A First

Can I just say that last night was the 1st time since we have had school age children, that Jon took care of the Valentine's Day cards. It was fabulous. Of course, as always, it ran smoothly for him, no one complaining of cramped hands, or just not wanting to do it anymore... Sometimes life really sucks!

The cutest thing was when we were picking out the cards, Andy asked me in a whisper if he could get something special for a certain girl. Isn't that adorable?!? I told him to get the same thing for his other girl who happens to be a good friend, so it wasn't quite so obvious. I don't want anyone teasing him! What a ladies man!


Andrea said...

Love your blog topper & enjoying the fun music!

That was nice that he took care of helping the kids get their cards done. I know sometimes when it goes smoothly for them and not us, it doesn't seem fair. I helped the kids make valentine's on the computer this year. I even pre-printed their classmate's names and their names, so not much work on their part. They just had to cut them out.

My oldest son wanted to do valentine's that said "Adorable" on them w/ his picture. I told him he can't give that to everyone (like the boys). He said "but I AM adorable!" LOL I made a different one instead. ha ha :)

Sheri said...

How old is Andy? My 9-year old has a girl he's had a crush on since the 2nd grade. She's been in his class every year so he always sneaks something in her desk.

Crazymamaof6 said...

k that is too freaking cute. and smart thinking on the friend gift too.

yeah love that it went smoothly for him. and now he'll wonder why it is always hard for you. dang it!
maybe next year he'll help too. and it won't be so smooth.


Gosh, Andy is cute I was just remembering back to my "childhood valentine memories" and remembered getting a huge hershey kiss from a boy that had a crush on me. He was so scared to give the hershey kiss, that he had his friend do it and attached was a card. I will never forget the opening line "everything I do, I do it for you" doubt he meant that.

That was nice that your husband helped with the cards this year, what a guy!

liz said...

OMIGOSH! i love that kid- that is super cute.