A day late...

This was the lady in front of us, don't you
dig her tail. It was super long, but as she would dance
it would tuck into her shirt. Filthy! I was just digging this
classy broad's outfit!

These pictures are form a few months ago, when we went to the Styx, Foreigner & Def Leppard concert. Man it rocked!

New music, just some classics.

I am totally in this mood thanks to the new Guitar Hero download, so it seems like this is the music I am listening to this week.

Juke Box Hero (Unfortunately I don't like this version) was one of my dad's absolute favorite songs, I think all of my siblings have a memory of one time or the other when this song was playing. I love that my kids all sing along with it now, man he would be soooo happy!

Lovin' Touchin" Squeezin" is my ultimate karaoke, or sing at the top of my lungs in my car song. One of the greatest ever! Dang I am in the mood for some Karaoke!

Liz, I hope you are fondly remembering our first concert together... You know you loved it!

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liz said...

this mpost was so for me. my fav word in this post is "filthy!" you crack me up.

come visit again. even with the screaming baby. ;-)