Photo Challenge

Jon has just posted a new challenge. So anyone who wants in on it, just click on this link. Happy picture taking!

A fieldtrip, a trip to the park, a pretty girl, and a new camera...

Just some fun necklaces...

My new camera:)

I love these shots of the boys at the park!
Cooper's face on the slide is classic!!!

How can you not love this girl???

Fieldtrip to the Symphony

Wednesday we went on a fieldtrip to the Symphony. It was Cooper's 1st one, so I was his chaperone. We walked from the school to Symphony Hall, it was a beautiful morning, and I only had Cooper and this sweet girl Nia under my supervision, so it was very nice. We saw all the other kids there, but I forgot to take a picture of Chloe, she was pretty far away from me.

Afterwards we went to the Duck for lunch with Jon, and then we went to Best Buy to return a camera I bought at the end of October. I was able to exchange it for the one above, and I am so happy! I love it!!!

Yesterday I had tons to do, lots of work stuff, and stuff around the house. Then I got a lot of my beads out, and was able to make a few things. I have been needing a long black bead necklace, I used to have one, Jimmy used to call it my Indian tears necklace, but I can't find it anywhere. Katrina if you have it, I am not mad, but I want it back!!! Unfortunately I got so caught up in that, that I neglected to plan dinner. So we went out for past at our favorite place Pino's, then headed off to the park for some fun with the kids. It was dark by the time we got there, and Chloe started to have an asthma attack, so we weren't there for long, but the kids enjoyed it!

I have lots to do today, but didn't want to neglect my poor little blog! Check back for more later...


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is my red wall in my kitchen.
This is probably my favorite new thing in
my house, besides my bathroom & closet.
I love my shelves, and I love the red.
I can't wait to get the rest of it all decorated,
so I can post more pictures.
So here is a little Christmas decorations,
and my cake plate collection.



Thankful for hat & jacket weather!!!

Look at this kid,
his outfit he chose all by himself.
Did his hair by himself, and
you've got to love the crocs on the wrong feet!

So thankful that this sweet girl was so brave
when she had her tooth pulled,
and that the tooth fairy did not forget
to come, like so may times before!
Bad Toothfairy!!!

Thankful for cousins, and a grandma that has the kids over to stuff the turkeys! So much fun!!!

Thankful to get Jimmy working
captured on film!

So thankful that we were not home when this happened! We came home from Thanksgiving, and we found the skin! Also so thankful for a husband who doesn't mind cleaning up and taking care of Slither!

Buffy had fun with the camera on Saturday while we were decorating. Cute pic of Coop & me. Love that boy!

Such a busy, long weekend.

Went to mom's to set up tables, chop vegetables, get things ready for Thanksgiving.
Took Buffy to the dentist to have her tooth pulled.
Jon got home early, so we were able to get the house cleaned, and ready for the weekend.
That night we relaxed, and enjoyed family time.

Turkey Bowl
Headed over to mom's to stuff turkey
Came home and had an hour and a half to get myself and all of the kids showered and ready.
Went to Thanksgiving lunch at Jon's mom's house, enjoyed visiting with her new family.
Left and went straight to mom's house for Thanksgiving.
The kids were great, and we were able to hang out and enjoy each other for a full 5 hours.
Came home, climbed into bed and watched TV.

Chloe babysat so we could shop.
I really wasn't in the mood this year, so we did not get as much accomplished as usual. At least we got some things out of the way.
Had yummy lunch at Cafe Rio, but was interrupted by the flood of phone calls from children.
Came home, cleaned some more. Got house ready for decorations. Got the tree up.
Picked up niece for sleep-over.
Jon had a friend over for Halo time.

Went to the movies with the fam.
Went to a birthday party.
Came home and decorated front of house.
Went to dinner with the kids.
Came home, showered, decorated the tree and drank Hot cocoa.

Baked cookies
Made jewelry with kids
went to dinner at mom's house to celebrate Chloe & Sarah's b-day
Fabulous cousin Evelyn was in town, so joined us all.
Had a great night!
Climbed into bed to watch shows and go to sleep!

We had a great weekend, but I have a busy week ahead of me. Fieldtrips, work stuff, Chloe's birthday, and life in general. Posting may be sporadic, but don't give up on me. I will be back!



How do I get myself into these things? Why do I always say yes? Here is Slither, Andy's class pet. He is our pet for the Holiday Weekend. I pray I don't kill him like I killed Chloe's Class Birds. Chhhiiiirrrrpppp! That one's for you Johnny!


(by the way, he loves me that much!)

I am super thankful for my sweet husband today. He really rocks. He has stood by me through thick and thin. He adores me, even though I can't quite figure out why... I am so lucky to have him, and to have someone that is so good to me. We really work well together, except for when we don't. I am thankful for my red headed family I have because of him. He is fabulous, and brilliant. He is not given enough credit by everyone, but he really is amazing, and can do pretty much anything. I love you, and thanks so much for loving me!!!


So I've been tagged by Elise.

I need to list 6 little known facts about myself. This will be hard, because I am a pretty open person. So some of these, if you have known me for a long time, you will already know. But for all my new blogger friends out there, these are news to you! Here goes, and in no particular order:
  1. When I meet a new person, I always try to go to their home first, so I can see how neat they are. Then I know exactly how much I need to stress if they come over to my place. Sometimes, if they are super neat freaks, I try to end the friendship then & there. I just know things won't work. Now, I am not a slob, but I have 4 kids, and church, and work, and a life, and my house does not always come first. It is clean, just a little cluttered most of the time.
  2. I mow our lawn. Last night I went over and mowed my mom's lawn for her, and her neighbors were teasing me that they were going to go get their camera. They didn't believe me that I always do it. In fact, in high school, my dad wouldn't let me go to our football games (and I was Captain of the Cheer Squad) until the lawns were mowed. It's good exercise, and it helps me work on my tan in the summer.
  3. When people wake up in the morning, they are contaminated with what I like to call "morning." My dad's morning was the worst, well maybe not as bad as Johnny's or Jimmy's. I guess it's a toss up. I don't like loves or hugs or kisses or cuddles in the morning. It's not just everyone else, I feel gross too! I like showering, and I like people who have showered. For some reason though, it doesn't really bother me on my sweet little kiddos. Maybe because they are super sweet!
  4. I heard about a restaurant that serves cereal only, and I wanted to throw up just thinking about it. I hate being around people eating cereal. I hate the chewing sound, the slurping... I am dry heaving right now as I think about it. I am polite though, and I don't make people stop, I just walk out quietly, or make sure I am not around the breakfast table when we are on big group vacations. My sister flat out refuses to let her husband eat when she is around, so at least I don't do that, right?!?
  5. In the 3rd grade I was stabbed in the head with a pencil by Ben Zallaha. After I noticed the blood trickle down onto my brand new dress, I walked up to the teacher. When I turned around to leave for the nurses, Joshua Perryman saw the blood and began to barf, which in turn made Tracy Voyce puke, which led to the regurgitation of Feliz Avila. It was a regular barf-o-rama. I don't know how I kept it all in!
  6. I don't like the crust on bread. My brothers make fun of me, but I don't care. I am 32 years old, and if I don't want to eat my crust, then gosh dang it I don't have to!

I have a billion more things, but these are the 1st ones that popped into my head. Hope I haven't turned some of you off, I'm not that weird am I?

So now, hmmmmm, who do I want to tag? Let's see, how about Dorothy, Erika, Jill, Andrea,
Laurie, and Liz. You're it!!!



I have a fabulous friend, her name is Dorothy. Today, and yesterday, and the day before, and the week before... I have been thankful for her. She totally rocks. I am so glad she is in my corner, and that she loves me no matter what!

Dorothy, my favorite thing is meeting you for bagels. I love our time together, I love that we can laugh at anything, and that we can quite clearly talk about anything... Thank you for being such an awesome friend, it means more to me than you will ever know.

Oh yea, she has a fabulous husband, who I equally adore. I can't wait for our next date night, someday... A girl can dream right?!?



Jimmy, today I am thankful for you. I am so thankful we live near each other. I am so thankful that you brought Cooper home for me today, it really helped me a lot. I am thankful that we can count on each other. I am thankful for your drop-in visits. I am even thankful for your late night Halo excursions. You make me laugh, and I have so much fun with you, even though you drive me nuts sometimes! Thanks for being a great brother!

I am also thankful that Coop & Joe have each other. It would do them good to make other friends though ;)


I am so thankful for my home today. I know it is not the nicest, or the biggest. In fact we are desperate for more room, but it is our home. Chloe is the only baby that did not come home to this house. But we have been here for almost 10 years now. I am thankful my kids feel safe and happy here. I am thankful that people feel welcome in my home. I love it when friends or family come over and feel welcome to help themselves to things, to put there feet up and just hang out. That is how my parents home always felt, and I try really hard to have that same feeling here. I am thankful that we have a place to call our own, and to keep us safe and warm, or cool. I am so thankful, as I am sure most of you are with your homes!



I am thankful for the life I have. I am so thankful I am able to work from home, and so I am able to be apart of my kid's lives. As much as I dread going on those fieldtrips, I know how much it means to them to have me there, and with 4 in school, I am always there! Anyhow, these are a few shots from the fieldtrip with Andy's class to the rock & mineral museum yesterday. He had a great time, and I was really happy to be with him because he went home from school with a friend for a sleepover, so I was happy to have that extra time with him.

I know how lucky I am to be able to work from home. It is a privalege (?), and I hope it stays like this for a long time!



I am thankful (for her sake) that hair grows back. She finally let me cut her hair, I love it, she thinks she looks like a boy and is certain that all of her friends won't like her anymore. So I am also thankful for the opportunity to teach her about real friends, and how if they don't like you because of your hair, they ain't worth it!

Unfortunately, she doesn't mind it if it is curled, so I have a feeling I will be curling everyday for a while. What have I done?

She is so darling, isn't she???

Cooper just had to be in the picture, and they really wanted to make pouty faces. It has been a long week, have a lot more to talk about, but I am tired right now, and so glad this week is over. Check back again this weekend, I am sure I will get a second wind!!!



Today I am thankful for unexpected guests, that give me just enough warning to light a fire under me, and I get more things than humanly possible accomplished.

My super fabulous cousin Evelyn called this morning, and said they were going to be in town. I of course invited them over for dinner. Instead of staying home this morning and working in my house, I went out with Dorothy. Then I headed off to the school for our Thanksgiving Lunch. Cooper and I got home by about 1:00. Between 1:00 and 5:00, I did all of this:

5 loads of laundry (washed & folded)
Cleaned the boys room
Cleaned out Cooper's dresser
Cleaned the girl's room (this was monumental)
Cleaned our room
Cleaned dining room
Cleaned living room
Vacuumed whole house
Swept and mopped kitchen
Went to the grocery store
Made dinner for 10

I am exhausted, but I am so thankful to have all of this done as I head into my weekend. Now I can focus on so much more! It was also super fun visiting with Mark & Evelyn, and seeing there darling children. I am ready for some tv time, and some serious vegging now!

By the way, you have to check out Jon's blog to see one of the coolest videos ever.


My day so far:

Woke up 10 minutes late

Kids don't cooperate over breakfast

Cooper doesn't cooperate getting dressed

Chloe's arm hurts so I have to brush her hair for her

Andy is in one of his moods

We finally get out the door

It is overcast, I am so happy

The kids get to school, not only on time, but early even!

I make it home in record time

I do a few things, then head off to the shower

For some reason I forget to get my towel before I get in

I am through showering, and go for a towel in the cupboard

I try cupboard #1, then #2, then #3, then #4

I am out of cupboards they should be in, so I look in other cupboards, hoping Jon put them in the wrong one

No clean towels

I have to drip dry

The phone rings, do I really need to get it, or can I ignore it?

Of course I can't ignore it, it's Evelyn. She is going to call me back.

It is going to be one of those days, I can feel it already!


Moments of Pure Genius

So I am sure a lot of you moms have this same problem. Kids artwork, overtaking your home. It is everywhere, and you can't get rid of it, heaven forbid. Solution : We have a long hallway, that I still hadn't figured out what I wanted to do with. So I put a little yarn up, and got some clothespins. Instant artwork, and the kids are excited to display it. Now, when they want to add something, they have to take something down. I am a genius, I know, you can say it!

The next dilemma, we just got a water dispenser. I knew my kids would either dirty a bajillion cups a day, or we would kill our earth by all the waste from the paper cups they would throw out. Enter plastic cups with handles, and those little hooks you get for wreaths or something. Decorate the cups oh so cutely, and never let them leave the vicinity. Of course Chloe's is already missing, so we have to work on that part. Anyhow, not bajillions of cups being used or wasted. Just thought I would share these tips with you, just in case any of you are facing the same problems!

Thankful, and a Celebration of Life

Cooper getting his birthday bumps

Cooper traveling round the sun.
Joe & Cooper waiting for lunch,
Coop being goofy for a pic with mom!

I am thankful for my kids school today. I know there is room for a lot of improvement, but I also know that my kids really love going to school. How many of you can say that? I love that I am welcome to be there whenever I want. I love that they celebrate the life of my child on his birthday. I love that we were able to have Chloe, Andy & Buffy all participate in that celebration today. I love that we I am invited into the classrooms with open arms, whenever I show up.
Anyhow, I am just glad we have found a place where they can be happy, and safe, and can learn.

So finally I was able to go do Cooper's celebration of life today. His teacher and I have had rotten luck with timing. It was Cooper's 1st one, so it was super special. He was so excited. I stayed up late last night baking these. We looked through his pictures to find a baby picture, a year old picture, a 2 year old picture, and a 3 year old picture. He had so much fun showing them to his friends, and carrying the globe around the sun, which makes up a year of his life. He got his birthday beel to wear around his neck, which spreads good news all around. He made a wish on a candle, and he got his birthday bumps. He picked birthday hugs or spankings from his teachers and family. Then Jon and I stayed while he ate lunch. He felt so important, and I am so glad, he is so important! He was able to pick 3 friends to sit at his table for lunch, I wasn't surprised when he picked Joey, but very surprised when he picked Tony and Pilar. Did not see that one coming! I love that he has his friends, and knows what he wants. I can't believe my baby is 4!



The ladies man
Quit taking my picture!!!

Man I miss that chub!

Darling boy!

I am thankful for this sweet boy! My little man. He is definitely a handful, but I couldn't imagine my life without him. I love waking up to his sweet face, bright and early (and I mean early), he is a human alarm clock and is up by 6:00 almost everyday.

I love how helpful he can be. He is the best grocery unloader (aside from his daddy) there is. I can always count on him to come out and help me.

I love how for no reason at all, at least 2 or 3 times a day he comes up and gives me a hug and says "I love you mama." My heart melts everytime!

I love his prayers, he really puts thought into them, and is very sincere.

I love it when he tries to teach Cooper something, and he gets this real sweet voice. He is such a great big brother.

I love how smart he is, and how he is able to do anything he puts his mind to.

I am just so thankful he is mine. Our family wouldn't be a family without the joy and turmoil this boy brings to it!


Thankful, and weird...

So last night I got into bed pretty late. I still didn''t fall asleep very well, but at last sweet sleep happened.

Fast forward a few hours, and enter into my dreams. I can't even recall all of the specifics, but I was in some big industrial place. All of the sudden for some reason, the power went out. Nothing major, right? Well for some reason, it startled me enough that I woke up, only to have all the power go out for real, like 4 seconds later. FREAKY!!! I walked around our pitch black house, trying not to freak myself out. I looked out the window and all of the street and PC were black too. I quietly assured myself it wasn't some freak thing, and we weren't about to have our home invaded, and climbed back into bed. I waited for about 20 minutes, slowly working myself up again for no apparent reason, when that beautiful hummmmm started and all of our electricity came back on, and I was able to drift back into a dreamless sleep.

Today I am so thankful for electricity. Not for the panic it causes when it goes away, but for the comfort it gives to our lives when it is here. I am thankful for the cool it provides, the warm water, the lights, the warmth... It is endless why I am thankful for it. Anyhow, I honestly couldn't imagine living without it, and I am so glad I was not born in a time where there wasn't electricity. I would have been a horrible pioneer!



Today I am thankful for my ward. We really have a great ward, with really great people. Last year, when our boundaries changed, and we not only switched wards, but switched stakes, I was a little hesitant. There were a lot of our friends that were making the change with us, but it just wasn't going to be the same. Our first Sunday was so different, we got home and I told Jon I wanted to put our house up for sale. Luckily I gave it time, and now it makes me sad to think that we may have to move out of it someday.

I am very thankful for the new friendships I have made in this new ward. I am met so many wonderful new people, that I am constantly learning things from. There are so many people I admire, and they really help me to strive to be a better person. I am thankful for that, because sometimes I think we get way too comfortable in our lives, and just stop working at it.

I am also thankful for the old friendships, either people that made the move with us, or people I knew before, and now we just happen to be in the same ward. It has really opened my eyes to how many friends and people I have out there that care for me and my family. I am so glad that we have a great primary, and that each of my kids have other great kids in their classes. Kids that can and will be their friends and classmates for years. It means a lot to me that they have that!

Anyhow, this is obviously fresh on my mind after our weekly meetings, and I didn't want to forget about it. So that is what I am thankful or today!



Today I am thankful for my body. For the strength and health that I have. I am thankful that I have the ability to bear children, to nurse them, to carry them, to hold them.

I am thankful that if I want something painted in my house, I have the ability to do it myself. I am thankful I have enough strength to move furniture. I have the energy to keep my house clean, and to do my hundreds of loads of laundry a week.

I am especially thankful that I have never truly been sick, I have been blessed with a healthy body. I have no disabilities. I am aware I have not taken as good of care as I should with my body, but at least I know where I have gone wrong, and I am trying to fix it.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father clearly knew what he was doing when he created me, and that he has blessed me continually with strength and health and willpower and motivation to accomplish all that I need.



(Isn't she beautiful?)

Today I am thankful for my mom. She is an amazing woman, and I really don't deserve all that she does for me. She is a continual source of inspiration, as she goes through being a widow, taking care of herself, fighting breast cancer, taking care of her family, and all around being a great grandma, a wonderful mother, and probably my best friend.

She is so forgiving. She has helped me through so many things in my life, and continues to love me. I am especially thankful for the opportunity we have had to become such friends since my dad's passing. I couldn't imagine my life without her, or her continual support.

I love you so much. I am so thankful for the example you have set, and for the hard work in raising me.

I know I will make you proud one day!