Weekend Review

So Friday night we finally went to First Fridays. Brian and Dorothy had called earlier in the week about going out, and we decided to do that. First we ate at La Grande Orange, then after stuffing ourselves, we walked next door for Gelato. After that we headed downtown, and started to look for parking. We had so much fun walking around. So many weirdos, but there was also a lot of cool stuff. After a few hours, I really need to pee. There was an open house going on in some high rise condos, so Brian really played the part of being interested in buying, and Jon, Dorothy and I all got to use the bathroom while he wasn't paying attention! It was classic. I feel bad for the poor guy though, because Brian was really playing the part, I am sure he thought Brian was going to get one. Unfortunately our sitter had to be home early, so we couldn't go to the movies also, but it worked out because I was exhausted. We had a great time though, and already have plans on going back next month.

Saturday was the usual, chores, fighting, tears... We then went to Joey's b-day party, and I got to go to the movies with Cami & Amy that night. We saw 27 dresses, and it was darling. It was just what I needed. When I drove Cami home that night we got to have front row seats to the fireworks at Tempe Town Lake, and even had a police escort, to slow us all down to 2 miles an hour before the finale. It was so cool!

Church was good, even though poor little Cooper was hacking up a storm, so my mom took him home. Then we went over after church for lunch, and had enough time for a little nap before the big game.

All in all a great weekend, my back is killing me today, so I hope I can get things accomplished. Cooper is playing video games, but it seems as if his cough has gone away, or at least into hiding, YEA!!!


Sheri said...

We were supposed to go to the Phoenix Art Museum for Free Friday but couldn't get a babysitter. I'm definitely going to check it out next month.

Kristy said...

Let us know... We have memberships, so we always get in free, but it is also free on Tuesdays. Just to give you a heads up!

We didn't even make it to the museum on Friday, we were having too much fun walking on the street, people watching!