Musical Monday

For your listening pleasure, I have put as many of the songs from the "Juno" soundtrack, as I could find, on my little audio player. Keep it on for a while if you are sitting doing some work, you won't be disappointed! I am going to try to be on the ball enough to maybe switch up my music once a week, oh doesn't it excite you all? I know you can't wait to hear some of my other favorites...

I realize that my blog has become a bit cumbersome lately, I am going to do my best to get back to fun stuff, pictures, craziness going on in my life, and I will try to quit with the complaints! I can't guarantee forever, but I am really going to try!

I need to go and whoop Chloe's butt on guitar hero, I love it when my kids think they can beat me at something. I wish you could hear what is going on right now, all of my kids are singing "Sunshine of my love" by Cream right now. I love that guitar hero is teaching my kids to love the classics!


Crazymamaof6 said...

so did you see Juno yet? i am wanting a review for someone that isn't a reviewer! digging the playlist and i love guitar hero! teaching the next generation the classics, ROCKS!

Andrea said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I LOVE the song Superstar - the new remix is pretty cool!!

Keep hearing about guitar hero, I need to try that. Sounds like fun!

Amy said...

I tried to get my honey to take me to see Juno on our first date night in 2008... but we ended up seeing I am Legend instead.

BTW - don't take ANY of your kids to see it no matter how mature you might think they are. It was intense. Nearly had a heart attack about 4 times!

Love the Juno Music!

Brigham said...

Nice pick with the Belle & Sebastian. One of the few groups that Tammy and I agree on.