The ladies man
Quit taking my picture!!!

Man I miss that chub!

Darling boy!

I am thankful for this sweet boy! My little man. He is definitely a handful, but I couldn't imagine my life without him. I love waking up to his sweet face, bright and early (and I mean early), he is a human alarm clock and is up by 6:00 almost everyday.

I love how helpful he can be. He is the best grocery unloader (aside from his daddy) there is. I can always count on him to come out and help me.

I love how for no reason at all, at least 2 or 3 times a day he comes up and gives me a hug and says "I love you mama." My heart melts everytime!

I love his prayers, he really puts thought into them, and is very sincere.

I love it when he tries to teach Cooper something, and he gets this real sweet voice. He is such a great big brother.

I love how smart he is, and how he is able to do anything he puts his mind to.

I am just so thankful he is mine. Our family wouldn't be a family without the joy and turmoil this boy brings to it!


Crazymamaof6 said...

this is too cute! and i love love his grass hair pic! smart thinking there.
he seems like a sweet boy for sure! and by boy i mean wrecking havoc and being a boy in a normal boy way.

Mimi said...

That's so cute! I love all the cute photos! He is such a sweet boy and life wouldn't be the same without jon's little clone!

Laurie M. said...

Kristy- He is so cute! Kids are great!

Amy said...

Too Cute! I've missed a whole bunch of your posts 'cause they're not showing up on my subscriptions - WAAHH! It's only happening with your blog - w e i r d!

Have a great day!

ducklips said...

You have inspired me. I love that you have been doing thankful posts. As this is November, I think I will follow your lead.

Thank you!!!

Andrea said...

So sweet! I love all his different hairstyles. Boys are great! He seems like a great addition to your family! My kids are sweet blessings and they're also great testers of patience. ha ha ;)

Dave's Wife said...


onehm said...

so sweet.