Surprisingly great

When I woke up today, it felt like any other normal, nothing exciting, just get through the day kind of morning. Little did I know, that Dorothy would play hooky, and we would go out for yummy breakfast, some much needed x-rated (maybe only r-rated) conversations, and some good ol' shopping. She even let me buy the shoes we both wanted, but there was only one pair left. Man she is a great friend!

Cooper and I got home, and he was in a super fun and cuddly mood. So we just hung out and played all day. I talked Jon into picking up KFC on the way home, not because I like KFC, but everyone will eat it, and I didn't have to make it. Then I was also able to talk him into going to a parents meeting for Chloe's class. Right on!

I am feeling questionable right now, and so I am trying to decide if eating another biscuit with honey will help. I am soooooo looking forward to watching Lost tonight, and I think I may have even convinced Jon he doesn't have to go play basketball tonight, so we can watch it together.

If I can just get some kind of yummy treat tonight, and maybe even a massage, it will be one of the greatest days ever. Here's to hoping!


A day in the life...

Buffy has had a cough for a while. I have tried to get her to stay home, not cause it's terrible, but I want it to get better. Everyday there has been a reason why she had to go to school. This morning she woke up, and I knew it was going to be the day. I think she just needed some mom time. So we got the other kids off to school. We came home and snuggled for a while, then I started to get ready. She took a nice long shower, and we headed off to run errands. It took us longer to get out of the house, but we were able to get a few things accomplished. Then we went to NYPD Pizza for lunch. She really wanted that, so I obliged. It was a fun little day with her, and I love having one-on-one time with my kids, and it just doesn't seem to happen as often as I would like it to.

Tonight is New Beginnings, and they invited Chloe to come since she will be joining YW's this year. She is super excited, and I just can't believe that she is that old. Anyhow, I've got to get dinner started, but wanted to drop in for a sec...

I would also like to say that Dorothy is the most amazing friend in the whole universe. My back is amazingly better today, not 100%, but a huge difference after the massage last night. I don't deserve you lady, someday I will totally make it up to you!


Man Cold

I almost wet my pants when I watched this...

A day late...

This was the lady in front of us, don't you
dig her tail. It was super long, but as she would dance
it would tuck into her shirt. Filthy! I was just digging this
classy broad's outfit!

These pictures are form a few months ago, when we went to the Styx, Foreigner & Def Leppard concert. Man it rocked!

New music, just some classics.

I am totally in this mood thanks to the new Guitar Hero download, so it seems like this is the music I am listening to this week.

Juke Box Hero (Unfortunately I don't like this version) was one of my dad's absolute favorite songs, I think all of my siblings have a memory of one time or the other when this song was playing. I love that my kids all sing along with it now, man he would be soooo happy!

Lovin' Touchin" Squeezin" is my ultimate karaoke, or sing at the top of my lungs in my car song. One of the greatest ever! Dang I am in the mood for some Karaoke!

Liz, I hope you are fondly remembering our first concert together... You know you loved it!


Fantasy Friday

So things have been a little down on my blog for a while, I am soooo sorry about that. So it is the perfect time to start something I have been wanting to do for a while. Fantasy Friday's. Anything goes, whatever I am dreaming about, wishing for, etc... will appear. So today, get a load of this fabulous house. Now wouldn't that be absolutely fabulous? A girl's gotta dream...

The good thing about this being fantasy, it can change from week to week, so I may show some other house that is all together different, but it doesn't matter, I can like as many things as I want. Hope you enjoy!

I think we are going out tonight, so I am excited about that. I am really happy because my doctor gave me Zofran yesterday, and I felt fabulous. It was quite pricey, but Jon says it is sooooo worth it! Dinner at Donovan's the other night was delicious, we had such a great time, I was really glad that I went!

Well I need to go make 4 dozen oatmeal cookies for Buffy's class, so have a great weekend if I don't make it back before then!



How is it Wednesday already? Time is going by way too fast!

I have sick kids, and I have caught it also. Last night at about 4:00 am, I couldn't listen to Cooper's coughing anymore, so I woke him up to give him some medicine, fully knowing that I would probably not get back to sleep. Sick kids are very hard for me, I physically ache when I can't help my kids feel better. I am not looking forward to that part with an infant, it always kills me. At least now, all of my kids are old enough to actually verbalize what is wrong. Of course that doesn't always mean I can fix it.

Jon just called to tell me that some of their clients are in town and want to take us to Fleming's for dinner tonight. I am way excited about that, except I have a new calling (Laurel advisor). I taught once, had to go home last week because Coop was sick, I won't be there this week because my cousin is off her mission, and they need me at mutual tonight to get some things together for New Beginnings. So I am feeling like a total flake. Should I skip out on a fabulous free meal and night out with my hubby, or flake out on YW's? I hate decisions like this. Especially considering Jon and I still have not even gone out for our anniversary!

I have my 1st doctor's appt. tomorrow. I am excited, and nervous. My doctor retired, so I am seeing the guy who took over his practice, what if I don't like him? I am not sure if I have the energy to find someone else. Isn't that terrible? Oh, I pray that it goes well, and that he is cool and will give me drugs to stop my nausea. I am done with it!

My kiddos are in the other room, waiting patiently for their momma to come and snuggle. Man I love being a mom (sometimes). I am good at the snuggling, making the kids feel better stuff. I am glad I am good at something!



Dear Plumber (I think you know who you are),

Is it bad for me to vomit into my bathtub drain? I am just wondering if I need to quit brushing my teeth in the shower, or if it doesn't really make a difference? It is in your best interest to answer me, or you may be receiving a phone call from me soon...


Your favorite client, Kristy

To the makers of Tootsie Pops,

First off, I would like to thank you for making such fabulously delicious lollipops. The new watermelon flavor is absolutely to die for. You have no idea how much it is helping me with my nausea.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to talk with you about a main problem I have with your pops. They get sharp little cracks in them after you have licked for a while. I am sparing you the picture I took of my bleeding, cut tongue (partly because I am super vain, and it makes my tongue look really nasty, but I am also concerned about my readers, and don't want to gross anyone out who might be sensitive to blood). If you could please work on a new formula, one that doesn't pose any danger to the partaker of such lusciousness, I would truly appreciate it.

Musical Monday

For your listening pleasure, I have put as many of the songs from the "Juno" soundtrack, as I could find, on my little audio player. Keep it on for a while if you are sitting doing some work, you won't be disappointed! I am going to try to be on the ball enough to maybe switch up my music once a week, oh doesn't it excite you all? I know you can't wait to hear some of my other favorites...

I realize that my blog has become a bit cumbersome lately, I am going to do my best to get back to fun stuff, pictures, craziness going on in my life, and I will try to quit with the complaints! I can't guarantee forever, but I am really going to try!

I need to go and whoop Chloe's butt on guitar hero, I love it when my kids think they can beat me at something. I wish you could hear what is going on right now, all of my kids are singing "Sunshine of my love" by Cream right now. I love that guitar hero is teaching my kids to love the classics!

Manic Monday

So last week killed me, and I am terrified at how much I have to do this week. I am so glad that it is Monday though, a new start. I know this week will be better. It has to be!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are drowning? I was doing all I could last week to just keep my head above water, it was terrible. The worst part is not having anyone I can just call and say "I am drowning" to. Jon did his best, as always, he deserves any and all awards for being the best husband out there. Poor guy, I promise things will get better!

So I am determined to get my laundry under control today. I should have so many other goals also, but if I try to focus on too many things, I will fail miserably, and then I am pretty sure I will slit my wrists. So I am starting small.

I kind of wish my kids were at school right now, but at least they are being good. We'll see how long that lasts. I should be a good mom and do something super fabulous with them, but I highly doubt that will happen. Maybe I'll surprise myself, only time will tell.

Have a happy Monday people. Here's to a great new week! Anything is possible!!!



These are just a few of my daily staples right now. I am dying, and so ready for this barfy stage to be over. I am already having to do the rubber band through the button hole of my pants trick, this is not good! I know it is my 6th pregnancy and all, but I can't be growing already. It doesn't help that I have to eat something every 2 hours, or I feel terrible... Just thinking about this is making me need some honey toast. I have got to get through this, remind me why I am doing this again!?!

Balls are dropping...

This week is definitely taking its toll on me, my home, my family, my life... I am dropping balls left and right, and now I have no clue how to get them up in the air again! I am stressing big time... AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Talk more later


Day 2 of Insanity

I made it through yesterday, whew! I was home by about 5:00. Jon had an appointment for the evening, so we had a quick bite of take-out, and then it was me and the kids. For some insane reason I decided that I needed chocolate chip cookies, partly because I really wanted to use my new Kitchen-aid mixer. I booked it to the grocery store at 6:30 for pecans, sugar and flour. I started following the wrong recipe, long story short, they were not the best cookies ever, but the kids didn't seem to notice. I think they were especially happy because they got to stay up past bedtime to wait for them fresh out of the oven. Bad news, my new mixer's head is loose, and I don't think I saved the receipt. The story of my life... I was snuggled up in my bed by 8:15 with the kids all tucked away, ready to indulge in crappy tv, and drift off to la-la land.

Instead my evening was filled with phone calls from my aunt with different sets of instructions everytime about what I was to be doing today. We finally got it all sorted out, and I was exhausted so off to bed for me. Unfortunately one of my kids had an accident in the middle of the night, which led to shower, me feeling nauseous, hunger, and then me being wide awake for almost an hour and a half. Not good. I finally fell back alseep, only to have to wake up an hour later to start getting ready for my day. Somehow, I was able to get up, get myself showered, with my hair actually done, all of my kids fed and ready, and we were out of the door on time. I was stoked! We loaded into the car, I turned the key, and that horrible little click click click you get when your battery is dead. This could not be happening! WE all got back into the house, and waited for Jon to come and get us. The kids were a little late, and I made it here in the nick of time. I just don't understand why nothing can ever just go smoothly for me! After we dropped off the kids, I had a minor breakdown in the car, and Jon pointed out that I really need to focus on the positive, not the negative. So even though I know this is long, I am going to write a little more... All of this was written by the old Kristy, the negative one. I will write a little as positive Kristy now.

Instead of being frustrated that Jon was gone last night, I am happy that he was able to make $130 doing some dumb research thing.

Instead of being frustrated about the "accident", I am thankful that it is very rare in occurrence, and I generally get to sleep the whole night through. (Even though this won't be for very long)

Instead of being frustrated about this morning, I am thankful that my husband has a job where he can leave to come and rescue me when needed. I am thankful that I even have a car to break down, I could have to take the bus. I am thankful for this opportunity to work, even if it is causing a little more stress, the benefits and money make it worth it.

Anyhow, I tried. A little positivity, let's see how long it lasts!



I am working for my aunt this week. Her and my Uncle own and run the Russo and Steele car Auction in North Scottsdale. I am working at their office, answering phones while all of their employees are at the actual auction site. I was first told it would just be answering phones, and things have just snowballed. I have been here since 8:45, and the phone has not stopped, along with deliveries, flatbeds picking up and dropping off. I am exhausted. It is going to be a very long week... Wish me luck. I will write more when I get time, but it has taken me almost 35 minutes just to do this little bit because of the phone calls!


My morning in Paradise

We slept in today, oops! I got all the kids up, and we were able to get out of the house on time, fed, happy, and even Momma got a shower (although I did throw up whilst brushing my teeth, that always gets me when I'm pregnant!). Good times.

We made it to school, the kids filed out of the car, I was almost there, that point of freedom. Cooper turned around, I assumed he wanted me to blow him a kiss like so often. I waved vigorously, and he just kept giving me this blank stare, and then he barfed all over the walkway. I jumped out of the car, now ever-so-thankful that I was able to shower and get dressed before the trip, and had him finish up in one of the planters. I'm sure some of you might find that offensive, but no way he was going to make it a bathroom, and I didn't want him to keep doing it all over the ground.

We are home now, he is set up with a barf bowl, watching TV. I am feeling quite queasy, not sure if it is pregnancy, or having had to deal with his puke. Today is not going to be good, I can just tell. I also have an appointment at 10:30. That should be fun!

Have a great day!


CouponSense, IChat, and pukiness...

Tuesday was a crazy busy day, but I am super excited by the response on my post about meals... I almost feel like I should retire now that Brigham has even left a comment, if Sam does too, I think I have hit the top (he he he).

Tuesday night we had Enrichment, although I am pretty sure that is not the PC term for it, but oh well. One of the little workshops was on the myth of the perfect woman, I tried explaining it can't be a myth if I am sitting right here (I hope you are hearing the sarcasm). After the meal, and other stuff, I had a few friends start talking about Coupon Sense. I told them no way I wasn't interested, but they insisted. I gave them one night to convince me. So we all headed off in my car to Fry's, then Safeway, then Bashas, and I had to stop before we hit Albertson's because I was not feeling too perky. Needless to say, I think I might be sold. Also Rachel rocks, and she knows why! I also had a blast laughing with these girls that I don't get to chill with all that often.

Wednesday, I woke up cold. That is not a good start. I had a lot on my plate also. I was also exhausted. I dropped the kids off at school, and came home to try to sleep for a bit before I had to take my mom to the airport. Sleep never actually happened, even though I couldn't keep my eyes open. After the airport, I went to get my oil changed. I was wearing a shirt, that I wasn't feeling too comfortable in, and I forgot my coat. No biggie, except that I dribbled a microscopic dot of jelly right in front, and it never went away, and it was freezing outside while I was waiting for the guys to finish drying my car. I was frustrated, and that shirt just went in the trash when I got home to get a jacket. I got the kids from school, because they had a 1/2 day, and we headed off to Costco. I can't imagine what it is going to be like when I am dragging 5 kids around. I just can't think about that right now I guess. Halfway through Costco, I started feeling really gross. This couldn't be happening, I had a house to clean, laundry to do, the Missionaries coming over for dinner... It never went away. I never puked, thank goodness, but actually sometimes you just pray to puke to get it over with. Luckily Chloe was a dreamchild yesterday, and helped me out so much. The house was by no means clean enough for company, but I don't think they noticed. Dinner was good, and I started feeling better by about 8:30.

That is when Cami helped me get my IChat setup, and I was on it until 11:00 or so. First with Cami, then Jon got on even though he was just sitting in the living room. Then we got Jimy hooked up, and had a 3 way (there has got to be a better way to say that). Then we booted off Jimmy and chatted with Ashley and Jill for the rest of the night. Good times.

I am praying that the pukiness doesn't happen today, we shall see. I am seriously exhausted, and Dorothy was so kind to point out that I was in my 20's with my last kid, and now that I am an old lady of 32, this one is gonna wipe me out. Man she is great for pep talks, especially when her man keeps saying to me "What were you thinking?" Gotta love it!


Reader Participation

I need your help... I have to get back to cooking every night. Not only for my kids health, but we don't have any more money. Things are seriously beyond tight, and with Cinq cooking in me, and all we have to do to get ready for Cinq's arrival, things are even tighter, which I didn't think was possible. I love to cook, but I get in a rut, and do the same things over and over. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but sometimes I want something different. So I need all of you to leave me a comment, with your top 4 or 5 favorite easy meals you make. I don't need the recipes, I just need to see what else is out there, that perhaps I am not doing. Does that make sense? I would sooooo appreciate all of your participation. Thanks!


I Will Follow You Into The Dark

I love you Jon! Happy Anniversary... I can't believe it's been 13 years. Here's to millions more!


A quickie

Poor little Coopie had pink eye last week, we went through the eye drops, and then one day he woke up looking like this. They thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to something, and had him take Claritin and Benadryl. The next morning it was both eyes, so they put him on antibiotics, finally. 2 days later he was good. His poor little eyes just broke my heart, we had to take a picture for the doctor because it was always worse in the morning. I totally forgot about it until I uploaded my pictures tonight, so of course I had to share it with all of you!

Snow Day

What a stud. No way he looks 36!

Cooper with his fat lip...

He loved throwing snowballs!

Chloe looks like she is the breck girl,
running for a commercial!

Snow Bunny Buffy!

We decided to take the kids to Flag to play in the snow today. 11 hours, one asthma attack, one fat lip, one scratched up face, one not-to-well mommy later, and we are home!

There were so many idiots out there today, and right after we started sledding, a kid plowed right into Cooper and they smashed heads. Thus the fat lip. Chloe went up the hill 3 times, and that is where the asthma attack takes place. Andy didn't aim very well, and hit Buffy in the face with a snowball (more like an iceball), and we get a scratched up face with a very sad girl. I was not at the top of my game, but we still had fun, the kids were happy, and I am happy to be home.

Jon's b-day is tomorrow, so I have lots to do to make him feel extra special... Ciao!


New Year, New Day, Fresh Start

This is what I wrote last year:

I need to be:

more understanding
more helpful to my mom
more patient
less resentful of unkind things done to me or my loved ones
more frugal
less concerned with what other people think

I will be:

more organized
sweeter to my husband
more supportive of anyone who needs it

The most important thing, I am going to focus on learning how to say no. I don't want to be mean, but I need to make sure that I focus on the needs of my family and myself, before everyone else. This is going to be the hardest, I never say no.

How did I do?

I feel like I was happier.
I definitely helped my mom more, even though I caused her some anguish also...
I worked on my patience, don't know how well I did, but at least I tried!
I was more frugal than normal, just not as frugal as I should be.
I definitely got better at not worrying what people think!

I am way more organized, now some people who are uber-organized may not think so, but for me and my life, this is a huge difference!
I think I was sweeter to my husband, but I guess he is the judge of that.
I was very supportive, when I knew support was needed.
I tried to be kinder, and that is all I needed. If I was a little bit kinder, that is better than nothing!

I think I did well with focusing on my family. I still feel like I said yes way too much to other things, but I did also say no way more often.

Now for this year:

Frugal (again)
Happy (again)
A better mother to my kids
More understanding with Chloe
More patient with Andy
I will let Buffy help me more
I will continue to adore Cooper, even though he won't be my baby anymore!
I will not nag Jon as much
We will continue our scripture study and prayers
We will continue our regular family home evenings
We will continue to not break the Sabbath.
I will be more motivated in whatever calling I am given.
I will count my blessings daily!
We will continue on keeping our house together.
I will love my kids for who they are, faults and all!

Wish me luck!