Fantasy Friday

I wish I looked that good right now. Oh yea, I wouldn't mind that arm candy either!


Thinking ahead...

I think the title of next year's Science Project will be...

How this Science Fair caused my parents to divorce each other...

(Yes, last night was that good!)



Here's the rules:

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I was tagged by the fabulous Audrey.

Now for the weird or random things, hmmmmmmm......

1. I can't mix certain breakfast foods. If we are at a buffet, or just go out for breakfast, and I want eggs, and french toast. I can't do it. French Toast, waffles, pancakes, etc... have to be on their own plate, and I have to have milk to drink. Eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns are a separate plate, and I must have orange juice. I generally just go with the orange juice meal because of my weird fact #2...

2. I only like certain kinds of milk. They have distinct different tastes, and I am a fan of Bashas brand, and Shamrock Farms. It also has to be ice cold. So if I order something at a restaurant, and the milk is questionable, and not very cold, it would be very, very bad. So I just try to skip that whole situation!

3. I don't like being around people when they are eating cereal. I hate the sounds people make, the crunching, the slurping... Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl right now. I can sit around my kids (thank goodness), and I am not a freak about it. I would never ask anyone to not do it around me, if it happens, I just get up and walk away very inconspicuously.

4. I have a thing about people in the morning, who have not showered. I grew up with a dad who loved to come and smother me with hugs and kisses when he was covered in morning. My oldest brother (I love you so much), but he has morning like my dad. I keep it to myself, and watch for uncomfortable situations when we are on vacation with people, but it is my problem, no one else's.

5. I count out words in my head, it is hard to write out, if you ever see me in person I will explain it to you. It's a little ocd'ish, but oh well. I'm cuckoo, I know it. Big deal!

So there you go, I am not sure who I want to tag, but anyone that has something truly weird or random, please please leave me a comment. Then everyone can enjoy it!


Thank you so much for all the nice comments yesterday. It is so nice to know other people deal with the same thing.

Johnny, we are definitely having a CTJ talk soon.

Things were much better this morning, only Cooper headed out the door in tears, and I am proud to say I had nothing to do with that!

Busy as a bee this morning, I need to go try to get Chloe registered at the school I am hoping she will get accepted into next year. I hope I am not too late for the placement testing... I just booked a flight to Vegas, I get to have a fun overnighter next week with my mom and sisters. It will be nice to get away, eat yummy food, and not have to worry about anything for 2 days!

As usual I am a miserable parent that has put off her children's science project til the last minute, so tonight Jon, Chloe, Andy & I will be working out tails off getting everything put together for the science fair tomorrow night. I need to go buy all the supplies for a DNA model. Another thing on my to do list today!

I am feeling pretty decent right now, which means I just cursed myself and will soon feel like hell, but maybe the end is near? I can hope, right?!?



How can something this darling, make me cry so much? I am at my wits end. She is at a crossroad right now, and if I don't get it right, or get it into her head, that her attitude, and her disrespect for me are wrong, then I don't see how we will ever be able to get back onto the right road. I am terrified. She is so strongheaded, and so unwilling to even try to see that she is wrong. I don't know what to do, and I am sick of crying. She is so amazing, and I love her so much, but all of this fighting is making it very hard for me to remember the good stuff. I pray that Heavenly Father hears my prayers, and helps me know what to do. This is not how it is supposed to be with my Chloe.

Sorry for the downer post, but this is all I can even think of right now!


Fantasy Friday

For your viewing pleasure...

Now I really want to go watch The Holiday.


Buffy's Birthday

Buffy's birthday outfit that
she picked out Tuesday night
from Old Navy
(which by the way, if you can
get over there today, they
are still having there 40% off
kids & baby sale)

The weirdos at the park

Some of her friends that were there

Tuesday Night Buffy and I went shopping together to get her some new clothes, she had fun, and I really liked having some one-on-one time with her. Yesterday after they all went off to school I worked my tail off getting everything ready for the party. I made a ton of sandwiches, washed fruit, made a dip, took about 12 trips to load up the car, and then headed off to the park to stake my claim on the good tables. The party went well, we lucked out with the weather, but not as many of her friends came, but I really don't think she noticed! I actually got sunburnt, but I can't take a picture, because it is on my decollatege. Afterwards we headed home with tired, coughing, itchy children. We all rested, and then Buffy decided she wanted Ruby's for her birthday dinner, so we headed off to Chandler Mall right in the middle of rush hour. I think she had a good birthday, and I truly can't believe I have had this sweet angel in my life for 7 years! What a blessing she is to me, I couldn't imagine my life without her!!!



I can't even try to think of what music to put on, because all I have been listening to for the last 4 days is 3 of my children hacking their lungs up all day & night. As we speak, Buffy & Cooper are in the other room coughing away the day. Not just a little cough, but a nice deep smoker's cough. Nothing is helping, not breathing treatments, not cough syrup, not lozenges, not honey & lemon water. I am losing my mind. On top of all that, I have been more sick the last 4 or 5 days, than I have so far. I am miserable. If this doesn't end soon, I don't know what I will do.

We are having Buffy's birthday party tomorrow, I pray the weather cooperates, and it doesn't rain, seeing as how we re having it at a park after school. I also hope her cough has calmed down some. That is the main reason why I kept her home today, they aren't contagious in anyway, they just sound terrible!!!

We had a fun weekend, went to a great party thrown by 2 fabulous couples in our ward. Jon and I won the Newlywed game, even though we were the absolute furthest from being newlyweds. Saturday the kids were good about chores, and stupid me, I decided to reward them with pets. I was just thinking fish, which is what the boys have, but somehow we also ended up with a hamster. If that thing ever gets out, I will die!!!

Well I have lots to do, and not a lot of time. I'll post pictures of Buffy's big to-do tomorrow. I can't believe she is going to be 7! Freaking out just a bit...


Valentine's Fun, cont...

The Crowd

The Food

The Decorations

The Treats

It went very well, now if I could just get my kids to go to sleep, then the real Valentine's can begin...

Valentine's Fun

I am running around, busy as a bee today. I got super lucky, and talked my brother into taking Cooper to the Science Museum with him after school so I could get everything done.

This has been a weird Valentine's this year, I am just not in the mood for anything. So I was trying to figure out something fun and special to do. I have decided to make a nice dinner (which I was going to do anyways), but I went and got a pretty tablecloth, matching cloth napkins. I think I am going to break out the china, I have candles and centerpieces, Martinelli's, and super yummy dessert. I am going to have the kids get all dressed up, like we are at a fancy restaurant. I hope they like it, I think it will be fun.

Jon got me 36 beautiful Red roses, what a sweetie. I will post pictres tomorrow, but I have cleaning to do, cooking, I need to make Buffy's invitations, and I need to get myself all dolled up for Jon's Valentine's gift. Be back tomorrow!

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!


A First

Can I just say that last night was the 1st time since we have had school age children, that Jon took care of the Valentine's Day cards. It was fabulous. Of course, as always, it ran smoothly for him, no one complaining of cramped hands, or just not wanting to do it anymore... Sometimes life really sucks!

The cutest thing was when we were picking out the cards, Andy asked me in a whisper if he could get something special for a certain girl. Isn't that adorable?!? I told him to get the same thing for his other girl who happens to be a good friend, so it wasn't quite so obvious. I don't want anyone teasing him! What a ladies man!


Musical Monday

Random selection today, and not very many, I am running out of time. But Brent, you should get a kick out of my choices! Enjoy yourself in the wee small hours tonight!

We had a crazy busy, fun weekend. Friday we went out with all of my siblings to celebrate January & February birthdays, then we headed back to mom's to laugh for a while. Saturday I had 2 baby showers, one in Casa Grande, one in North Phoenix, so I was busy driving to and fro. Saturday night Jon was a fabulous husband and took me to get gelato (this seems to be what I am craving) then we headed over to some friend's for game night. Sunday we went to our old ward for a missionary homecoming, and it was so much fun seeing everyone.

I am looking forward to this week, and I am really hoping that I feel well enough to accomplish things! This has got to end soon, right?!?


Fantasy Friday

Wouldn't this be nice?




Yummy Salad
(no children to share with)

A Haircut
(1st one in almost a year)

Follow these steps for a blissful day!

Tribute to the late LDS President Hinckley

This is so awesome. I love this guy, he totally rocks!

Here comes the Sun

The rainbow outside my house yesterday.
It was actually a double, but it didn't
show up on the camera.

My sister Katrina got her hands on some amazing tickets for the Suns game last night, and since she went last week, decided she would share her good fortune. So Jon and I headed out in the cold last night. I was wanting to go, but not wanting to because Chloe was babysitting, which would not have been a big deal if it wasn't a school night, but I wasn't sure if they would go to bed or not. So our amazing friends, Amy & CW, agreed to come over and sit with them so they would. They are so awesome, they promised all of our kids that they would take them out to ice cream if they got B+ or better, and they did. Even Buffy went to bed like an angel, and they all got an A+, except Coop who only got an A. So Buffy came and woke me up at 5:45 this morning to tell me that she gets to go out for ice cream with Uncle Rock (his nickname) and Amy. It was so nice being able to have time together, and to have friends who were willing to help us have a great night, and to have a sister who has fabulous connections. I can't wait to go again!

I am way excited today, because I actually have a hair appointment, for the 1st time since last March I think. My hair is in desperate need of some styling, and I am so excited to go and get pampered a little bit!

Last night I was realizing that I have a super busy week, there will not be a night that I am home this week. Then last night Amy was saying some things for next week, and I realized it will be the same next week also. I am already tired just thinking about it!


Weekend Review

So Friday night we finally went to First Fridays. Brian and Dorothy had called earlier in the week about going out, and we decided to do that. First we ate at La Grande Orange, then after stuffing ourselves, we walked next door for Gelato. After that we headed downtown, and started to look for parking. We had so much fun walking around. So many weirdos, but there was also a lot of cool stuff. After a few hours, I really need to pee. There was an open house going on in some high rise condos, so Brian really played the part of being interested in buying, and Jon, Dorothy and I all got to use the bathroom while he wasn't paying attention! It was classic. I feel bad for the poor guy though, because Brian was really playing the part, I am sure he thought Brian was going to get one. Unfortunately our sitter had to be home early, so we couldn't go to the movies also, but it worked out because I was exhausted. We had a great time though, and already have plans on going back next month.

Saturday was the usual, chores, fighting, tears... We then went to Joey's b-day party, and I got to go to the movies with Cami & Amy that night. We saw 27 dresses, and it was darling. It was just what I needed. When I drove Cami home that night we got to have front row seats to the fireworks at Tempe Town Lake, and even had a police escort, to slow us all down to 2 miles an hour before the finale. It was so cool!

Church was good, even though poor little Cooper was hacking up a storm, so my mom took him home. Then we went over after church for lunch, and had enough time for a little nap before the big game.

All in all a great weekend, my back is killing me today, so I hope I can get things accomplished. Cooper is playing video games, but it seems as if his cough has gone away, or at least into hiding, YEA!!!

Musical Monday

In honor of the SuperBowl halftime show, I have picked Tom Petty for my music of the week. He rocks, that is really all I can say. I could listen to his music forever, and never get tired of it. I loved that he just played yesterday, nothing fancy, no wardrobe malfunctions, he doesn't need it. He rocks without all of that crap. If only they had picked people to go out in the crowd that actually knew who he was!


Fantasy Friday

I have been wanting to go to Disneyland since last summer. I have the Disney itch, and now it is really killing me because they started there year of a million wishes, or something like that. Everyday they pick a family randomly to stay in Cinderella's suite. How amazing would that be? I could only imagine how exciting that would be for kids.

Definitely a fantasy, I don't see Disneyland in our near future, unfortunately. So I will just keep dreaming...