I am working for my aunt this week. Her and my Uncle own and run the Russo and Steele car Auction in North Scottsdale. I am working at their office, answering phones while all of their employees are at the actual auction site. I was first told it would just be answering phones, and things have just snowballed. I have been here since 8:45, and the phone has not stopped, along with deliveries, flatbeds picking up and dropping off. I am exhausted. It is going to be a very long week... Wish me luck. I will write more when I get time, but it has taken me almost 35 minutes just to do this little bit because of the phone calls!


Andrea said...

Dang...you are BUSY girl!! Hope it's not too crazy, but then again being busy helps the time pass faster!

Hope you don't mind that I posted about your recipe site. I checked it and they all look so good, esp with all those fab pictures! Awesome job on that!!

Liz said...

grrrrrrrrr. we'll miss you!