New Year, New Day, Fresh Start

This is what I wrote last year:

I need to be:

more understanding
more helpful to my mom
more patient
less resentful of unkind things done to me or my loved ones
more frugal
less concerned with what other people think

I will be:

more organized
sweeter to my husband
more supportive of anyone who needs it

The most important thing, I am going to focus on learning how to say no. I don't want to be mean, but I need to make sure that I focus on the needs of my family and myself, before everyone else. This is going to be the hardest, I never say no.

How did I do?

I feel like I was happier.
I definitely helped my mom more, even though I caused her some anguish also...
I worked on my patience, don't know how well I did, but at least I tried!
I was more frugal than normal, just not as frugal as I should be.
I definitely got better at not worrying what people think!

I am way more organized, now some people who are uber-organized may not think so, but for me and my life, this is a huge difference!
I think I was sweeter to my husband, but I guess he is the judge of that.
I was very supportive, when I knew support was needed.
I tried to be kinder, and that is all I needed. If I was a little bit kinder, that is better than nothing!

I think I did well with focusing on my family. I still feel like I said yes way too much to other things, but I did also say no way more often.

Now for this year:

Frugal (again)
Happy (again)
A better mother to my kids
More understanding with Chloe
More patient with Andy
I will let Buffy help me more
I will continue to adore Cooper, even though he won't be my baby anymore!
I will not nag Jon as much
We will continue our scripture study and prayers
We will continue our regular family home evenings
We will continue to not break the Sabbath.
I will be more motivated in whatever calling I am given.
I will count my blessings daily!
We will continue on keeping our house together.
I will love my kids for who they are, faults and all!

Wish me luck!


Andrea said...

Good Job on striving to meet your goals this year! Sounds like some great resolutions for this year!

Laurie M. said...

Good for you! Your goals are great- good luck. Happy New Year!

Jill said...

Congrats on the baby! What fun is it having a baby when you can afford one? It's the struggle that makes it worth it.

As for goals. Way to be ambitious, now if i could just narrow mine down.

Mimi said...

You'll do great! Me on the other hand, wellll? No just kidding, I'm gonna make a great effort also, but I know you'll do good, you always do.

Erika said...

I loved reading that. Sounds like you are doing great and are just getting better!!