Fantasy Friday

So about 2 weeks ago, we finally watched Across the Universe, which had been at our house for at least 2 weeks before that. I immediately fell in love with the lead. A few days later we were watching something else, and we saw a preview for the new movie 21, which he stars in, and my heart skipped a beat. Then, unbeknownst to me, when I was in Vegas I saw The Other Boleyn Girl (fantastic, I highly recommend it), and low and behold he is the brother. I think it is a sign that he is supposed to be my new crush. I also happened to catch the last few minutes of Oprah the other day, (something that doesn't happen often, because I am not a huge fan) and he was on it singing with the rest of the cast from Across the Universe. Oh Happy Day!!!

Sheri, I thought this would be perfect for my comeback. Sorry for the withdrawals, but now you have something to drool over!

I am not out of the woods yet, but much better. Chloe is sick, but I think we got her on antibiotics fast enough that it won't get her as bad. Cooper was throwing up last night, good times. I am just trying to get through this week, so it can be back to normal life next week!


Sheri said...

O.k...your blog has made my day. I am feeling sooo crappy today and just found out that I owe the AZ Dept. of Revenue $551 but now that I have seen Jim, it has all disappeared...I'm counting down the days until 21! My mom taped that Oprah episode and I've watched it a million times. If you buy the movie, watch the behind the scenes stuff - facinating and chalk full of Jim, Jim, Jim.

Also, I loved Joe Anderson's (Max) voice. Ian thinks he should play Kurt Cobain in a movie.

Ummm...I'm just a tad stalkerish, I know.

Sheri said...

O.k. I think I want the picture on my wall. Yeah, this my 50th time visiting your blog today.

ducklips said...

I may have to rent this movie and take a look. Sheri keeps talking it up and now you too. Steve doesn't like the Beatles, so maybe a girl's night will be in order.

The Sherrill Family said...

I just watched that movie a couple of days ago! He is soooo cute, except for when his hair turns into a mullet, not my favorite. Tell Buffy I said HELLO! The split our class but she's still in mine! I'm so happy!


I would have Andy wear the bandana for Easter Sunday, but he said he wanted to dress up as the Easter Bunny..he's so clever. Kristy the "Other Bolyn Girl" is rated R...wanna know why I know that, because I saw it too. We are so bad!