Day 2 of Insanity

I made it through yesterday, whew! I was home by about 5:00. Jon had an appointment for the evening, so we had a quick bite of take-out, and then it was me and the kids. For some insane reason I decided that I needed chocolate chip cookies, partly because I really wanted to use my new Kitchen-aid mixer. I booked it to the grocery store at 6:30 for pecans, sugar and flour. I started following the wrong recipe, long story short, they were not the best cookies ever, but the kids didn't seem to notice. I think they were especially happy because they got to stay up past bedtime to wait for them fresh out of the oven. Bad news, my new mixer's head is loose, and I don't think I saved the receipt. The story of my life... I was snuggled up in my bed by 8:15 with the kids all tucked away, ready to indulge in crappy tv, and drift off to la-la land.

Instead my evening was filled with phone calls from my aunt with different sets of instructions everytime about what I was to be doing today. We finally got it all sorted out, and I was exhausted so off to bed for me. Unfortunately one of my kids had an accident in the middle of the night, which led to shower, me feeling nauseous, hunger, and then me being wide awake for almost an hour and a half. Not good. I finally fell back alseep, only to have to wake up an hour later to start getting ready for my day. Somehow, I was able to get up, get myself showered, with my hair actually done, all of my kids fed and ready, and we were out of the door on time. I was stoked! We loaded into the car, I turned the key, and that horrible little click click click you get when your battery is dead. This could not be happening! WE all got back into the house, and waited for Jon to come and get us. The kids were a little late, and I made it here in the nick of time. I just don't understand why nothing can ever just go smoothly for me! After we dropped off the kids, I had a minor breakdown in the car, and Jon pointed out that I really need to focus on the positive, not the negative. So even though I know this is long, I am going to write a little more... All of this was written by the old Kristy, the negative one. I will write a little as positive Kristy now.

Instead of being frustrated that Jon was gone last night, I am happy that he was able to make $130 doing some dumb research thing.

Instead of being frustrated about the "accident", I am thankful that it is very rare in occurrence, and I generally get to sleep the whole night through. (Even though this won't be for very long)

Instead of being frustrated about this morning, I am thankful that my husband has a job where he can leave to come and rescue me when needed. I am thankful that I even have a car to break down, I could have to take the bus. I am thankful for this opportunity to work, even if it is causing a little more stress, the benefits and money make it worth it.

Anyhow, I tried. A little positivity, let's see how long it lasts!


Andrea said...

Way to go getting everyone including yourself ready on time. I HATE that click click click!!! I had it twice in one weekend while Ben was out of town. Thank goodness my parents live close and could help out. Good Job trying to find the positive! Have a good day!!

Laurie M. said...

way to stay positive! I hope you have a great day and feel better. Remember that you are on overdrive right now being preggo and don't demand too much from yourself.

Dorothy said...

here is a nice scenario...next time you will be eating the best cookies ever while getting to check out Saber when your car decides to die and he will be the only man around for miles to help!!! I love positive thinking. Good job.

onehm said...

Great job on being positive! I'm impressed!
And I hope you'll be there Friday night...we're joining Mimi & Bro. Batman!

Mimi said...

I'm proud of you being so positive. It's hard I know but at least the day is done and tomorrow can be a better one!

By the way you haven't been leaving me a whole lot of love my my blog, wtf? Can I say that?

you-know-who!! said...

Wow. Cami dropped an F-bomb on your blog???

Kristy said...

I know, WTF Cami? What do you think you are my BFF? Whose you know who?