A fieldtrip, a trip to the park, a pretty girl, and a new camera...

Just some fun necklaces...

My new camera:)

I love these shots of the boys at the park!
Cooper's face on the slide is classic!!!

How can you not love this girl???

Fieldtrip to the Symphony

Wednesday we went on a fieldtrip to the Symphony. It was Cooper's 1st one, so I was his chaperone. We walked from the school to Symphony Hall, it was a beautiful morning, and I only had Cooper and this sweet girl Nia under my supervision, so it was very nice. We saw all the other kids there, but I forgot to take a picture of Chloe, she was pretty far away from me.

Afterwards we went to the Duck for lunch with Jon, and then we went to Best Buy to return a camera I bought at the end of October. I was able to exchange it for the one above, and I am so happy! I love it!!!

Yesterday I had tons to do, lots of work stuff, and stuff around the house. Then I got a lot of my beads out, and was able to make a few things. I have been needing a long black bead necklace, I used to have one, Jimmy used to call it my Indian tears necklace, but I can't find it anywhere. Katrina if you have it, I am not mad, but I want it back!!! Unfortunately I got so caught up in that, that I neglected to plan dinner. So we went out for past at our favorite place Pino's, then headed off to the park for some fun with the kids. It was dark by the time we got there, and Chloe started to have an asthma attack, so we weren't there for long, but the kids enjoyed it!

I have lots to do today, but didn't want to neglect my poor little blog! Check back for more later...


Laurie M. said...

Way cute pictures! Congrats on the new camera. Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I discovered your EATZ blog and found a few recipes to try. Last night I made your Easiest Chicken. It was delicious! My kids even loved it- which is quite a compliment! Thanks!

Andrea said...

cute pictures of the kids. LOVE the beaded necklaces! Congrats on your new camera!