Andy made it to the rock
without getting wet

Buffy playing in the Creek
(We had only been here for maybe an
hour, and look at how dirty her face is already)

Cooper trying to show me his dirty feet

Buffy's face with marshmallow, dirt,
steak sauce, and who knows what else!

Cooper & Keef
(it's actually Keith, but Coop calls him Keef)

Buffy relaxing

Cooper lovin being out on a big
rock in the creek!

One of the boulders Coop and I
Climbed on our hiking adventure!

Jon helping us back from our adventure,
we went a little too far, and I was
concerned for my camera's welfare,
oh yea, and Cooper's too!

I wonder what she is contemplating here!

We had a great time, no accidents, no injuries, no barfing, no snow, just a little sprinkling. THe kids were so good, they had a blast. No one ever got completely soaked, the closest thing to a crisis was when Andy went on a hike, and they were up on the top of the mountain, and he freaked. I was able to calm him down over a walkie-talkie, and he finished the hike. Cooper and I tried to hike to the caves, and got stuck in the rocks with our friends. I finally yelled for Jon to come find us, I am glad he heard us because we were pretty far. Cooper just kept saying "This is an adventure, huh mom?" All in all a great trip, I can't wait to go again. Once again, we didn't make it to Slide Rock. By the time we got in the car, Cooper and Buffy were already asleep, so we are just going to plan another trip. We'll let you know when in case anyone wants to join us!


onehm said...

Looks like fun! That first picture of Chloe is so great...she looks so cute.

Mimi said...

way fun! seeing it makes me want to have been there!

Julie said...

Cute red headed kids! Lucky.

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