Pine Top

Threading a worm

The kids playing with the worms

Buffy freaking out

The menfolk

Fun on the zip line

Andy screamed like a girl, every time!

If you've been to the cabin,
then you know this red helmet

Sweet kids

What they were really like all weekend!

The weather was gorgeous, we had a great time. We had zero luck fishing. THe girls loved having their bikes. Everyone loved the zip line, I am so glad Jon fixed it super good, and even made a seat so I could do it. We had a major adventure trying to go spotlighting, with everyone piled in our car, and me trying to learn how to 4wheel in major mud. We survived though. I didn't want to leave. Can't wait to go back again.


Things I love...

Kids playing in the rain

How much this girl loves this boy!

Monsoon season

I love summer storms, and we had a doozy yesterday. The kids had so much fun playing in the rain. It cooled down, and was just gorgeous outside. I love the smell of rain, I was bummed that we didn't get any lightning or thunder, maybe we'll get lucky at the cabin this weekend. WE had a great dinner last night with my brothers, I haven't seen them since the 4th of July, and it was killing me. I had so much fun laughing with them, and listening to the kids having a blast with their cousins. I loved seeing Joey come out of his shell and have a great time. Joey is something else I love, and you can check him out here. I can't wait to go to Pinetop tomorrow, please oh please let it be cool. WE are going to have the most fun with my way fabulous friend Dorothy and Brian. Can't wait to laugh all weekend long!


sensation of spinning while the body is stationary

While we were on our trip Jon had a few days of not feeling up to par. Then on our last day he was miserable, dizzy, nausea like you wouldn't believe, he packed us up then od'd on Dramamine so he could sleep. Sunday it struck again, and I had to take him home early from church, then he stayed home from work Monday. He finally got in to the doctor yesterday.......Vertigo.

So now I am living with Lucille Austero, could life be any better?


I was folding laundry, listening to the Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill" and thinking about my brothers and Brian and Jason. I can remember Brian singing "She's crafty" and "Girls", I was amazed at how happy it made me to remember them, and remember life back then.

As I remembered further, I started thinking about how my sweet husband decided to propose to me at Lollapalooza right before the Beastie Boys took the stage, so we wended up missing it all beacuse I was freaking out over being engaged and loving him...

I am so happy to see Cooper come in while I am listening to this, and seriously enjoy it. My kids have to have amazing taste in music, and they have to love it all, I will make them listen to all types of music, over & over, until they appreciate it. For instance, about a year ago I was listening to "Come Dancing" by The Kinks, and they all started moaning, so I sat in the car in the parking lot at Mervyn's, and we listened to it over & over until they stopped whining, later that night I hears Chloe & Andy both singing it. They don't whine over songs anymore!


Things I love...

This is how I spent a few hours today, holding Jabba while all my kids clamored all over me for his kisses and attention. I love this kid, I am going to miss him next week. I wish I could go as the babysitter with them to San Diego.

I love these rugrats, all of them. I especially love the fact that Cooper wants a tie on almost everyday, total class that kid...

I am also loving my family tonight, we had a bunch of cousins and aunts & uncles over tonight. WE don't get to see them enough. I love the 1st few minutes when all of the cousins kind of measure each other up, and then they just go like gangbusters. They all had a blast, I love seeing my kids play with my cousins kids now.

I love the conversation I had with Ashley, I love her conviction, her determination, her spirituality. I aspire to be as great as her.

I love laughing with Shannon & Kelly, it is ridiculous we don't see each other more, we always have such a great time.

I love my Uncle Jim, it makes me miss my dad every time I see him, but I love seeing him be a grandpa, cause that's the kind of grandpa my dad was.

I love seeing Amanda be a mom, you are good at it, but I am glad she is a spitfire, that's what you get for being rotten when iwould babysit you (jk).

BTW, prayercount is 5/5, I'm dang good!

Road Trip 2007

Nothing better than a nap on the beach,
I missed my dad so much while Cooper
was sleeping so peacefully, he loved
naps on the beach (or up at the quiet
house while everyone else was on the beach!)

We went to Seaport Village, and just
had to take a carriage ride in the Cinderella
carriage. Buffy was so thrilled.

All in all a fabulous trip, but I am looking forward to just hanging out at a beach house next year with Brian & Dorothy, maybe even Mike & Liz could join us. I totally recommend taking a trip like this to everyone out there, it was unforgettable! I think the last picture is seriously darling, just love it. A perfect picture to end on...


I am upset, I got the shaft, I got the bad end of the deal, I totally got jipped...

I just opened a new box of Graham crackers, and they are all cracked, some crushed. Absolutely unacceptable to me, how are you supposed to dunk them if they are crushed into oblivion, or too small to hold. And no I am not one to crush them all into my milk to make a sort of chowder, that disgusts me just thinking about it.

Now it's not like I can take them back. I can't imagain how they would look at me, some crazy lady returning a box of Graham Crackers, and on top of that I have a pink bandana on my head because I didn't shower today because I thought I was going to go swimming with Dorothy the non-existent blogger, but seriously, there should be some sort of restitution on my behalf. Don't you agree?

Fill in the blank

You are the __________ mom in the world. You try to guess hat the word was that was in the blank. I am used to it, I used to vent about my parents too, but last night as I was crawling into bed I realized I really am a mean mom sometimes. I don't want to be, but sometimes I snap, and generally it is because of the older two.

So I am in bed feeling guilty, listening to Jon snore the night away next to me, trying to figure out what to do. There are things that need to change, I just don't know how. I get down on my knees to pray, and then I feel guilty. I do a lot of things I am supposed to do, I hold a calling, and do it well (without murmuring), I make it to church every Sunday (which is good, cause in our last ward it was really easy to miss, and we did a lot!), I support my husband in his calling (which takes a lot from me)... However I am not so good with my morning & evening personal prayers, I forget a lot, then when I do remember I do a quickie cause I'm already in bed, or I just do it when I need something. I am like a really bad friend that just calls whenever she needs your help. WHy do I expect Heavenly Father to help me? Seriously, I know that I don't deserve it. So last night, as I was on my knees (which by the way I have terrible knees, and they begin to hurt unbelievably after about 30 seconds on them, and then ache for a few hours afterwards!), I made a decision. I am going all out, I am going to remember my prayers, and I am going to do it right! Then maybe, just maybe Heavenly Father will take me seriously and help me a little in a few areas I am desperate in. So I am here declaring this, so I have other people to hold me accountable.

If anyone else out there is the same way, I hope you will join me. Let's see how it will effect our lives. I am all for this, and really thinking positive. So far so good, I've got a 2/2 score. I'll keep the tally up, and I am going to be totally honest. Wish me luck!

P.S. I have shots from our last day on the trip, but they are on Jon's laptop at work, so I will get them posted as soon as possible!


Road Trip 2007

We went to the U.S.S. Midway, and spent a few hours there. As we were heading down to the brig, and kept going lower and lower, Buffy kind of muttered under her breath "This is getting a little creepy." It was so funny, I felt the same way. Then we headed over to the zoo. THe kids had a good time, we saw Pandas, Koalas, Polar Bears, Gorillas, Apes, Peacocks, Hippos, Crocodiles... Towards the end of the night, Coop, Buffy & I were sitting on the sidewalk while the others were looking at something. There was this huge peacock on the roof above us, I was watching it and wondering if they flew, or if it would jump, when all of the sudden it jumped and flew right at us. It landed like a foot away from Buffy, it totally freaked her out, then Cooper clamored all over me so I couldn't get up and it was headed right towards me. I was laughing so hard, I was so sad we didn't get it on video!

P.S. Please don't judge, I know we did a lot considering what day it is, but luckily my kids calendars are off so they didn't realize what we were doing and on what day. We have to get our money's worth while we're here!