Weekend Review

So we did decide to go out on Friday. The kids were fine, but I was concerned about whether or not our roof would hold up. I am happy to report that it looks like it might finally be fixed! Yippee!!! So we went to Jon's office party at Tia Rosa's, and had a great time. I had a fun time visiting with my fabulous sister-on-law, whom I never get to see. (Julie, I am talking to you!) Afterwards we headed over to Brian & Dorothy's house, where we sat and laughed for a few hours. I totally needed that.

Saturday morning we slept in, which was wonderful. As Jon and I laid in bed we decided we would just have a fun family day. Mistake #1. As soon as you designate it as a day for fun, you know that there is no possibility that any fun will actually occur. We decided we would quickly get chores done, then head off to the mall for lunch and a visit with Santa. Mistake #2. Who in the world can ever get their children to do chores quickly? Even with the promise of fun afterwards? Not us. By the time we got chores done, everyone showered and ready, Cooper had fallen asleep. WE finally get him up, and head off to Ruby's. The meal was good, and the kids were well behaved, and there was a sweet baby sleeping in his daddy's arms behind us that I had fun watching. So we headed off to see Santa. He was about to go on break, and we really didn't want to walk around the mall for 45 minutes and wait, so we just left. The kids were not very happy. Mistake #3. Don't tell the kids we are not going to see Santa after previously promising we will. Bad news all around. It was a long grumpy ride home. I was then back in a funk, and nothing could pull me out of it. I hate it when I get like that, and it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it is crippling! So we hung out the rest of the night at home, the kids watched TV and played video games, and I vegged. Jon was a wonderful hubby and went to the grocery store for me. I adore that man!

Sunday morning went well, it was our primary program, so I was especially stressed about everyone looking cute and us being on time. We were, they did, and I am happy to say I did it all by myself while Jon was at meetings, and I never yelled, not even once! A very good morning! We came home, and the kids had eaten so much at the primary party, they weren't hungry, so Jon and I were able to enjoy BLT's together with no children, mine with avocado, yummy!!! We watched Annie, and snuggled by the fire. Then we headed off to meet Amy & CW, and Keith & Becky and their kids at the temple. The temple was beautiful, and it was cold (which makes it even better). The kids had a great time, and it was just the perfect ending to the weekend.

I am sad that there are no pictures to show though, so sorry. I guess I am slacking...


Mimi said...

So sad you didn't call for us to meet you at the temple! Glad you had a good weekend, except the whole santa thing!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend (except for not seeing santa). Good job getting all the kids ready for church & getting there on time (w/o yelling)! Woohoo! You're my idol. tee hee :)

ducklips said...

I am very impressed w/ your Sunday morning. That's how I keep envisioning mine. Funny, it doesn't usually turn out that way.
I'm dying to know your secret.