Coop's eats

Today I came out of my bedroom after putting Izzy to sleep, to find you making yourself a "turkey sandwich." I don't know where you came up with a turkey sandwich, we never have turkey, we're ham people. But even still it was just a bunch of tomatoes on bread, you had also gotten the leftover homemade whip cream out (I think you mistook it for mayo). I put a little mayo on, pulled out the ham, and you had a blast cutting your tomatoes up and watching the guts squirt out. There's never a dull moment when you're around!


The Black Stallion

Seriously, probably the coolest pinewood derby car ever. I am way proud of Jon and Andy. First off, Andy probably did more than most boys do on their cars. It seems like so often it is the dads doing, but Jon and I weren't going to let that happen. Andy drew the design himself, Jon cut it out, then Andy sanded it, nice and smooth. Andy picked the color, he wanted flames, but we never got it over to Jimmy to do that, but I think it looks pretty cool like this. I am way proud of Jon for working so hard on this, and for letting Andy have such a huge part in it. Babe, you are the best! I hope he wins, but we have been making a point to make sure he knows it about having fun, not winning. But I still secretly hope he wins, he deserves to have something good like this happen to him! I love my boy. Can't wait til tonight!


Fish heads!

Jon playing with the fish head,
he had a blast freaking the kids out!

Jimmy frenching the fish head,

Buffy tried it, and liked it!

Andy tried it...

Look at his face, and you tell
me if you think he liked it, NO!

Cooper tried it...

Chewing it over...

Hey Mikey, he likes it!

Chloe didn't mind it, but didn't eat anymore than her courtesy bite. It was fun cooking it up though, I was very proud of myself with this whole fish thing! Can't wait to go again!


Buffy is a little too much
"Children of the corn" for me,
but still a cute picture!

I love Cooper in this picture,
he is so excited to be playing in the rain!


Yesterday I let them play in the rain for a few minutes, then they got too cold. So we came in and I made yummy hot chocolate with whip cream for a snack. Buffy and I were just playing salon, she was doing my hair, and afterwards she looked at me and said the sweetest thing ever. She told me "I'm so happy you are mine, my best mommy ever!" It doesn't get any better than that!

Failure wins again!



I hate trying something new, and not being able to do it. My aunt gave me this recipe, told me it was super easy, so I thought I would give it a try. Needless to say, I don't feel like it was a successful try. The top ones aren't so bad, but the bottom ones. YIKES!

Before (these are the kids ones)


I hate how this makes me feel. I am a loser, not the perfect mormon housewife I should be. I can't make frickin cinnamon twists, let alone cinnamon rolls. I don't make bread, I can't sew, even though I have tried. How can something so miniscule make me feel so worthless? My mom says I am being way too hard on myself, she said just try again and it will work better. Practice makes perfect. I guess I don't want to try and fail again, who knows, we'll see I guess. They tasted good, the kids loved them, but they weren't the same texture as my aunt's, but oh well. At least they were edible, at least the 1st batch!

I don't think anyone can even comprehend how excited I am that Jon comes home in a few short hours! I don't think anyone can comprehend how excited Cooper is that Jon comes home in a few short hours!

The rain has killed us, we were doing good considering it was the 2nd week of Spring Break, and we were out of money. Then came the rain, and the kids couldn't go outside, we were all stuck in the house, with a tired mommy who was dealing with a sick Chloe.

It was not going to happen again today, we went to our favorite place for lunch (even though we probably shouldn't have), but it has been such a beautiful day. We sat outside and enjoyed our fabulous Cheeseburgers. Cooper fell asleep on the way home, and is still sleeping, YEA, and Andy just left for a play date at his friend's house. I am way excited, now as long as the girls can just get along, I may just survive until we leave to go get Jon!


May 25th, here we come!

Get your sitters now, we aren't missing this!


Ok, I didn't have a chance earlier to elaborate, so now that I have showered(I realized I had fish blood on my clothes), and have everyone except for Cooper asleep, I will go into a few more details.

We left at 9:30 and headed up to Blockbuster, which doesn't open until 10:00, no biggie, the kids can watch Veggie Tales for the millionth time. We then go to McDonald's for a nice healthy breakfast of Sausage Egg McMuffins and Hash browns, or a cinnamon roll. We eat in the car, as I am pulling out, the girls have to go potty. So back to McD's for a potty break. Now we are off, but one more stop at a gas station.

About 20 miles before the Sedona turnoff, I question myself, becuase I have yet to see a sign for Sedona. I get off and head to a gas station, they tell me it's 5 exits away. Back on the freeway, we get into Oak Creek, and there is major construction, which means major traffic. The kids can't understand why they can't play on the side of the road since the cars aren't actually moving. Finally we go, all the way through Oak Creek, on into Sedona. After passing Telaquepaque, I start questioning myself again, because now there are no signs for Slide Rock. I pull over to a tourist station, he proceeds to give me directions, which after I follow to the end of Sedona, I realize are wrong directions. The kids are getting ancy, I promise them we are almost there. I am crying inside, wondering why on the earth I even try to do things like this. We are finally on the right track. now the kids are hungry. The only place is Dairy Queen, we eat (blah), go potty, and head back out on the road.

All this time we see all of these areas to pull over, but it says you have to have a Red Rock Pass to park. Where the h#&% do you get a Red Rock Pass, I ask myself? I find a place on the side of the road, I collect all my change and use 2 of my 3 dollars, and purchase one. Then we drive onward to Slide Rock. It was like arriving at Wally World, only instead of being closed, we needed $8 to park. $8 frickin dollars, 7 more than I had. So back to Dairy Queen where I remember seeing am ATM. The ATM is out of cash, seriously, who else does this stuff happen to? It is also very cold and windy, and my kids were dressed for Phoenix weather, I just told them to grin and bear it, there was no way I was going to find a place to buy sweatshirts that they would never wear again!

I have to also say that I have been bombarded with "1,2,3, THANK YOU MOM!" about 3 or 4 times already, (I think they sensed my crying up front, although I was doing my best not to let them see), only to be followed by Andy getting mad because the girls said "Thank you" and not "TY" (he is very into texting right now, thanks to VMK - another story for another time).
I pull over and park in one of the Red Rock Pass zones, only to realize that I can't do the hike down alone with just me and the kids. I was just too nervous. Then we found the Trout Farm, and a few other cool areas, and things started looking up from there.

So there is my day, some of you may think I am insane for even trying, but it was fun. I am pretty sure the kids will remember it that way also!

P.S. It was also fun reliving memories past of Slide Rock with Uncle John, the summer G&G Messana rented that house above the creek, and the numerous Family Outings at Chavez Crossing. I am so excited for the one coming up next month!

Just a cool tree I thought

Photoshopped this one

These are both natural, no
photoshop enhancement. I love how
they turned out!

This is some random house in Oak Creek
Canyon, I had to take a picture of it
or no one would have believed me!

Spring break

We took a trip to Sedona today. We had a few setbacks, a few bad directions, not enough cash to actually get into Slide Rock, the place we were going to,and never actually got close enough to the creek to get wet, but all-in-all had a fun day, found some fun trails, and a Rainbow Trout Farm where the kids all caught a fish. On the way home we swung over to Camp Verde to check out Montezuma's Castle. I am exhausted and glad to be home. We got home in the nick of time too, Chloe started throwing up 5 minutes after we got home. So we all know what i am going to be dealing with for the next few days! I can't wait til Jon gets home!


Guess who?

It's so obvious who this is, but I am curious as to whether you can tell or not! Leave me a comment!
I am finished with the taxes for the Western Acres. This is my 5th year, and it never gets easier. I am so scared of doing something wrong, and going to jail for some stupid clerical error. Anyhow, I think I am safe again! I am a happy lady right now!

Now I have to get started on my taxes :(


Sweet Valley High

Seriously, these were some of my favorite books. I was at the library witht the kids today, and they don't have any, so I went on to e-bay. I think these will be my 1st e-bay purchase, I am also looking at a nice lot of 61 SVH books. Chloe is so going to love these!

P.S. If anyone has any that they don't want hanging around anymore, please pass them on!


I had a billion pictures that I took, so I picked a few and made some quick scrapbook
pages just to be able to make it easier than loading each single one!

On Friday we went to Amazing Jake's, they were having a wristband special, so I went for it. We got there at about ten to eleven. We ate lunch, then off to the rides which were unlimited. At about 2:00 we stopped for a snack break, then headed back out again. If we had not had plans already to go out to dinner last night, we would have stayed through dinner also. I was bummed because Chloe and Andy only did the Go-Karts once, and Laser Tag once. No one gt to do the rock wall, we just ran out of time. Buffy did the teacups probably 20 times, along with the Frog Hopper. Cooper loved the train and teacups, but really loved playing the games. 5 hours later, with an ice cream cone to go we left for home. All-in-all a very fun day! Just one more week of Spring break, I hope I make it!


I guess I am still reminiscing about Spring's past, probably 1987 maybe 1988, at least that is when this particular song that goes with this memory was popular. There was some regional YM/YW thing at Big Surf, we met out at the Stake Center (Ghetto), and then loaded into cars to head to Tempe. I got lucky, I was in the van, the main people I remember was Brian, Johnny, and David Calhoun. Johnny had his INXS tape in the cassette player. "Never tear us apart" came on, I was sitting on the loveseat with Brian (if memory serves correctly) and everyone was singing/screaming over the blaring music. Brian was doing air guitar, it was a blast. We hadn't even made it to Big Surf yet, and I had already had a great time. Anyhow, good times, good times!

P.S. There is another song from around that same time, I heard it the first time when I was with Erica. I was positive it was Erasure, but have had no luck in recent years of finding it. It had something to do with dancing across the nation. If anyone has any clue what I am talking about, please let me know. I would love to have that song now!


Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock 'n roll!

The kids with there cool shoes

The best part for them was the snacks,
I forgot to get a picture of the empty nacho plate

Chloe getting a strike on Buffy's name,
love her face!

Cheesin for the camera


Andy's spare

Andy excited after getting his spare

Watching his ball like a hawk

What a stance this girl has!

Let's score!

I love bowling!

Cheering his ball on!

Carrying his ball, I was so scared he was gonna drop it

I thought we would have a fun day of bowling, it's hump day, we needed something to get us through the rest of the week. I figured we;d be in an out under $25.oo. Who knew how expensive bowling was? $60 later, and the best part for them all was the snacks. Next time we'll just come and get nachos and popcorn and watch the other bowlers. The scores are pretty funny, hope you get a kick out of them!
  • Andy 81
  • Cooper 75
  • Buffy 83
  • Chloe 78
  • Mom 86
Not too good on my part, and we didn't get to finish the 2nd game. I got 3 strikes, Andy get 3 spares, Chloe got a strike, Cooper got a spare. We had a good time, I will just take out a home equity loan before our next round!