Fantasy Friday

I wish I looked that good right now. Oh yea, I wouldn't mind that arm candy either!


Laurie M. said...

I'd love to look that good- even not being pregnant! and the arm candy--YUM!

onehm said...

You mean you don't???
I thought that was a pic of YOU and JON!!

Hope that things start looking up in the pregnancy dept soon for you!!!

ducklips said...

I have to say that I liked last weeks fantasy Friday better. I even watched The Holiday this week.

As for this weeks. I really wonder if her baby is getting enough food. Angelina looks a little malnurished. ;)

Mimi said...

Nice, I totally agree with the arm candy! Check out my blog for an update on the giveaway! First come first serve!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Jon wished you looked like that too! Schwinggggg!

Brigham said...

Let me get this straight.....you wish you looked as good as Brad Pitt and had some arm candy like Jolie??

Kristy said...

Thanks for the laugh, nerd!

You are so Brent or Brian. The Schwingggg gave it away!


Here's the recipe to looking like Angelina Jolie Pregnant.

1. eat as little as possible.
2. Go in for weekly botox and lip collagen.
3. Only wear black.
4. Go on a diet from eating little to eating nothing.