My brother just emailed me these photos. Apparently this is what happens when a pit bull picks a fight with a porcupine. Just had to share it, can't decide if it is funny or sad. Maybe a little of both!


Should I take offense?

So we have been here at my mom's for about 2 weeks now, and I think my kids officially love my mom more. Andy was crying this morning because he misses her so much(she is currently in Las Vegas), what am I , chopped liver? Now he is more concerned with calling her to say goodnight, than to say goodnight to me. I mean of course Grandma's are so much more fun than moms, but come one, cut me some slack, I'm a pretty fun mom. Just thought it was pretty funny, and sad at the same time. They are never going to want to leave this house.

The Spinto Band - Brown Boxes

Cool video, groovy song!

Ok, Jon needs your entries for his blog. Let's go people, I know you can do it. I am anxious to see other people's shots. E-mail them to me if you don't know where to send them to!


Hated it. Looks like a bunch of
grapes on her dress.

Loved her hair, she is so
fabulous anyway, but great hair!

I loved the top of this dress,
I love the decorated decolletage.
The color is beautiful too,
absolutley gorgeous all around!

Hate this, love the color,
lover her, but I guess it's the
bustier part that just gets me.
Blah, so blah!

Undecided, but amazing color on her
and what a body. Beautiful!

Not the dress, as much as the whole
collar thing on top. Loved it, when she
came out to present I couldn't
stop talking about it. I wish the picture
wasn't so fuzzy!

Who wouldn't want to be her, the
dress isn't as dressy as I would like for the Oscars,
but boy can she work it. Amazing body, amazing
color, definitely 2 thumbs up! I'm
sure JT loved this outfit!

P.S. I can't figure out why sometimes the pictures come out fuzzy, it just ticks me off. if anyone out there knows how to prevent, please fill me in!
Some of you may have no clue how I am feeling right now when I say how totally elated I am that I have a washer and dryer down the hall from my bedroom. If you have never had to go to a laundromat, or the laundry room of an apartment complex, or walk the length of your backyard every time you have to do laundry, then you just don't get it. I started laundry at 7:00 this morning, I didn't have to get bundled up, put my shoes on, to walk across the cold backyard. I was in my pajamas, and I was so happy. My girls were so excited, my sister overheard them talking the day we moved in, and Buffy was telling Chloe "Look how close the washer is now." (They do their own laundry, that is why it is also so great to them.) I'm not saying it makes me happy to do the laundry, but it is oh so much better now. I hope I never have to go back to an outside laundry room, ever!



These are the goodies from the party. Cupcakes, strawberry shortcake, and fruit tarts. THey turned out so pretty I just had to take a picture of them. The fruit tarts are my favorite. My mom gave me crap about doing too much, I was so happy when I was able to show her only 3 cupcakes, and a sliver of Lemon cake were left. HA! I didn't over do it! The cupcakes even poofed up like you see on tv, mine always came out flat, thanks to Holly(sister-in-law) I realized I just wasn't filling them up high enough. Yahoo, cute cupcakes!
It seems like days like this happen to me a lot. It has been a hard week, I have not had a night yet, that was not interrupted by a child hacking away in the other room, followed by breathing treatments, medicine, then the child getting a second wind just as I am about to collapse. Then we had no school Monday, but with rainy weather and sick kids we spent the day in the house. Tuesday was Buffy's birthday, and all the craziness that ensues. Wednesday I had a cold myself, plus Izzy and Joe (my sister-in-law had her baby the night before), luckily my sweet husband came home to help me, because I feared I was going to pass out on all these munchkins. Thursday was the worst of it for me, but the girls were both better, so I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, just in time to get ready for Buffy's party tonight. Late last night Cooper started hacking, he didn't sleep well, and is still coughing today. I still have to accomplish everything for tonight, so I set out to the grocery store (in the rain) with a sick babe in tow, we get our stuff, head home and he falls asleep. This is good because it allows me to make the cupcakes without his interference. I go to wash the bowls, and there is no water, anywhere in the house. I call TC(neighbor) and he tells me about the letter they received yesterday about the water being turned off today from 10:00 until 2 or 3. I want to cry, Cooper is now awake, the dishes aren't done, I still have stuff to make for tonight, and I still need to make it to the store. Sometimes I think the universe is against me, although it is nice and sunny outside now, please stay that way so we can still have the party outside. If that happens, then I will know the universe does not have a personal vendetta against me, I just happen to have pretty crummy luck. I'm sure Katrina would just tell me to think positively, if I believe it will happen (she is reading that new book "The Secret"), so if all of you out there could just believe a little for me, I would really appreciate it!


No more Newport :(

Just wanted to write a little tribute to one of my guilty pleasures, The OC. Our relationship started off a little rocky, but we made it through. Memories of the Ryan-Marissa-Luke love triangle, the Sandy-Kirsten-Jimmy Cooper fiasco, Julie Cooper with Luke, Ryan always fighting, Seth bumbling, Summer & Seth, I hated the whole Trey season, hated Taylor which has turned into loving Taylor, hated Kaitlyn, now she's not so bad since everything with Bullet, I couldn't believe they killed off Marissa, but was kind of glad because the whole Ryan and Marissa thing was getting really old. Che this season is an idiot, but I dealt with it. I hated it when Caleb died, glad Sandy turned into good Sandy again, Kirsten being an alcoholic, her evil recovery buddy, Jimmy Cooper ticked me off (makes me really not like Tate Donovan). The music always brought me back, great stuff every week. The fashion, the purses ;), the drama. So trashy I know, but so worth it. You will be missed, I am sorry I won't be able to see the new Cohen baby grow up (i'm sure it would have been a darling girl, Courtney or Chloe or Madison perhaps?). We'll miss you, and thanks for mentioning the Crab Cooker in one of the episodes, that really made it feel like Newport to me!


I couldn't wait to see it,
the most exciting part of life.
As I sat in the delivery room,
on a chair beside my wife.
Then at last it happened,
starting with the head.
My little girl was coming out,
nice and sweet and red.
I never will forget that day,
when I held her oh so near.
The happiest moment of my life,
When I held my "Audrey" dear.

My dad wrote that poem about me, but I changed a few phrases to make it fit for you sweet girl. We are so happy you are here! Sweet little Audrey May


Happy Birthday

Today is my Buffy's birthday. When I think about 6 years ago, all I can think of is how badly we needed something good and happy. In the year leading to Buffy's arrival, I had a miscarriage. my dad died, Jon's dad died, my sister-in-law had a miscarriage, we had to put Pepper to sleep, I had to learn how to survive without my dad, I had to keep my family from falling apart after everything... It was a rainy day, and they induced me because she just didn't want to come. Labor wasn't too hard or long, just about 9 hours. I remember having a picture of my dad in the room that I could focus on, and all I could think of was him and my father-in-law being with her in heaven, I knew they were there and were gonna send her off to me. I couldn't hold her fast enough, I was hoping for a glimmer of what she had felt just before she was born, hoping I could feel his spirit still with her. She was so perfect, and always was. The best, most beautiful baby in the world. She was always happy, and still is. I couldn't think of a better girl to fill our void, she definitely brought happiness back to our lives. My sweet Elizabeth Ann. I hope she knows how important that was to me someday, that she will be able to fully grasp how badly I needed her in my life right then.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with her, it was very soon after my miscarriage, so I decided we weren't going to tell anyone, since they had given me enough grief the 1st time about having a 3rd child. My mom, dad & sisters had gone to California for the weekend, and the night they got back we went over to mom & dad's house. The moment I saw him, I told him. I couldn't keep something like this from him. He was so excited, he always made me feel so good about my decision to become a mother. I never doubted myself when he was around me, and when other people questioned my ability, or made comments about my children's sometimes rowdy, irreverent behavior, he always stood up for me.

Anyhow, Buffy is such a huge blessing in my life. I couldn't imagine my life without my Stinkerbell. She brings joy to me everyday, adn I can't imagine that ever changing. So Happy Birthday my Sweet 6 year old!


Check it out!

Ok people, I need you to go to Jon's blog, there is a handy little link right next to this post. Take part in his photo contest! Can't wait to see your pics!


Cooper is at that age, that age of doing everything himself. Part of me loves it, part of me dreads it. :) or :( below

:) He can buckle himself into his carseat

:( Sometimes he just can't get it, then I have to get out of the car to buckle him, and generally this happens when we are running late

:) He loves to pick out his own clothes, and get himself dressed

:( Generally only does this on days that I need him to actually have matching clothes on, and his clothes not to be on backwards

:) He feeds himself

:( He is constantly in the kitchen and fridge, getting food and snacks whenever he feeels like, often without asking first

:) He likes to unload the silverware from the dishwasher

:( The silverware is scattered in the drawer, he usually makes it into the right slots, but they are sideways, upside down, turned over...

:) He brushes his own teeth

:( Then proceeds to play in the bathroom, in the water, most often soaking his outfit, or at least his sleeves, which is enough for him to have to change all over again

Then there are mornings like this morning, we are in no rush, we aren't going anywhere, so he can do it all himself. I wish I had our video camera to have recorded him this morning, picking out his clothes, putting them on, buttoning his coat (a little cock-eyed), putting his socks on (very crookedly), then his shoes. He pulls the velcro out, puts his foot in, then stands up on his bed to stomp his foot all the way in. He sits back down(and this is where the real work comes in) he puts the velcro back through the slots, he falls off of his bed twice in the meantime because he is leaning so far to the right to see what he is doing. I just stood by the door for 15 minutes watching this episode of his life take place. His shoes ended up on the wrong feet, but he doesn't care. He did it himself, I could see the pride in his eyes when he looked up and saw me when he was done. I adore this boy, this is what being a mother is all about.


Sometimes I wonder what people think when they see Jimmy and I together with Coop & Joe. We go to the mall, to lunch, to stores, to the park, to the zoo... It's quite obvious we are not a couple, but the way Jimmy acts, especially towards Cooper, might be very hard to interpret. I am glad he doesn't have a job, and we can hang out during the days. Today was great, I needed to go to the mall, so I talked Jimmy into going and watching Cooper at the play area so I could actually get some shopping done. While we were sitting there I couldn't halp but wonder what all those other preppy moms were thinking when they saw us.



Just a few things overheard in my home today...

Chloe - You're the worst mom in the world!

Cooper - Mom, I blessed you in your shirt. (That means he sneezed in my shirt)

Chloe - Mom, I don't care if my hair looks dumb.

Buffy - Just a constant whine...

Cooper - Mom, I'm ready to go to ours house.

Buffy - I can't go to sleep

Chloe - I love you mom

Andy - Do I have to wash my hair?

Cooper - Mom, find me. (He was hiding in the fridge)

Cooper - Yuv You! (Hundreds of times)

Chloe - Can you believe how clean we've kept our room? (I quickly reminded her they have only been her for less than 24 hours)

Cooper - These are action fingers (apparently something from Shane & David)


Happy Valentine's Day


I had a total flashback tonight when I heard a song that I have not heard in years. Do you remember "Love of a lifetime"? Oh my gosh I remember that song from the church dances, it would start and you would just pray that you had someone to dance with. Every time I would wonder is this my love of a lifetime (usually it was just my love of that nighttime!)? Anyhow, it just made me feel so nostalgic for that feeling, that unknown of where my life was going to take me. Those butterflies I would get everytime there was someone new. I know there are so many people out there who hated that part of their lives, but I relished it. I have very few regrets, and I am proud of that. I lived a lot in my short time, yes there are some things I would do differently, knowing what I know now, but I am still way grateful for my experiences! I can think of only 4 major things or persons that I regret, that's pretty good, given my history! I just thought how funny it was that I would hear that song on Valentine's Day Eve, and then I got to drive home to my love of a lifetime.
Ok, we bought a bed and set it up at mom's. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will be sleeping here. The kids are so excited, Cooper has been ready for days. He is not going to be happy when he realizes we are not staying tonight. Oh well, life's tough kid, get used to it!


I did it!

I guess I must work well under pressure, I got it all done, and then some! Here's a smidge of things I accomplished today:

* 6 loads of laundry -washed and folded, yet to be put away :(

* 1099's for me and Bob, calculated, typed up, and ready to go

* Trip to Costco

* Trip to Safeway

* Trip to Dorothy's

* Front room cleaned

* Office cleaned

* Kitchen cleaned -semi (didn't mop or anything, but it was respectable!)

* Made dinner for family and missionaries

* Payed bills for trailer parks

And the list goes on... I am glad today is over, but so happy I got it all done. Now I need to go face the piles of folded laundry on my bed that I forgot to have the kids put away before they went to bed. Maybe I'll just sleep on the couch tonight, who knows!?!

Slow starting

I have more on my plate, as usual for today. I knew it last night, and yet it didn't help me to get kick started and maybe try to accomplish some things last night. I knew this morning, and yet I still laid back down on the couch so Cooper could sit in the special spot while he watched his cartoons, letting me drift in and out of conciousness for an hour. I took my shower, but relished in the warm water for a little longer than usual, why am I avoiding it? It is going to be horrendous, more to do than any one person could possibly accomplish, and yet I have to because we have people coming over for dinner tonight, and we are hoping to move out tomorrow or Wednesday, and Bob is coming to pick up his 1099 from me tomorrow, so it has to be done. I have no choice, plus I am wearing my last pair of clean underwear, and I am pretty sure Jon is in the same situation. I wish I had a time machine, I would just slow today down a little. I am not ready for it. Cooper was asking me why I was getting dressed, and putting my shoes on. He said "Where to are we going?" I just explained that I was getting ready to face my day head-on, he looked at me like I was insane. Does he know something I don't? Now I am wasting time on the computer, yea I know, I am putting it off. So anyone out there reading, don't bug me today, I don't need the distractions! :)


This has been my kind of weekend. Last night we had a great dinner at Pino's for my mom's birthday. We surprised her, and had a great time as usual. We were also the noisiest group at the restaurant, even though we were the only sober ones. Then we headed back to her house for cake and ice cream, and a friendly little competition on the Wii. Great night, everyone laughing and yelling, hopefully my mom enjoyed it as much as all of her kids. Today I was going crazy trying to get everything ready for church tomorrow, plus the usual house stuff, and we had an activity at the church tonight. it was called the Black and White ball, basically a family dance, and it was really fun. Not a very good turnout, but the kids had fun and I guess that's what matters. Now we are home, and my house is full of men playing video games.

It's great, it reminds me of old times. I always had more guy friends (actual friends, not ones I made out with, even though there were many of those also) than girl friends. During high school I had my crowd, than I hung out with my brother and his friends. Even though there were way too many times they treated me like the little sister, most of the time they were cool. I can only recall being brought to tears by them once(and it was really only by one certain person who will remain nameless). Those guys always had fun watching me look for new conquests at the dances, they would tease me mercilessly, but secretly I thing they were jealous ;)

Then I met Jon, and everything changed. But even then I was always with the guys, now they were my fiance's and then husband's single friends. I loved our apartment on Longmore in Mesa, I loved coming home from work at MCI and having a house full of men. Namely Dale and Mike, but there were a few others we would throw in the mix sometimes. I loved our midnight movies on Mill, hanging out and playing video games at our place. I remember our 1st Christmas, and I had to buy a present for Mike and Dale, because I just felt like they were part of our family. I'm sure they thought I was so weird just like Jon did when I purchased them. When I got pregnant, I was so sad and happy at the same time, I knew I was so ready for a baby, but I also knew it was the end of that life. I remember them coming to visit me after I had Chloe at my parents house, it made me feel so good. I loved those guys. I was so happy that they both ended up with way cool chickies that I got along with. Over the holidays I was lucky to have one of those nights again, when Mike and Liz were in town. I loved it.

Then the X-box came into our lives, and we would have huge halo parties. Our little house crammed full, 4 x-boxes, and usually 12 guys. In the kitchen, the office, the living room, everywhere. So much fun, the yelling, the name calling, the late night pizzas, the kids stumbling out when it would get a little too loud, me just being one of the guys.

There are also our random movie nights, with my brothers and Brian. I am looking forward to the next Jacka$$ movie, because those are the only movies we watch together, except Old School in the theater(which totally rocked).

So now I am on the computer, listening to Jon, Nick and Keith laughing and playing in the other room. I wish my house was a little cleaner, but it's not like they care. This is just the kind of night I love. Nothing better than Guys Night!


This picture has nothing to do with this post,
but I love it, and it has Trina in it. So there's my reasoning!

If I had the money, I would hire my sister Katrina, to do whatever. She deserves it, and I love having her around. She could just be my assistant, and we would laugh all day long, and go and get Chicken Strips with Gravy from Whataburger for lunch, or a sub from McGurkee's. She could organize my make-up drawer, adn closets, clean my kids rooms, etc...

P.S. I had fun hangin' with you in the parking lot of Office Max today, much better than sitting there alone eating my cheeseburger while Coop is snoozing in the back :)


Wednesday Night's Best

Ok, I'm sure by now most of you have figured out that I love tv. I have way too many shows that I love to watch. I am into all the main ones, 24 - Prison Break - Heroes - The Office - Grey's Anatomy - Desperate Housewives - Lost - etc... I find myself more and more often looking forward to the not so popular ones, even more. Friday Night Lights is definitely one of those. I love it, I love Kyle Chandler in it, he is so cute, and has just gotten better with age, not to mention his super hot Texan accent. I love the whole cheerleader/football stuff, maybe because it reminds me of the good ol' days. It makes me wish I lived in a litttle town where everything revolved around the sport, I would love to take my kids to high school football games, where everybody goes. If I showed up to a Central game, it would just be weird, unless maybe it was homecoming. I love the cinematography?, how they try to make it look almost as if it is a reality show. If you haven't given this show a chance yet, I suggest you try it out. I don't think you will be disappointed, unless you are Jimmy. In fact Jimmy can disregard this whole post.

P.S. I am really rooting for Matt and Julie to work things out. Cutest couple ever! (At least on this show!)


Tape and a 3 year old

I was so excited today, because our Bingo game box finally bit the dust. One more game I was going to be able to do away with quickly and quietly, until Cooper catches me in the act and foils my plan. He tells me he can fix it, and heads off to his room. I was quickly distracted with Isabelle and a phone call, and forgot all about it until a few minutes ago when I went into his room. There it was, resurrected in all its glory. Cooper first fixed it with scotch tape, but I guess decided it was not enough. Then, from who knows where?, he finds blue painters tape, and finishes the job. Lucky Bingo game, you won this time, but the war is not over!

Just so you all know I personally don't have anything against bingo, in fact I secretly wish I belonged to a church that had Friday night Bingo, because I would be all over that. I hate, no I loathe the mess that Bingo brings to my front room, all the little balls, plus the little marker things.

If I ... part 2

If I could, I would go out right now and get lasix?, and then head off for some eyelash extensions.

(Just thinking about this gives me immense pleasure, no more glasses, and eyelashes like J.Lo at the Oscars. Does it get any better? I submit that it does not!)


This is the coolest song ever, unfortunately it is not available on itunes, so if anyone knows where to get it, let me know!!!


Tantrum of the Century

Tonight Johnny (my brother) stopped by my house after work. It was right in the middle of insane time, I was trying to finish dinner, Jon and the kids had just gotten home, I was waiting for Melissa to pick up Isabelle, and we were in a rush to make sure Jon made it to his meeting, and Andy made it to scouts on time. He had just gone and visited my grandma and grandpa Messana, who are unfortunately, both very ill right now. They sent him home with a big bucket of Red Vines. All my kids wanted to do was rip into that bucket from the moment he walked in the door. I was able to keep them at bay by giving them each a small bite. I put some in ziplocs, and sent the rest home with him. Things are winding down now, and Chloe, Buffy and Cooper wanted a licorice. I told them they could have 2, and that was their snack. I then got sucked into the world wide web, specifically blogs of people I know, but many I don't. I heard crying in the background, Buffy was upset because Cooper was on his 6th. I told him to put them in the trash or I was going to spank his bottom (please don't call C.P.S., I know that is so not P.C., but sometimes it just needs to be done!) He flipped out like I have never seen before, I didn't know his body could spasm the way it was, and the pitch of his shrill cry was horrendous. I was so glad I had already shut our windows. All of this over a little piece of licorice, how can something so small cause such a disturbance? (By the way, I never did spank his bottom, because he did put them in the trash, the tantrum followed that act. It was as if he had betrayed himself!)

P.S. Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!!!
Here's something new that I am starting, and it will probably happen often. I urge you to comment with your "If I's..."

If I had my way, socks would be disposable. I hate matching socks, I hate finding socks for my kids in the morning, I loathe dirty socks in the hamper that are all crumpled up, that I have to pull apart with my hands. Someday when I have disposable amounts of money, or my own kingdom, socks will be disposable.

Workin' Hard

Jon was unloading rocks last night, and Cooper thought it would be a great idea to go out and help. As you can see, he made it a lot easier for Jon. Coop sure did have fun though. I was running late, trying to get ready for a meeting when Jon called me outside. I didn't want to go, but I was glad I did when I saw this, so much that I had to pull out my camera to get a picture of it. I felt bad that I was grumbling under my breath when Jon called me, getting ready for a meeting is no where near as important as this!


Fried Chicken & Gravy

One thing I love about marrying Jon, is his mom's cooking. Her roast and mashed potatoes, her pork chops and rice, her chocolate chip cookies (which I have not had in years, in case you are reading mom!), but most of all her fried chicken. I am happy to say that I have mastered fried chicken, gravy and all. Last night my husband and children all agreed it was as good, if not better (sorry mom :( ) than hers. It was a very happy moment in my life. One more thing to define me. Even Katrina loved it. I wish I had remembered to take a picture, next time, I promise!!!

I'm still here

It feels like forever, since I have actually written anything. Maybe not, but it feels like an eternity has passed. Things are still crazy here, sweet Buffy is so sick, so that is taking up most of my time. We spent an hour and a half at the doctor today. I hate those kind of days at the doctor's office. It took way too long, and I was already low on patience, plus I was seeing the doctor I am not crazy about. I figured she had a sinus infection, and maybe croop?, he confirmed the sinus infection, and added an ear infection. So another round of antibiotics, here we come! Yesterday was a good day, I got soooo much accomplished. I love those days, where you are physically exhausted, but totally content with it, because you can see everything you accomplished. We are still working on moving out, hasn't happened yet. We need to buy a new mattress, and that is holding us back so far. We literally have no time. I want to cry when I look at my calendar, we are booked solid. We have some friends who we have been trying to go out with since before Christmas, and it still hasn't happened. We've never had to plan our date nights weeks in advance, I wonder if it will ever calm down?!? I just wanted to write for a second, Buffy is waking up, and Cooper's movie is finishing, so it is back to reality for me now. I get to go to bed in 6-7 short hours :)


Buffy & Toms

I hope you are not all bored of this! I am just having way too much fun! It is helping me keep my mind off of some very pressing things going on right now! Cami just sent me this pic, and I just had to do something with it!


Another one!

I didn't have anything major, that I felt like writing about right now. Luckily, Cooper had a great hair day, and I wanted to try some more scrapping, so here it is!