Stuff about me (and why shouldn't it be?)


Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Month: September, not only because my b-day, but the evenings start to cool down, and we can hear the football games from Phoenix College on Friday Nights. It gets me all ready for fall, and the fun stuff that comes with it!
Favorite Song: It is impossible to pick one. Right now I am listening to Countdown to Love, from the Streets of Fire soundtrack
Favorite Movie: Notting Hill
Favorite Sport: If I had to watch one, I'd probably pick basketball
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Day of the week: Friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Pink Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Malted Crunch
Favorite Time of Day: Night


Current Mood: At ease
Current Taste: Peaches & Cottage Cheese
Current Clothes: Jeans with a red shirt
Current Desktop: Disaster area, including but not limited to vitamins, tums, body lotion, camera, stacks of magazines, empty box of milk duds, sunglasses, swim goggles, conditioner, nail polish remover pad...
Current Toenail Color: Purple
Current Time: 4:08 p.m.
Current Surroundings: Bedroom, Coop alseep on my bed, with laundry surrounding him
Current Thoughts: I am so tired, and I wish I could take a nap!


First Best Friend: Allison Bonsall
First Kiss: Alex L.
First Screen Name: Kris T
First Pet: Pepper
First Piercing: my ears, when I was 11 or 12
First Crush: John Stapley
First CD: it was a record, and it was Whitney Houston
First car: Mazda pick up truck


Last Cigarette: I tried them once when I was a sophomore
Last Drink: Milk
Last Car Ride: Just got home from Toys R' Us (got Coop a bike)
Last Kiss: Buffy
Last Movie Seen: The Family Stone
Last Phone Call: Jon
Last CD Played: Streets of Fire


Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Yes
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Who hasn't?
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not yet ;)
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Definitely
Have You Ever Been on TV: I can't remember, but I think so in high school
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha


Thing You're Wearing: Shoes, Bra, Earrings, bracelets, Perfume
Thing You've Done Today: Made oatmeal, laundry, got car washed, bought a bike, fought with kids
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: The A/C, Andy's video game, Buffy singing, the keyboard as I type, Cooper's breathing
Thing You Can't Live Without: Jon, Chloe, Andy, Buffy & Cooper
Thing You Do When You're Bored: Read, Sing, Blog, Cook, Shop & daydream


The Car Wash, The Bayless-Feldman's, Toys R' Us, Julio G's, and home


(and Liz if we lived near each other!)


Black or White: Black
Hot or Cold: Cold


Be completely happy with my life

Let me know some of your stuff now!

Exactly what I needed

This morning has started off rocky. I don't know why my eldest and I have such a hard time with each other, but we do. I adore her, but sometimes, well most of the time, she just makes me sooooo mad. We are too much alike I guess. Anyhow, I came across this, and before I knew it I was sitting here crying. She is growing up, and I have to chill out before I miss it. ANyhow, I am just sad because of my apparent limitations as a mother. I am a work in progress, but I feel like she gets the bad end of the stick always! Sorry to bum you out if I did, but at least you got to hear a great song!


If I ... part 7

If I could, I would do my house like my new header. I love the colors, the graphics, the everything. I have already tried to feel Jon out on the orange, and I think it's a no go. So I have to make do with my blog header. Maybe someday...

Trip from Hell

So we make it to almost the end of our 2 weeks. Things have fianlly calmed down. We go to Disneyland, have fun at the beach, Buffy starts to sit up on her own, takes fabulous naps down on the beach. We have a great time. A few nights before we leave, we head over to my Grandma's Beach House for I think a birthday celebration. What a fun night, hanging out with all my cousins, just like when we were kids. Laughing, joking, playing games... Grandma is ready for the crowd to leave, and our kids are ready for bed, so we plan on moving the party over to our house for some late night card playing. We head out to the car, and it's not there. We start freaking out, no way it got stolen, but we weren't parked illegally, so what else could have happened? After some digging, we realize that someone called it in to be towed, apparently Jon had parked in front of the wrong garage, or something like that. So we have to head off to the impound lot to get it back. By this point I didn't even want it back, I never liked that car much anyway, and we had experienced way too much crap on this trip, but obviously we had to get it. A short hour or so later, and roughly $250 dollars (if memory serves correctly) we got it back. We finish off our trip, Friday night we head over to Grandma's for Award Night/Closing celebration of the reunion. Jon and I get an award for surviving the worst vacation ever, and all of my aunts & uncles & cousins had passed a card around and contributed money. It meant so much to me. I seriously have the best family. So the next day we pack up and head off towards the ball of heat we live in called Phoenix. We are almost home, we have about 2 1/2 hours left, when it suddenly gets very hot in our car. We cant figure out why, but finally realize after many futile attempts, that our a/c is dead. So we got to end our trip from hell, with actually feeling as hot as hell in the middle of the desert. My sister was following again, so we loaded the kids & sitter again, and Jon & Buffy & I suffered. Poor little Buffy was so red when we got home. It was miserable. I was so glad when we got home. The funny thing is everyone thought that for sure we would be turned off of vacations for a while after that, but we realized we had suffered the worst we could, nothing could ever be that bad again, and so far so good! I am keeping my fingers crossed for next week!

Another review: Vomit, followed by a flat tire, stuck in the desert, fixed the tire, high fever, waiting room of the ER, unexpected hotel room, vomit again, seizure, firetruck & ambulance, trip to the Er in ambulance, medicine, seizure again, follow-up appontment, eareache & trip to urgent care in the middle of the night, shot of antibiotics, possible neurological disorder looming ahead, car tune-up, fan belt replacement, car towed, and a/c dies. The end...


Trip from Hell

So a few days go by without incident, Jon and I are relieved. We take Andy to a follow up appointment, and all is well. We start to enjoy ourselves, relax a little, we start to believe that everything that could happen has happened. Wrong again. A few nights later, Chloe wakes up with a horrific earache (now every trip previous to this we had ended up at Hoag Memorial's ER for ear infections, so we just come to expect that, in fact every time we pass it we joke about how our trips have help funded all the new wings of the hospital), this time I know where an urgent care place is, so I take her there instead (a little cheaper, and much faster). A shot of antibiotics and we are on our way. As we are sitting on the beach, Dr. Billy notices all of the cafe-au-lait spots on Andy's back, and very casually starts asking about them. Random questions about if they have been there his whole life, does he get more each year, has my pediatrician ever noticed them or asked about them. AFter his questioning, I finally ask him what it's all about, and he tells me that cafe-au-laits and seizures are a symptom of Neurofibromatosis. I play calm, but inside I am screaming "What the freak is that?" After panicking to Jon, he helps me to realize there is nothing we can do about it on vacation, so to just calm down and enjoy it. So I did. Our car by this time is making a weird noise, nothing major but we decide to take it in for a tune-up anyway, just in case. Some minor things, oh yea and one major thing. We need to replace our fan belt. I am in full on panic mode about money by this time, but obviously we have to fix it, so we can finish our trip and hopefully make it home safely!

Another review: Vomit, followed by a flat tire, stuck in the desert, fixed the tire, high fever, waiting room of the ER, unexpected hotel room, vomit again, seizure, firetruck & ambulance, trip to the Er in ambulance, medicine, seizure again, follow-up appontment, eareache & trip to urgent care in the middle of the night, shot of antibiotics, possible neurological disorder looming ahead, car tune-up, fan belt replacement.

Still more to come. I hope you are all still tuning in and enjoying my little story!


I can't stop laughing

Ok, so I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I think it's hilarious! If you agree, let me know! My favorite one is the lady at the copier!

Trip from Hell

Hmmmmm, so where was I? Oh yea, the hotel in Riverside.

We woke up early Saturday, and made the short trek to Newport. (A good thing that came out of this, we realized how nice it was to get there so quickly on Saturday's, so ever since we have started to drive up on Friday, either to Riverside, or Palm Springs, so we have a shorter drive both days. It makes traveling with the kids so much nicer.) We got there, and my aunt Josephine and her kids were atill at the house, they let us come up early on their time. We found swimsuits, and were off to the beach. Around lunchtime my family started rolling in, John & Jenn with kids, Jimmy & Amber, Katrina (I think she came up with Reed). We went up to make lunch and visit with everyone, when Andy unexpectedly threw up all over himself. No biggie, he got whatever Chloe had we guessed. Jon stuck him in the tub, turned his back to grab the soap, and when he turned back Andy was having some sort of seizure. Yes, you read correctly, a seizure. He started yelling for me, I came in and obviously freaked out, and dialed 911. I was also wondering where my cousin Billy (he's a doctor) was, they were supposed to be here by now, and they weren't. Now many of you have been to the beach house, but many haven't. We are down at almost the end of the peninsula, it is a narrow 2 lane road, with horrible parking down where the house is. Here comes the Fire truck and Ambulance, I think my sister's were at the beach, I can't imagine what they were thinking when they saw it pull up. The EMT's came in and got Andy, and we headed off to the hospital. As we were pulling away, Billy & Jen & girls were pulling up, I yelled at him out my window "Meet us at the hospital." He kicked his family out of the car and followed. In the meantime, Reed is calling my mom & Darla (who are driving from market in LA) to tell her not to freak out if she sees a ambulance, etc... Of course she is thinking someone drowned or something, and is totally panicky. After a few hours at the ER, they come to the conclusion that it was just a Febrile Seizure, load him up with Tylenol and Motrin, and send us on our way. We get home, my mom is home, everyone is back from the beach, and we are sitting around talking, laughing, freaking out about the events of the day. Andy is in and out of sleep on the couch, and it has been a few hours. Billy decides to go take a shower. Jon and I are finally relaxing, hoping that the worst of everything is over, truly I thought it can get worse than this, when here-we-go-again Andy's eyes roll into the back of his head, and he is having another one. Someone runs to get Billy, and he can't get out in time because Jen is ironing his shorts (we still tease him about that to this day, I mean really who irons shorts?), and seriously what was he gonna do, he can't stop it, but we just felt so much calmer in his presence. It subsided after a minute or so, it seemed a whole lot longer, and we realized that all of his medicine had just worn off, so his fever had spiked again very quickly, causing another one. Needless to say, we were at the Beach house for 2 weeks, and I had Andy doped up on Tylenol & Motrin the whole time. I was pretty paranoid. The last seizure was very hard, we were all around to watch it, and this was the summer after dad had died, and it really freaked my mom out. It was just way too close to home for her, for all of us really.

Another review: Vomit, followed by a flat tire, stuck in the desert, fixed the tire, high fever, waiting room of the ER, unexpected hotel room, vomit again, seizure, firetruck & ambulance, trip to the Er in ambulance, medicine, seizure again. Now I know you think this surely has to be the end, but oh no it isn't. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come!

I'm a bad mom

Seriously, I am a bad mom. I did the worst of worst offenses yesterday. Chloe & Buffy got sunburnt. It didn't blister or anything, we were just at the pool a whole lot longer than normal, and I forgot to resunblock. Buffy's lower back got the worst. Last night after we got home from IKEA, I slathered on the aloe vera and sent them off to bed. I am happy to say that the sunburn is gone today, no more red, no more pain. Just one step closer to skin cancer I guess.

sidenote: The trip to IKEA was great, it was Cooper's 1st time in the play area. I love that he is potty trained! Unfortunately Chloe is gigantically tall, so she can't go in anymore, so we never had that prime time when all of our kids could go in. It was still nice anyway.


Trip from Hell

The other night while we were at my Uncle Var's birthday party, my Aunt Karen came in to tell us about some troubles my fav cousin Evelyn (other cousin's out there, don't get your panties in a bunch, Ev is my favorite cross country traveling cousin, which at this moment I don't think anyone else is in that category!) was having moving cross country with her family. It got us all talking, and inevitably the topic of Jon's and my "Vacation from Hell" was brought up. Now some of you reading this may be thinking how bad can it be, it's a vacation. I swear we are not spoiled, we love vacations, look forward to them. I also promise that none of what I write is fabricated. It all truly happened, but so many things happened, that I seriously cannot write it all in one sitting, my hands would fall off, and no one wants to read something that long. So I am going to do it in tidbits over the next few days. I hope you all enjoy, and maybe it will help you appreciate your smooth sailing vacations a little more!

Imagine a sweltering hot Friday afternoon, late in July '01 in Phoenix. We have packed up our car, our 3 kids, our babysitter, and Cami is following in her car, and we are headed for the Beach House. We get as far as about an hour, maybe an hour and a half out of town, when Chloe starts to feel carsick. This is a new phenomena, she had never gotten carsick before this juncture. We pull over, and Jon helps her heave by the side of the road. We get cleaned up, and head off. 10 minutes later, we pull over again and repeat the cycle. We are off again, and this time we think for good, when all of the sudden we hear it, that noise your car makes when you have a flat tire. We pull over again. We sit on the side of the road while Jon tries to undo the spare, that seems to have been superglued to its place. After about a half hour we realize it is not going to budge. We call Doug the Superhero in to come save us, load up the sitter, Chloe & Andy in Cami's car so they can take off, and we sit and wait with baby Buffy in the heat for Doug. He gets there about an hour and a half later, and we take the flat tire, load up in his truck and head off to Quartzsite. We get there around dinnertime, and the place wants to close, but luckily they fix it for us. We go through the drive through for a bite to eat, and I nurse Buffy in the backseat as we head back to our car. We finally get there, Superhero and Jon switch the tire, and we are off. Jon and I are thinking we are kind of lucky because now we get to drive without the whiny kids, and then BAM! the cell phone rings (luckily I might add, because a few hundred feet more and we lost the signal). It's Cami, they are almost to Riverside, Chloe is burning up and feeling miserable. Cami is going to take her to the ER. Jon and I went into hyperdrive. Cami called again a couple hours later and said they wouldn't treat Chloe because Cami wasn' t her mother, so we told her to rent a hotel room, get Chloe some Tylenol & Motrin, and we'd be there in a few hours. Cami did, and we rolled into Riverside around midnight. Chloe's fever was down, everyone was alseep, so Jon and I followed suit.

A little review. Jon and I have now spent money (that was very scarce to begin with) on fixing the tire, and a hotel room we weren't planning on. Stay tuned to see what happens next!


A Few More (from the other camera)

It looks like I caught Jimmy
with his pants down

I just love his back,
plus the city in the background.

Give me a T!

I believe I can fly!

Goofing off

Grandma Ro & Audrey

Some of the gang

So I realized I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep, so I got the rest of the pictures onto the computer. Now I am off to watch Sex & The City, and pray that I don't see the mouse again!

Up on the Mountaintop

Great Group Shot!

This one feels like we
are on a cruise or something
(maybe it's just me)

Super Dad!

Lovey Dovey!

Wish you were here!

I think this is a totally
cool shot I took of Andy

Johnny & Jimmy
being weird

A bunch of monkeys

Monkeys continued...

Me & the Little Mermaid

Crazy Boys

Hi Mom!

Look at the eyes on this girl,
she loved the water.


Cutie Pies

Grandma Ro & Audrey Mae

These are just a few of the almost 200 we took, along with videos. I am so tired, so when I get the videos and the pics off the other camera I will post more. We sure missed Katrina & Cami & Tyler & Toms though...


Katrina Rules!!!

Can I just say how much my sweet sister rocks? Today she saved me, I needed a soda, and she came to my rescue. Then after work she came to hang out, we played around for a bit on the computer, then out of the blue she took my kids in to help them clean their rooms. Like spotless clean, amazing Katrina clean. I am so happy, I just walked in and totally forgot, and it just made me so happy! I love it when she comes over, I always have a good time with her. I am so proud of her, she has had a lot of problems, and is really working hard at overcoming them. I probably don't tell her enough how proud I am of her. But she does know how much I love her. Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Primary Talent Show

These are from the beginning of May, that is how long it has taken me to get it all together. Lots of fun though! Our family act we just barely learned like an hour before the show, so I think we did pretty good for being such procrastinators!

Summer Fun

These are 2 of my nephews that came
and hung out with us, there are fun
videos of them on Cooper & Andy's links!

Just a bunch of things from the last few weeks, thought I would catch you up now that I actually have them all downloaded! Jon got me this camera, and I wasn't very happy about it. I don't like how the pictures look, I just don't like the camera, that is until is was swimming season. The good thing about the camera is it is waterproof, and it does video. SO I love taking it to the pool and getting fun underwater videos and pics!

A visitor, a new crush, and a fabulous dessert!

Last night we had a fabulously fabulous dinner at Cheesecake Factory, followed by the most amazing dessert I've had there. It was there special, a cheesecake with the bottom layer soaked in Vanilla, then Bavarian Cream, with Fresh Sweet Strawberries. I was in heaven, it was so light and delicious, I could have eaten 2! We went out to celebrate Keith's (of this blog fame, and this) b-day, and had a great time talking and laughing the night away! WE came home, and I missed my slot to fall asleep and was wide awake, so I went in to watch movies. The Wedding Date was on, so I watched it, then moved on the The Family Stone (I love this show, it has 2 crushes in it, Luke & Dermot). While watching I realized that I really like it when this guy is on the screen!

What a hunk, in the meantime, I saw this visitor 3 different times. So I was basically frozen in my chair in fear. I truly hate mice, even in the Pet Store they give me the heebiegeebies!
SO we are off to buy mousetraps and Peanut Butter today after our swim lessons. At least Dermot was there to keep me company!


Another Classic!

You have to watch the whole thing, it gets even better at the end!

My new Favorite Show

THis is HBO's new show "Flight of the Conchords," it is awesome! Here is a snippet, enjoy!


Take a gander

Ok, I know I have a ton to write. I am so far behind. I started yesterday, then the internet went down. I only have a second right now, and then we are off to swim lessons, but if you want to see my fun night last night, just head over here. Just a fun video, and yes I love my family!


I survived my 1st day of summer. I made up a schedule for today, and the kids really went with it. Chores were done quickly and happily, I got to sleep in (kind of) with extra bodies around me until almost 8:00. We only had 2 snacks, and at the designated times. We ate lunch at home, we went to the library, ran errands, did arts & crafts, read books, went to swimming lessons. We did it all. I just got back from my presidency meeting, and I am trying to get ready for tomorrow. The schedule is made up, and we have lots of stuff on our plate again. It's good to be busy, they get so ornery when they are bored! Let's hope I can keep this up!

Donuts with Dad (Friday morning)

Buffy's class had there Father's Day celebration, they came and ate donuts and played board games. Buffy was so happy to have daddy there!

Water Day (Thursday)

We started off at the school for Buffy's water day with the primary elementary. It was windy and the water was cold. We weren't there for very long.

THis shot of Cooper jumping is awesome. What a dare devil he is!

Thea, Buffy, Sophie, Amanda, & Ayla

Then we headed over to Jefferson Pool for Chloe & Andy's water day. It was filled with a billion nutso kids. The kids had fun though, Cooper was exhausted and I got to leave early. It was still a long day, and I was glad when it was over!
It was our school's free night to go to the Diamondbacks game. We all met at the school @ 5:30 and we were walking together from there. We were so lucky because the weather was cooperating, the day before it was miserable, but that day had been windy and cool all day long. We made the trek to the ball park, there were a couple hundred of us all together. After we made it to the place to get our tickets, there was some mix up, so we had to wait quite a while. Cooper was being a pill, the kids were hungry, they were ready to get in. It was Redcap night so we all got free Red D-back hats with our tickets, so that was cool. The kids were pretty excited about that. Then when we went in, the kids got vouchers for a free hot dog or corn dog, popcorn, and drink. Way cool (note to all of you, they do this every Wednesday). So we hiked up to the top of the nosebleeds and got situated.
I love Keith in this picture, he is pointing to the game, he was bothered I was disturbing him for the group shot!

When we came a few weeks ago, this guy was in our section on the 1st floor selling concessions. He looks like goatboy, we were dying when we saw him up by us this time. I very casually tried to get a picture of him, but he totally caught me and turned, then I just very nonchalantly tried to act like I was taking a picture of something behind him. It was hilarious.

Cooper was really cranky, and kept saying he didn't feel good. So I told Jon to call Jimmy and see if he would come and pick him & Coop up and take them home. When he called Amber answered and said he wasn't there, Jon asked where he was and she said he had taken Joe to the game. So funny, so Jon called his cell and Jimmy came up to our section to hang out. Cooper miraculously perked up when Joey arrived.

The kids could sign up for a "No Chewing Tobacco" campaign, so they did and they also got a free t-shirt. It was a fun night, and we won to boot! The kids were exhausted, and they got so lucky because we found a rickshaw guy with a 2 seater we could all fit on to ride us back to the school. Such a fun night.

Just a peek (Wednesday afternoon)

This is from Andy's play, he was Merlin. If you want to see more or read about it, click on his link!

Buffy's Graduation (last Tuesday)

Buffy with Ms. Ramirez & Mrs. Easton

Buffy & Vinnie, this was their part
"We learned our continents and
how to tie our shoes."

It was so sweet, they sang a darling song to the tune of New York New York, but it was 1st grade 1st grade. I was so proud of Buffy for not chickening out, she did great. She received a special certificate that says:

Buffy Lara has demonstrated the special character quality of Initiative - Making the 1st move without being asked.

If you want to see more click on the Buffy's link.