(by the way, he loves me that much!)

I am super thankful for my sweet husband today. He really rocks. He has stood by me through thick and thin. He adores me, even though I can't quite figure out why... I am so lucky to have him, and to have someone that is so good to me. We really work well together, except for when we don't. I am thankful for my red headed family I have because of him. He is fabulous, and brilliant. He is not given enough credit by everyone, but he really is amazing, and can do pretty much anything. I love you, and thanks so much for loving me!!!


Andrea said...

Sounds like you have an awesome husband! YAY!!!

Laurie M. said...

Wonderful! I have enjoyed all of your Thankful Posts.

ducklips said...

I'm glad you married Jon too. You guys do have such adorable kids. I'm glad you work so well together. Tell him hi for me.