can complain as much as you want...your pregnant! You need to have someone to vent to about! So excited for Thursday!!

Andrea said...

YAY!!! Congrats on winning 1st place at the Pinewood Derby! Our ward didn't do ranks, it was mostly for fun & let the boys enjoy the experience.

Brigham said...

Lots of threats to keep them in bed. Threats that deep down inside, they know will never come to pass. Like: Stop talking or I'll fill your mouth with spiders while you sleep.