Valentine's Fun

I am running around, busy as a bee today. I got super lucky, and talked my brother into taking Cooper to the Science Museum with him after school so I could get everything done.

This has been a weird Valentine's this year, I am just not in the mood for anything. So I was trying to figure out something fun and special to do. I have decided to make a nice dinner (which I was going to do anyways), but I went and got a pretty tablecloth, matching cloth napkins. I think I am going to break out the china, I have candles and centerpieces, Martinelli's, and super yummy dessert. I am going to have the kids get all dressed up, like we are at a fancy restaurant. I hope they like it, I think it will be fun.

Jon got me 36 beautiful Red roses, what a sweetie. I will post pictres tomorrow, but I have cleaning to do, cooking, I need to make Buffy's invitations, and I need to get myself all dolled up for Jon's Valentine's gift. Be back tomorrow!

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

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