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I was tagged by the fabulous Audrey.

Now for the weird or random things, hmmmmmmm......

1. I can't mix certain breakfast foods. If we are at a buffet, or just go out for breakfast, and I want eggs, and french toast. I can't do it. French Toast, waffles, pancakes, etc... have to be on their own plate, and I have to have milk to drink. Eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns are a separate plate, and I must have orange juice. I generally just go with the orange juice meal because of my weird fact #2...

2. I only like certain kinds of milk. They have distinct different tastes, and I am a fan of Bashas brand, and Shamrock Farms. It also has to be ice cold. So if I order something at a restaurant, and the milk is questionable, and not very cold, it would be very, very bad. So I just try to skip that whole situation!

3. I don't like being around people when they are eating cereal. I hate the sounds people make, the crunching, the slurping... Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl right now. I can sit around my kids (thank goodness), and I am not a freak about it. I would never ask anyone to not do it around me, if it happens, I just get up and walk away very inconspicuously.

4. I have a thing about people in the morning, who have not showered. I grew up with a dad who loved to come and smother me with hugs and kisses when he was covered in morning. My oldest brother (I love you so much), but he has morning like my dad. I keep it to myself, and watch for uncomfortable situations when we are on vacation with people, but it is my problem, no one else's.

5. I count out words in my head, it is hard to write out, if you ever see me in person I will explain it to you. It's a little ocd'ish, but oh well. I'm cuckoo, I know it. Big deal!

So there you go, I am not sure who I want to tag, but anyone that has something truly weird or random, please please leave me a comment. Then everyone can enjoy it!


Crazymamaof6 said...

i hate to hear other people breathing, loud through the nose breathing sounds bug the crap out of me. and i avoid sitting by people that are loud breathers.
and hearing people chew bugs me too. if my husband is reading in bed and I'm watching a movie nice and he his snacking on something, i can hear him,and I'm not nice and make him leave the bed. plus it bugs that he thinks it's ok to eat in bed.
ok that is a large confession.

Sheri said...

I hate loud drinkers. If I am across the room I can hear Ian taking a drink in the kitchen. It makes me want to scream.

Totally with you on the cereal too. And my kids are all big-time slurpers.


Well, one of the american idol contestants shares your same dislike for different foods mixed together on the same plate.

Laurie M. said...

I loved the random stuff about you. I am with you on the cereal thing. I hate being around other people eating cereal. It is so disgusting with all the noises that goes with it!


BTW, growing up I told my brothers not to slurp their milk out of their cereal bowl so many times, that my parents had me eat at the desk in our kitchen, instead of the breakfast table...ahhh I hated the clanking of the spoon followed by a slurp.