Thankful for hat & jacket weather!!!

Look at this kid,
his outfit he chose all by himself.
Did his hair by himself, and
you've got to love the crocs on the wrong feet!

So thankful that this sweet girl was so brave
when she had her tooth pulled,
and that the tooth fairy did not forget
to come, like so may times before!
Bad Toothfairy!!!

Thankful for cousins, and a grandma that has the kids over to stuff the turkeys! So much fun!!!

Thankful to get Jimmy working
captured on film!

So thankful that we were not home when this happened! We came home from Thanksgiving, and we found the skin! Also so thankful for a husband who doesn't mind cleaning up and taking care of Slither!

Buffy had fun with the camera on Saturday while we were decorating. Cute pic of Coop & me. Love that boy!

Such a busy, long weekend.

Went to mom's to set up tables, chop vegetables, get things ready for Thanksgiving.
Took Buffy to the dentist to have her tooth pulled.
Jon got home early, so we were able to get the house cleaned, and ready for the weekend.
That night we relaxed, and enjoyed family time.

Turkey Bowl
Headed over to mom's to stuff turkey
Came home and had an hour and a half to get myself and all of the kids showered and ready.
Went to Thanksgiving lunch at Jon's mom's house, enjoyed visiting with her new family.
Left and went straight to mom's house for Thanksgiving.
The kids were great, and we were able to hang out and enjoy each other for a full 5 hours.
Came home, climbed into bed and watched TV.

Chloe babysat so we could shop.
I really wasn't in the mood this year, so we did not get as much accomplished as usual. At least we got some things out of the way.
Had yummy lunch at Cafe Rio, but was interrupted by the flood of phone calls from children.
Came home, cleaned some more. Got house ready for decorations. Got the tree up.
Picked up niece for sleep-over.
Jon had a friend over for Halo time.

Went to the movies with the fam.
Went to a birthday party.
Came home and decorated front of house.
Went to dinner with the kids.
Came home, showered, decorated the tree and drank Hot cocoa.

Baked cookies
Made jewelry with kids
went to dinner at mom's house to celebrate Chloe & Sarah's b-day
Fabulous cousin Evelyn was in town, so joined us all.
Had a great night!
Climbed into bed to watch shows and go to sleep!

We had a great weekend, but I have a busy week ahead of me. Fieldtrips, work stuff, Chloe's birthday, and life in general. Posting may be sporadic, but don't give up on me. I will be back!


Mimi said...

way to use your word of the day (sporadic). Remember clueless?

Andrea said...

BUSY BUSY BEE!! Sounds like a good family weekend!

Laurie M. said...

Awesome week! Sounds busy but fun. So you are a Halo-Widow too, huh? We could totally hang out!

Sheri said...

I laughed when you wrote "Jon had a friend over" it sounded like a kid's playdate :)

ducklips said...

Wow, you wore me out just reading your blog. Have you recovered yet from it all? I love fun holiday weekends.