Dwight - Holding Out for a Hero

WE all need something to laugh at on Monday's, so here is some more! (Plus I love this remake by Frou Frou!)

Dwight as Jim

Here's the other part

The Office -- Playing Dwight Schrute is...Jim Halpert?

I missed this Thursday, our DVR wasn't working, I was soooo mad, luckily I found it here. Enjoy



Jon and my mom were watching a movie I really didn't feel like watching, so I played on the computer. I like it, I think it turned out pretty cute!
I am quite upset.

A lot of this is aimed at a few individuals.

Those individuals would be:
  • Jimmy
  • Cami
  • Tyler
Why am I upset with these individuals? Because I realized that they are the people that made me decide to cut Cooper's hair, they gave me constant crap about it. I loved it, and apparently so did everyone else, even him. Every morning since his haircut he has said to me "Mom I miss my yong hair". I am sad.

I would get over it, except I have come to realize (and I am sure my mom and Jon will agree) that all of Cooper's goodness was held in his hair. He has become pure evil in the last few days. Tantrums, yelling, biting, pooping in the backyard (oh I will write more about this one day), just general disagreement.

Oh what I wouldn't give to have just one single strand of Pure Cooper goodness back, I miss that boy, and to finish off in his own words, "I miss my yong hair!"

P.S. Jimmy, Cami & Tyler, I'm sure I'll be over it by the time I see you next (of course I am quite certain tyler could care less!).
Jon and I learned something very important a few years into our marriage. Something that saved us from divorce, this was more vexing than adultery, money, sex, anger, not folding the laundry right, not squeezing the toothpaste right, and a million other things you can probably think of. Now, you might want to get a pen & paper, this is major. Are you ready?

We both have our own blanket or sheet at night.

We started off sharing, and for the 1st few months or maybe even year ( I can't remember, it was too long ago) where you sleep all smudged together because you just can't get enough of each other, it really wasn't a big deal. Then slowly but surely things started to change, I would wake up in the middle of the night, teeth chattering, only to find my sweet husband wrapped in all the cozy warmth of our handmade extra large king size quilt his mom made us (we asked for the extra large size, and she obliged). Other nights it would be the opposite (all though I have to say he was generally the blanket stealer, I would never do something so cruel). We had agreed, or discovered, early on that we were not tuckers, I mean when I was making the bed I liked the tucked in look, but to sleep I like to get all wrapped up, and I generally like one of my feet to be hanging out (I find it helps balance my body's temperature). So one day I used the sheet, and gave him the blanket, oh what a wondrous joyous night's sleep that was, I never once woke up wanting to bring bodily harm to my husband for stealing my covers (now I still wanted to smother him because of his snoring, but that is a whole other story). Don't judge us, we still snuggle, and often (sometimes too often) I will crawl into bed to find Jon under my covers (I know what that means), but then we adjourn to our seperate sheets. It's not as harsh as seperate twin beds or seperate bedrooms, we aren't quite 1950's yet, but I could see the excitement in that too. I just had this conversation the other day with someone, I can't remember who?(if it was one of you, comment so it doesn't drive me nuts), about a couple who had seperate bedrooms, and they liked their weekly trists, it put a little excitement in their lives. Anyhow, I digress, it really is wonderful. I'm telling you people, give it a try if needed.

Oh, and by the way, we each have our own tubes of toothpaste, problem solved! He can squeeze however freaky people that grew up in Tempe might squeeze their toothpaste, but me being a Phoenix girl, I like mine squeezed from all over!

Something cute!

So cute, but I am no where near
talented enough to make it!
If you are, and want to know how,
just click here!


Man & Woman

If you're a woman click on the
picture to see the detail!

Ok, I found this on someone else's blog and just about died. Way too funny, possibly because it is so true!


It started out as a normal day. The kids went off to school, and Cooper and I snuggled on the couch and watched Noggin. I finally decided it was time to get moving, with a list of things to accomplish today...
  • Target
  • Scrapbook Store
  • Bank
  • Lunch
  • Grocery Store
  • Post Office
  • Work at our house
  • Take pictures for the yearbook
  • Get shout-outs for the yearbook finished
  • Haircut for Cooper
  • Pick kids up from school
Then this happened...
What is it about my rear end, that is just screaming for people to smack into it? So, almost 2 hours later we are done with this, and move on to this...

Now I know what a few of you may be thinking, didn't she have that for lunch on Monday? Yes I did, but I think being rear ended warrants In-n-Out twice in one week, so I don't want to hear any nasty comments about this, got it?!? Then we were off to do this...

We waited for another hour and a half to get his haircut, and I wasn't crazy about the lady. It's not how I wanted it to be, but it still looks cute. It is just way shorter than what I had envisioned. What a day.

You wish ...

Check out all the bruises
& bugbites on his legs!

Don't you wish you were as cool as Cooper? Seriously, no one is cooler than he is! You've got to love him, and his sense of style. I just can't get enough of him!



I used a template for the 1st time, yahoo! Anyhow, just wanted to show it off!

Andy made it to the rock
without getting wet

Buffy playing in the Creek
(We had only been here for maybe an
hour, and look at how dirty her face is already)

Cooper trying to show me his dirty feet

Buffy's face with marshmallow, dirt,
steak sauce, and who knows what else!

Cooper & Keef
(it's actually Keith, but Coop calls him Keef)

Buffy relaxing

Cooper lovin being out on a big
rock in the creek!

One of the boulders Coop and I
Climbed on our hiking adventure!

Jon helping us back from our adventure,
we went a little too far, and I was
concerned for my camera's welfare,
oh yea, and Cooper's too!

I wonder what she is contemplating here!

We had a great time, no accidents, no injuries, no barfing, no snow, just a little sprinkling. THe kids were so good, they had a blast. No one ever got completely soaked, the closest thing to a crisis was when Andy went on a hike, and they were up on the top of the mountain, and he freaked. I was able to calm him down over a walkie-talkie, and he finished the hike. Cooper and I tried to hike to the caves, and got stuck in the rocks with our friends. I finally yelled for Jon to come find us, I am glad he heard us because we were pretty far. Cooper just kept saying "This is an adventure, huh mom?" All in all a great trip, I can't wait to go again. Once again, we didn't make it to Slide Rock. By the time we got in the car, Cooper and Buffy were already asleep, so we are just going to plan another trip. We'll let you know when in case anyone wants to join us!


Please let this be our weekend!

Not this, or...

Ok, so apparently mother nature may have some fun in store for our camping trip this weekend. I hear that it is possible that Flagstaff might get snow this weekend, which is not that far from Sedona, plus we are expecting wind and rain, so who knows what we have coming! ALl I have to say is Bring it on Mother Nature, we are ready for you, we are going to have a good time if it kills us. You ain't gonna bring us down, oh-no! (I totally did my whole attitude head shaking thing with that!) Wish us luck!


I love payless! I picked up these fun shoes today, plus a pair of the skull one-s for Chloe. I love Bogo, I am a happy girl! You can kind of see my freakish tan in the 2nd & 3rd picture, hope it doesn't gross you out. I really hope no freak with a foot fetish logs on, or I'm in trouble!



Do not use this product! I did, and let me tell you I wish the pictures of my feet and ankles turned out so you could see my freakish self tan! Bull Crap this is for all skin tones, liars!!! Plus they advertise right on the bottle, Fresh Citrus Fragrance, lying sons of burnafrigamothermunbiggins! I almost threw up yesterday the smell made me so nauseous! SO, take it from me, don't try it. -Insert a big long audible disgusted sigh here- I need a tan sooooo bad. Is skin cancer really all that bad? Come on, what's wrong with looking like a leather handbag when you're 45? I dig leather handbags, I pay a lot for them, why wouldn't I want to look like one?

Just because...

I am diggin my ponytail today, I generally wear it down at the nape of my neck (just so you know I said that all sophisticated like in my head), or it is just a mess pulled back because I didn't bother doing anything to my hair. Today it went up because I didn't feel like washing it, but because I had straightened it yesterday, it looks pretty cute. I like the whole cheerleader vibe I've got going on with it being high on my head, and I'm even sporting a bow, you gotta love it! Every time I walk past a mirror today, it has caught my eye, swinging away like it's the star of a hair commercial. Anyhow, just wanted to share the joy!

Rags to Riches

I heard the song this came from, I loved this show! DO any of you remember this? I could not believe I found it on YouTube!

Chloe, Buffy, Chloe,
Cooper & Andy outside
of Mac Alpines

They loved the jukebox

Hangin out at the counter

Enjoying their Old Fashioned
Milkshakes & Root Beer Floats

Cooper chuggin his Chocolate Shake

Declan with his Cherry Syrup Sprite

Chloe & Buffy

The Gang at the counter

When there is a chair just
sitting outside, I've got to
take advantage of it.
Doesn't Coop look thrilled?

It was a 1/2 day, so we went to lunch at this place I have been dying to go for like months. It is called MacAlpines, right on 7th St just north of McDowell. It has the original Soda Fountain, and it has a cool little antique store, it's a way cute place. We went with my most favorite friend in the world, Dorothy, and her darling kids. They had a blast, but Cooper definitely gave me a run for my money. Anyhow, Dorothy said she felt like she was on vacation with me and my big ol' camera taking pictures of everything. I'm a nerd, I know, but oh well! The coolest thing is I heard a song I haven't heard in years, and it totally reminds me of my sisters, we used to sing it all the time. More to follow in the next post!

So my blogging may be slim for the next few days, I am busily getting ready for our Family Campout. I am so excited, the kids are going to have a blast, and we have a great group of people from the ward going. I am looking forward to putting the kids to bed, and being able to talk around the campfire for as long as we want, because we don't have to rush home for the sitter! We are hoping to try to make it to Slide Rock, and I am sure there will be many adventures and catastrophes to blog about when we get back. Then when we get back on Saturday, my brothers kids are coming over for a sleep-over, and our awesome neighbors are having us over for Movie Night in there new theater room, so I will have my hands full. It is going to be a fun filled weekend. Now I just need to get ready! Does anyone out there have any amazing suggestions for dinner the night we are camping? I'm sure we'll end up just doing steaks and baked potatoes, but I am up for any suggestions! Have a great weekend!


Happy morning

Even though Cooper woke up at 2:30 last night, and continued to have the throw-ups until almost 6:00 this morning, which meant no sleep at all for me because in between each trip to the bathroom I would jump at every noise or move he would make, ready with the trash can to follow him into the bathroom. I am happy because this morning, well almost this afternoon ( we had a late start getting going this morning), after I took my shower I was able to put in new CONTACTS!Yes, my eyes are already a little dry, but i get to wear these new babies I went and bought last night. I love contacts Kristy!


EQ Activity

We had our 1st Elder's Quorum activity on Friday. Being the president's wife, this put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. They were having a Pine Wood Derby Race, and dinner. SO Friday was a long day of cooking and setting up. We pulled it off great, I was just extremely exhausted by the end of the night, which our end was about 11:30.

The Menu
  • BBQ Pull-Pork sandwiches
  • Jello Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • BBQ Beans
  • Chips (brought by someone else)
  • Fruit (brought by someone else)
  • Veggies
  • Brownies
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Cookies (brought by someone else)
  • Texas Sheetcake (brought by someone else)
As you can see I was very busy, but everyone loved the food and had a great time. The party was a success. My brother lent me all of Joe's hot wheels so I used them for the centerpieces, it was really cute. Jon thought I was nuts, he kept saying "It's just an Elder's Quorum Party," and I kept reminding him that it had my name on it, so it had to be done decently.