Thankful, and a Celebration of Life

Cooper getting his birthday bumps

Cooper traveling round the sun.
Joe & Cooper waiting for lunch,
Coop being goofy for a pic with mom!

I am thankful for my kids school today. I know there is room for a lot of improvement, but I also know that my kids really love going to school. How many of you can say that? I love that I am welcome to be there whenever I want. I love that they celebrate the life of my child on his birthday. I love that we were able to have Chloe, Andy & Buffy all participate in that celebration today. I love that we I am invited into the classrooms with open arms, whenever I show up.
Anyhow, I am just glad we have found a place where they can be happy, and safe, and can learn.

So finally I was able to go do Cooper's celebration of life today. His teacher and I have had rotten luck with timing. It was Cooper's 1st one, so it was super special. He was so excited. I stayed up late last night baking these. We looked through his pictures to find a baby picture, a year old picture, a 2 year old picture, and a 3 year old picture. He had so much fun showing them to his friends, and carrying the globe around the sun, which makes up a year of his life. He got his birthday beel to wear around his neck, which spreads good news all around. He made a wish on a candle, and he got his birthday bumps. He picked birthday hugs or spankings from his teachers and family. Then Jon and I stayed while he ate lunch. He felt so important, and I am so glad, he is so important! He was able to pick 3 friends to sit at his table for lunch, I wasn't surprised when he picked Joey, but very surprised when he picked Tony and Pilar. Did not see that one coming! I love that he has his friends, and knows what he wants. I can't believe my baby is 4!


Laurie M. said...

I know how you feel with the baby turning 4. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday and make the birthday boy feel so special.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow that is the coolest school ever! for some reason i get all emotional every time i read your blog. it is really killing me. why? makes me weepy.

Amy said...

Wow... it's hard for me to believe that little Cooper is in school! Seeing that classroom makes me all teary... I miss that school, and Mrs. E.

Yes, it has it's problems, but at least your kids are allowed to be children and grow without all the bullying and violence that goes unchecked elsewhere.

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Andrea said...

happy bday cooper! sounds like he had a super fun day! his class sounds great!