Do not use this product! I did, and let me tell you I wish the pictures of my feet and ankles turned out so you could see my freakish self tan! Bull Crap this is for all skin tones, liars!!! Plus they advertise right on the bottle, Fresh Citrus Fragrance, lying sons of burnafrigamothermunbiggins! I almost threw up yesterday the smell made me so nauseous! SO, take it from me, don't try it. -Insert a big long audible disgusted sigh here- I need a tan sooooo bad. Is skin cancer really all that bad? Come on, what's wrong with looking like a leather handbag when you're 45? I dig leather handbags, I pay a lot for them, why wouldn't I want to look like one?


Liz said...

that sucks. you wrote it in a funny wau tho ;-)

onehm said...

You are hilarious! Bummer about the pics...would have loved to see those! And I have to agree, leather handbags are Wonderful!!!! ;)