WARNING - Graphic photo below!

Cami, remember these? I don't think we've seen eyebrows like this since I was a senior in high school... Do you think you might be able to help me tonight? I wasn't planning on being Brooke Shields, or a werewolf for Halloween!

P.S. I made it black & white so it would not be quite as graphic. But trust me it is bad, I know it doesn't look like it in the picture, but oh boy it is bad...

Don't you hate it when...

you have an exasperating day, and your husband calls to say he is going to be late, very very very late? So you head off to pick your kids up from their after school classes, and decide to be a nice mom and let your youngest out of the car. So then as you are waiting for your other 3 to gather all of their things, he is running around, even though you have instructed him to calm down, hence causing him to hack and wheeze. Then you head off into traffic, facing the sun, with grumpy hungry children. After 15 minutes of virtually not moving, you decide to be a nice mom and turn directions and head off to Sonic for a meal and treat. Not just Sonic, but sitting outside at Sonic, instead of in the car like usual. Then you get rewarded by having homeless people make out in front of you and your children. After dinner, you decide that you haven't had enough, and take the whole lot of them to Walmart, yes I said it, Walmart. You walk around for 20 minutes, and get the few things you needed, then head off to checkout. Only to realize that you are probably the 8ooth person waiting to checkout, and there are 2 self checkout lines, and 4 regular lines open. So you wait in line, and as always pick the slow line, but now you have waited too long and can't change. In the meantime your children, who you loved when you picked up from school, but feelings have slowly evaporated and now you loathe keep begging for magazines, candy, soda, toys, the new Spiderman movie... Finally someone pulls you up to the front of the line because you have so few things, you are super helpful handing her everything and going as fast as you can so she can get back to her job. You drive all the way home,(luckily in peace & quiet, because your children are not as dumb as they seem and realize they have pushed mom past her breaking point) and realize that the lady didn't give you one of your bags. So now I am out of the shower, with very dry skin, because my lotion that I specifically went for is still sitting at Walmart.

Don't you hate that???

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!


All things Halloween

The Ward Party
From Left: Flapper Chloe, Can-Can Buffy,
Scary Jon, Jacksman Sparrow (that's what Cooper calls him)
and Jengo Fett without the mask

Have you seen a cuter Jack Sparrow since the original?

Some of my decorations around the house,
we didn't do nearly as much this year,
but still made a presence!

For FHE we all met at In-N-Out for dinner,
then headed off to my mom's friend's house to
see her cute decorations and have dessert.
Here are a few photos...

Coop & Sarah

The girls...

Jimmy in looking with wonder & awe

Her houses, they were amazing!

Some more of the kiddos


More to come...

Had a great weekend.

Fun at the races.

Fun at Cami's party.

Video Games until 3:00 a.m.

Cafe Rio Saturday afternoon :).

Ward party Saturday night.

Hospital with Cooper Sunday morning. (not so great)

Pictures to follow later this evening, after I reinstall Photoshop.
Have a great day!


Frantic Friday

Way too much on my plate for today, and yet I am here blogging.

I finally got invited to my sister's amazing Halloween Bash, and my sitter canceled. So I have calls out, but no bites yet. It might actually work out though. We weren't able to go to the fair last night, so I think we will take them to the races tonight, and then as soon as it is over I will head out to Cami's by myself. I wish Jon could be with me, but I'm sure he would be happier staying at home playing Halo 3.

I have to go to the mall to get birthday presents this morning.
Then I have to pick up Cooper from school at 12:15, and Chloe is coming home then also because she has a b-day party to attend.
Then I will head out to Tempe to drop her off.
Then I will come home and make cookies or cupcakes or muffins for Andy's celebration of life at school, I think at 2:30.
I have major cleaning to do.
I have laundry to do.
I need to meet with my manager.
I need to go to the bank.
I might need to take cream puffs out to Cami.

Do you think I will be able to do it all? Wish me luck...


Too darling not to post...

He is almost as cute as Cooper when he was Dumbo...

Things I love...

Now I know I have already said this, but I love, love, love Pushing Daisies.

But what I am really loving, is that they keep sneaking songs in for Kristin Chenoweth to sing!

I totally knew they were going to sing "Birdhouse in your Soul" last night when she was talking to the aunts. Johnny, I hope you enjoyed that!

Goings on...

So you all know Buffy had a doctor's appointment yesterday, unfortunately it was also United Nations Day at school, which is a huge thing. It was also a 1/2 day, and all the kids were having potlucks in their classrooms, Chloe had a big report due, here was a school parade, a ceremony around the Peace Pole... Lots of goings on... We stayed up late Tuesday finishing Chloe's report and presentation board. She worked hard, and i was a crappy mom and didn't do everything I should have to make it even more fabulous. Another year has gone by, and each year I say to myself I am going to get to work now, so next year my kids will have a costume from their heritage, I will learn to make cream puffs for the pot lucks, etc. etc...

I was able to talk Buffy into just staying home from school, so I didn't have to drive to school 4 times during a 4 hour period. So we dropped the other kids off, and we headed off to Einstein Brothers for breakfast. Buffy had the Hot cocoa with whipped cream (of course), and I had my Cinnamon Sugar bagel toasted with Honey Almond spread, and a large Coke. We ate outside and enjoyed each other's company. We went home so I could put my make-up on and do my hair, and Buffy really needed her jewelry (long dangling ruby & diamond earrings from Gigi), then we headed out. We went to JCPenney to try on clothes, she loves doing that, and then went to the doctor. After the doctor we headed over to Macy's (I needed more mascara). She loves the perfume & cosmetics dept. I think she sprayed 10 - 15 perfumes on the little strips (I gave her a little hint to put them in her drawers when she went home and then her clothes would smell good, she thought I was pretty smart when I told her that!). Then we went to Payless, and she spent a 1/2 hour trying on shoes while i looked around for myself and the others. She came home with 2 pairs, me zero.

We went and got the other kids, and went to have lunch. For some insane reason we chose Baja Fresh. Anyone who eats there repeatedly needs to be taught what good food is, because it was total crap. I hate spending money on crap. We were still hungry when we came home and ate snacks. Seriously I was soooooo disappointed. We hung out for a few hours, and then went out to Cami's ward's Fall Festival last night. The kids had a blast, I was tired, and really frustrated that Jon wasn't feeling good so he didn't come with us. I really was looking forward to going to Cafe Rio on the way home to get a salad, but I couldn't do it without him sitting in the car with the chitlins.

On a sidenote, I had Cafe Rio for the 1st time last Wednesday, then just happened to be invited to go on Saturday with Cami & Tyler, and Ashley & her fam. Now I am hooked, I have been craving it ever since. That is the most amazing salad in the world!!!

Jon was fabulous and went to the grocery store for me when I got home, so I could relax and watch some TV. What a great guy!

I have a huge day ahead of me, and then we are off to the Fair and the Figure 8's tonight. I can't wait to get that Frybread in my body!!!

Have a great day!

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium.

That is the diagnosis.

Buffy has been losing hair, a lot of hair. And unfortunately, she doesn't have a lot to begin with. If Chloe lost some hair, you'd never know, but poor little Buffy's hair, you can tell! We went to the doctor last week for flu shots, and for Andy's well check. I brought this up, and he wanted me to bring her in on her own. I have to admit, I was a little panicked. I didn't think it was any big deal, so to have to make a whole other separate appointment, made me worry a little. So we went yesterday. Since there are really no other symptoms happening right now, he is going to go with this diagnosis. If it hasn't stopped after the holidays, then we will look into Thyroid problems, or other things that I have no clue about. In the meantime, I need to go get her haircut, so she will stop pulling it back into ponytails throughout the day, which then everytime she takes it out, she pulls more hair out with it.


Who wants to go with me?

I am really, really, really, really dying to see this! Someone call me and say "Let's go now!"


Pretty Please...

Pretty Please with cherries on top...

P.S. Jimmy if you call me, next time you call and invite me to go see Kid Rock at the fair, I will totally go with you!

~How can the train be lost, it's on tracks?~


Goodies from Grandma

I have loved these cups since I was a girl,
can't wait to have sherbet in them this summer!
These snowbabies are darling,
I couldn't pass them up!

I thought there was just the cake stand,
but it is a whole china set.
I got 8 mugs & plates also.
Very exciting, would you like
to come over for dessert?

This just reminds me of Grandma's house
on Christmas Eve, I had to have it!
I would love to have a collection of old Santas!

Owls, need I say more?
Also I love the color orange, so I will
find some cool place for the orb of Orange!

I got a ton of fun jewelry for the girls,
Buffy is so excited because it is all clip on!

Vintage Hankies, my absolute favorite!
I wanted them all, but I left some for other cousins.
Get'em while they're hot!

So cool, I love funky stuff like this!

My Grandma had to move out of her home into a great new place. I am so sad, I have always dreamed of buying her home, but not happening anytime soon, unless I win the powerball tomorrow! So I have been going and helping her go through things, and now she has what she calls Gigi's Boutique. So today I went to visit and shop. It was hard walking through her fabulous house, it is almost empty. I miss it already. She is doing so great though, and really loves her new place. I am happy that she is happy. Anyhow, I was happy I was able to get some things that will remind me of her and her house for always.


My kids love cinnamon toast, can you tell? I love that it is cool in the mornings. This morning the girls were freaking out about not having jackets. I can't wait for it to get cold! I can't wait for it to be so cold in the mornings that I make hot cocoa in the morning. I am ready for jeans and boots weather, I have so many cute scarves I am dying to wear. It is getting close, just not fast enough!

What are you excited for?



Recognize these guys?
If not, maybe you need to
take a trip to this place...

Party Fun!

I think this should be Cami's new blog photo!

From Left:
Tyler as 70's, Jimmy as Keith, CW as Marty McFly,
Amy as Red Sox Fan, Cameron as scary bum with butt,
Rachel as her fabulous self, Dale the cow, Marcy the farmer,
Latona the prom queen, Aaron the Vampire,
Cami the 70's dancing queen, Becky as Kristy, Keith as Jimmy,
Brian the Rabbi, Dorothy the nun, Jason the Ghostbuster,
Totally Tiffany, 1980's Kristy (that's what everyone called me),
Andrea & Phil as cute couple of the year, and freaky Jon!

As usual I didn't take anywhere near enough photos, I was too busy socializing. The crowd was smaller than usual, but still a fabulous night. We had our core people there, and everyone else just made it better! So much fun, we missed everyone that couldn't make it! Can't wait for next year!


Busy, Busy, Busy...

So I have a ton to do today. We are having our Halloween party tonight, which by the way, if you didn't get invited, but want to, comment or e-mail me and I'll give you the details! So I have food to make, house to

decorate, costume to get ready, kids to occupy... We'll see how it all goes! Monday I will post pictures from tonight, should be very entertaining!

P.S. Johnny, weren't you guys going to bring me a Texas Sheetcake last night? Is Jen still making one? Let me know!

P.S.S. Jimmy these pictures are for you, Buffy wants to come over and play, and I am curious if I would still be your favorite even if I looked like this?


Things I love...



Some freaky back person she somehow created...
It actually kind of freaks me out!

When I sat at the computer today, I noticed that there were 478 photos in my photo booth. Apparently my kids really like playing with this feature. So I will put them on randomly, who knows maybe these will get a few comments, since nothing else seems to be lately! :)

Things I love...

Lazy days of fall break.
The kids I love,
in my bed of new bedding I love,
with a new headboard I love,
against a yellow wall that I love,
in my bedroom I love,
with a new closet I love,
and new carpet I love,
and a new TV I love...

I love this song, and this band. Hot Hot Heat (for those of you wondering).


A New Fave

I am digging this band Scouting for Girls. Just thought I might pass it on, in case any of you are looking for something new and cool! Check them out and let me know what you think!

I really like Elvis ain't dead, great song...


You Want???

Shadow Boxes with shells
to hang on a wall somewhere

I have 10 of these,
good condition, melamine

This is a curtain, the blue
hangs down on the side.
The window was about 5 1/2 feet long.

Just a few of the bazillion items I am getting rid of. If you want them let me know, if more than one person wants them, make me your best offer. You can leave a comment or e-mail me!

I am just pushing my way through all our crap, going back & forth to mom's house getting the rest of our stuff. I am also coming down with a cold, and I have a huge Halloween Party I am throwing Friday night that I have to get ready for. It is going to be a crazy week. I hope I can get it all done. On the upside, I got my Halloween out, so at least part of my house is decorated now. Yippee!!!


Nonexistent Blogger

These are all the different colors of paint I have bought.
It started out as just the ones that made the cut, I labeled
the jars and I was going to store them instead of the huge
buckets of paint. Then I saw how cute they looked, so I went
and bought more jars and used all of the paint colors I had
bought. Yes I realize that is a lot of paint, what you
don't see is that it is also on the other cabinets also.
I don't care how much I spent, because I am happy
with my color choices now, and that is priceless!

Cut me some slack people, we are going nuts trying to get ready to move in tomorrow, yes you read correctly, TOMORROW!!! I am so excited to be going home. I know my mom & sister think we are insane for moving before everything is totally done, but Jon and I seriously need to be back in our space again. I am exhausted, physically,mentally, emotionally... This has really tested our marriage, not only the last 8 months, but the last 2 weeks of hard work, and a lot of disagreements about things around the house. I am so glad it is almost done. I am also glad that even though Jon usually states his own opinion about things, he is generally pretty good about going with what I want. He is a smart man!

I got this headboard for $23! Can you believe it? Of course I got it at one of those freaky Hotel Liquidator places, so who knows how filthy it is. Jimmy wants us to hold up a black light (remember that episode of The Office?) I hope it's Urine... Anyhow I have cleaned it a few times already, plus it is from the Pointe South Mountain, not exactly the kind of hotel getting rented out by the hour, so hopefully all is good. But seriously for $23 , how could I not get it? I am loving the color of the walls in our room, it turned out more yellow than brown, and I am so happy about that. Notice the new carpet also? So excited... Anyhow, we have a very busy weekend ahead of us, so it may be a few days for an update, but I promise I will return! So to keep you busy I am giving you a few links to some of my favorite posts, pictures, whatever... THat way you won't miss me while I am gone, and perhaps some of you new viewers have never seen them!

( I can't wait to show new pics of the kitchen, stay tuned...)

The Boys

Cool Dude
( I can't believe how little he was just a year ago, man I miss that little Coop)


Dinner Conversation


If I ... part 4

If I ... part 7

Just Because

You Wish
Things I Love...
(I couldn't leave this one out, it had record high comments... Ice, who knew?)

True Story


Up on the Mountaintop

A Few More

Road Trip
( Our whole trip)


I almost forgot...

Plenty for you all to read...



Does this outfit make my head look small?

The Big 9

He was soooo excited
(Can't you tell)
He got a PSP from us...

I thought these turned out so darling...

I am so lucky that Andy is so easy. I mean he has his rough spots, but generally over all he is easy to please. He really had his heart set on a huge party, but things are just so crazy right now. He agreed to have just family and a few close friends, we decorated pumpkins, had his favorite cupcakes & Mint Ice cream. He had a great time, and it was perfect. The night was beautiful, I love fall! I am so happy about the weather change.