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I need your help... I have to get back to cooking every night. Not only for my kids health, but we don't have any more money. Things are seriously beyond tight, and with Cinq cooking in me, and all we have to do to get ready for Cinq's arrival, things are even tighter, which I didn't think was possible. I love to cook, but I get in a rut, and do the same things over and over. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but sometimes I want something different. So I need all of you to leave me a comment, with your top 4 or 5 favorite easy meals you make. I don't need the recipes, I just need to see what else is out there, that perhaps I am not doing. Does that make sense? I would sooooo appreciate all of your participation. Thanks!


Andrea said...

Baked Ziti is one of my favorites! Every time I make it, my Dad practically invites himself over or wants leftovers. ha ha. It's so easy, I could totally give you the recipe if you don't have one. You should share some of your "regulars" too.

Andrea said...

BTW, do you still have those fancy notebooks that you made? I would love to get a couple for my girls!

Sheri said...

Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, Chicken or steak quesadillas and hamburgers are favorites at my house (and things that almost everyone will eat)

Cicily said...

It's always nice to know what other people are cooking. When it comes to making food, I always go back to the same old standards. I may have to check back to see what suggestions you get.
-homemade pizza(dough 1$ at Trader Joes)
-Chicken noodle soup (I have a really easy noodle recipe, if you're interested)
-Soft tacos
-Super soup (found on the Kraft food website)

Bear said...

PB&J is always a favorit bread and milk just like the pioneers, Top Raumen Soup 400 for a dollar costco, Maybe you could fast once a week instead of onec a month that would save you a bundle, how about raiding moms pantry every other week and the weeks you do it i'll go to her house and tell she need to go to the store becuase she hace no food. I hope these help you just a little sis.

Kristy said...

By the way, I do have 39 recipes posted on my EATZ blog. It is on the sidebar... Just in case any of you are looking for something new!

Cicily, I would LOVE an easy chicken noodle soup recipe... E-mail me if you get a chance!

Johnny, nice...

Anonymous said...

Recipe swapping is one of my favorite pass times. Here are a couple that I love and are really easy:

Ranch chicken breasts: add an envelope of Hidden Valley ranch dressing to 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Cover chicken with soup mixture, top with crushed Ritz crackers and parm cheese - delish!

Also, any kid, or kid at heart, loves tater tot casserole.

JP said...

I have a great chicken noodle soup rec.
Step 1: Open can of delicious Campbell's Chicken noodle soup.
Step 2: Eat it!
I know it sounds like a lot of work but it is worth it.

Bear said...

man i just read my post and i think i misspelled every other word. I'm not smart like all you city folk.

Crazymamaof6 said...

we do past bar. noodles and another kind of pasta, meat sauce from a jar and Alfredo from a jar. family fave.tacos, taco salad, breakfast for dinner, beany weenie, burritos, baked potato bar. lasagna? i do baked potatoes and at the same time bake chicken breasts in barbecue sauce for an hour. delish! easy.

holdoug said...

A $5.00 roasted chicken at Costco can go a long way! I use half of it for chicken enchiladas, nachos, tacos, etc. and another for that chicken stuffing casserole, a la king, BBQ pizza or some kind of chicken and pasta.

Brigham said...


All your kids have blogs. When does your fetus get one?


ps. Green chili burritos made with those uncooked tortillas.

Dorothy said...

Okay, first of all people, it's delicious! Not delish. you are driving me crazy!!! Second, the best way I have found to get Chloe to eat her vegetables is grilling them and then smothering them in a homemade lemon dressing. Pair that with lemon chicken(same lemon). I just gained five pounds with that tater tot casserole. The green chili burros with the uncooked tortillas is so good! By the way I am very impressed with an actual Beeson leaving a comment! Feel free to call any time to ask what we are having for dinner. I call Wendy all the time for ideas. It works wonders.

liz said...

- tacos or fajitas

-chicken enchaladas

-homemade pizza (ready-made dough for non-celiac freaks avail. at trader joe's and an easy way to sneak in veggies with pep. and green pepper)

-chicken noodle or chili or tortilla soup

-mexican lasagna (no offense to Mexicans)

-chicken stir fry

-canned soup

-cheese crisp with salsa for dipping (hey it's got veggies in it!)

-cold cuts with pretzels

Liz said...

also my new fav weekly meal:

layer in a caserole dish frozen (or canned) corn on the bottom, then chicken and top with paprika, canned or fresh tomatoes and cheddar cheese. cook for 1 hr on 350. but put the cheese on at the end so it doesn't burn.

I serve it with rice rice baby.

bobo said...

Invite Brent over, he always has lots of extra cheese.

ducklips said...

my favorite thing to do lately is only cook a couple times a week and still eat homemade dinners every night. I have a bunch of family close by so this works for us. I was thinking you do too.
My mom, sister, sister-in-law and I trade off who makes dinner. We each take a turn making dinner for the lot of us. Now I have 3 nights a week where I am not having to cook and one night where I just make one big meal and then take it to their houses. So far, so good. And since we are all family we kind of eat the same way and are flexible in case of emergency (which there almost always is one).

Becky McKay said...

One of our family favorites is Frito Pie. One bag of Frito corn chips, and a can of Hormel Chili. (I love dinners that require stovetop cooking only). Once you heat up the chili, just serve each kid by putting Frito's in a bowl topped with chili, cheese, tomatos, olives, and whatever else your kids will eat!

Becky McKay said...

My mom had two good ideas I'd forgotten about:
1. Breakfast for dinner: eggs, waffles, sausage, etc.
2. Picnic in the living room: have kids spread out a blanket. No cooking required! Just serve rolled up turkey slices, fruit kabobs and trail mix. Yummy and fun. Please take photos if you do this!

liz said...

a couple more (sorry if i start to comment every day i just want to help)

1) bake chicken with lemon pepper seasoning on it (with baked potato and veggie on side)

2) hot dogs cut up and cooked into good baked beans from a can and eat with ruffles. mike's fav easy WT meal. so not healthy.

3) lamenites: peanutbutter and honey between 2 pieces of bread and cooked like grilled cheese. something will need to be served on the side (chips?) but it's easy and always on hand.

Jill said...

I have a notebook of recipes, let me know when you're over this way you can come and look through them. I have a bunch of them typed up.


Better start hanging out with Sister Mincey at the canary, If you volunteer long enough they may throw in some food for free. If not, Andy and I will feed you we have a whole pantry full of food we never eat.