How is it Wednesday already? Time is going by way too fast!

I have sick kids, and I have caught it also. Last night at about 4:00 am, I couldn't listen to Cooper's coughing anymore, so I woke him up to give him some medicine, fully knowing that I would probably not get back to sleep. Sick kids are very hard for me, I physically ache when I can't help my kids feel better. I am not looking forward to that part with an infant, it always kills me. At least now, all of my kids are old enough to actually verbalize what is wrong. Of course that doesn't always mean I can fix it.

Jon just called to tell me that some of their clients are in town and want to take us to Fleming's for dinner tonight. I am way excited about that, except I have a new calling (Laurel advisor). I taught once, had to go home last week because Coop was sick, I won't be there this week because my cousin is off her mission, and they need me at mutual tonight to get some things together for New Beginnings. So I am feeling like a total flake. Should I skip out on a fabulous free meal and night out with my hubby, or flake out on YW's? I hate decisions like this. Especially considering Jon and I still have not even gone out for our anniversary!

I have my 1st doctor's appt. tomorrow. I am excited, and nervous. My doctor retired, so I am seeing the guy who took over his practice, what if I don't like him? I am not sure if I have the energy to find someone else. Isn't that terrible? Oh, I pray that it goes well, and that he is cool and will give me drugs to stop my nausea. I am done with it!

My kiddos are in the other room, waiting patiently for their momma to come and snuggle. Man I love being a mom (sometimes). I am good at the snuggling, making the kids feel better stuff. I am glad I am good at something!


Dorothy said...

Skip YW and enjoy a night out with your man! Your calling comes second to the needs of your family. ALWAYS!!!! And attending a dinner for work is a need for your husband. So just tell the other leaders to let you know what you can do to help and they can handle the meeting tonight.

I hope your kids feel better by tomorrow so they can go to school:)

I also have a fabulous doctor if you want to try him. I love the birthing technique he uses. Makes it very special.

Sheri said...

I agree - skip YW. Go out with your husband - say it's for your anniversary if they give you a hard time. My husband LOVES it when I choose him over anything :)

Laurie M. said...

I vote for going out with your hubby. You can do YW every other week! Get out and have a good time!!
Good luck with the doctor!