Worth Every Penny!

I just paid $17.95 to get a month membership to Atomic Cupcake, and it had a tutorial that was so super easy to follow, and voila! here is my 1st digi-scrapping page, done in Photoshop! I am so excited, and so over the frustration I felt a few hours ago, I am by no means an expert, but I got this far! Yahoo!

(I just added this picture, because there haven't been any in a while!
This is Jimmy wiping out in a wave)

I hate Photoshop! I have no clue what I am doing, and I can't teach myself, which is the real problem. Why can everyone else I know, just sit down and figure it out, and I can't!?! I am so freakin pissed right now, it just makes me feel so stupid. It is a dumb program, and I am too dumb to figure it out. Just needed to rant!


First Dates

We've all had them, then we get married and you think that part of your life is over. Now it is time for a different 1st date, couples 1st dates. We had one this last weekend, trying on a new couple for size, to see if it really fits. We've known this couple for about a year, and finally decided to go out. We went through the usual things; I don't know, what do you want to do? Anything sounds fine to me... So we picked a movie, which was hard because there aren't very many out there, and we weren't sure what their view on R Rated shows was, but I just put the options out there. We decided on The Departed (which is awesome, by the way), and only a few awkward moments in the movie, where I wondered if they felt as uncomfortable as I did. It was a long movie, and we realized we didn't really have enough time for dinner, so we went to this little bar downstairs from the theater, just to talk. It was sooooo loud, it was not the best "let's get to know each other" atmosphere, but it worked. We learned a little about each other, and all in all had a good time. We have a new couple to add to our list of people to do things with. Sometimes I wish I could put an invisible recorder on them before they leave, I am just so curious as to what they thought about us, I wonder if we were a good fit for them. Only time will tell, (imagine me fretting right now) I wonder if they'll call us again :) .

We're doing it!

Jon and I made a decision, it is now or never. We are so ready to have a new house, but the only way that is going to happen is if we fix our house way up, and pray that Heavenly Father blesses us, and actually gets it to sell. THe fixing up part is the hardest for me, I hate living in a mess, I hate giving up my husband during the time he is home, so he can be working. It is never ending, so we have decided it would be smartest to move in with my mom while we are doing all of this. That way we can get all of our crap out, Jon can work where he needs to without kids getting into stuff, and when it comes time to sell it, our house will be clean because we aren't living there. I really think now is the time, we should have done it 2 years ago when everything was selling as-is and in minutes, but we hesitated and missed the boat. I am excited, but I am sad, as much as I hate this coffin, I love it, it's my house. I love my picture wall in my front room, I love the polka dots in the girls room, I love our pool, I love that we have a guest house. Anyhow, I am apprehensive, but I am sticking to my guns, we are moving out this week hopefully. Please, everyone out there, just keep your fingers crossed for us. Let this plan of ours work!


I love my family, I am just going to start with that! We have way too much fun together, tonight we all went over to mom's house for steaks, and to play Wii. It's been a while since we've all been together, and I was totally looking forward to it. I love our dinner conversations, actually it is usually our after dinner conversation, when we are all still sitting around the table, just talking and laughing. Tonight there was a comment made to Jimmy about needing to ask his wife for more money, since he is the one who stays at home, and she works. This in itself was funny, but then Cami said she would give him some pointers, and then just with perfect comedic timing says " It may or may not involve taking off your shirt." We all died, Tyler turned so red, and was trying to hide his birthmark, Jimmy was disgusted, and we were dying, we were laughing so hard. Amber quickly says that Jimmy will owe her money if he tries that. I don't know many families that have as much fun together as we do, or that can talk about things as openly. I love it, it was a great night. I wish we could do it every night!

Breakfast with The Trump's

A few days ago I bought "Phoenix" magazine, because this month's issue was all about local restaurants. So I read about The Farm at South Mountain, and I have heard about it before, and it said they have a phenomenal breakfast. So I decided this morning we were going to go out to breakfast, everyone got up and got ready after some lazy time and our usual Saturday morning wrestling matches in mom & dad's bed, and we set off. We get to the farm, after a slight detour of realizing the airport is in the way, then going too far south, and ending up at the base of South Mountain on a dead end road. We found it, this cute little pecan farm, just south of Southern on 32nd st (if anyone is wondering), and set off for breakfast. We park at the front, and find out that breakfast is served all the way towards the back, so we start to walk. It is very cold, and I wasn't very aware of my children this morning, so no one had coats. We get there, and it is all outdoors, they had little space heaters, but it was still cold. Jon and I look at the menu, and it is a little pricey, but we don't really think about it all that much. Chloe and Cooper were going to share the Belgian waffle w/ strawberries & whipped cream, Andy & Buffy were going to share the Pecan and Banana French Toast, sans the Pecans and Bananas, Jon had a breakfast burrito, and I also went with the French toast. We had scalding hot chocolate, but I had fabulous fresh squeezed orange juice. The food came, the kids dug in, Cooper would only eat the strawberries and whip cream, Chloe liked the french toast better, Jon thinks Eriberto's breakfast burritos are better, and I wished I had gotten the eggs. No big deal, it was still good, and I loved the atmosphere, being outside at this little farm, the people that were there, it was fun, it was something different. I wish the kids had been a little better behaved, they weren't monsters, but they were bickering over everything, and just driving me nuts. Anyhow, it was all enjoyable, until the check came. $75.84. I almost choked on my pecans. We paid the bill, looked at the vegetables, and went off on our way. On the way home, Jon commented how he felt bad because he only left an $8.00 tip, I slammed on the brakes and told him there was 20% gratuity included. Right there our fun morning ended for me, I was furious, it wasn't Jon's fault, but I assumed he would have looked over the check, but he assumed I would have mentioned something like that when I looked at the check. I can't imagine what family would spend that kind of money on breakfast, so I felt a little like The Trump's. I am not looking for that feeling again, but it was fun while it lasted. We were finally done with our whole morning at about 11:00, and Chloe commented that we were just finishing breakfast and it was already 11:00, I told her it was a good thing too, because after that breakfast we can't afford lunch!


Buffy's class had a fieldtrip today, so Cooper and I joined them. We are definitely getting our money's worth out of our zoo membership this year. Anyhow, just a few pics from the day, now I am off for the last part of Andy's field trip to the Science Center. I doubt there will be pictures from that, but who knows, check back later!


Do you have a person, or people in your life, that just make your life 100% better? They never cause you pain or sadness? If you don't, find one now. I'll be that person for you if you want! I have a few, but there is one couple in particular that is on my mind today! They are my most favorite people in the world. When I go out with them, I know I am going to come home with a stomach ache, and my cheeks will hurt from laughing all night. We have finally realized that we don't really want to go to movies together, because then we can't talk all night, and we do talk all night, and so far have not run out of things to say. No uncomfortable silences, no awkward pauses, we can just be ourselves, and talk about anything (and I mean anything) that might come up. Yesterday, one of these 2 had to have surgery, nothing major, but still surgery. I thought of her all day, then I whipped up some brownies to take over last night. I was there for 15 minutes, tops, and I had a headache from laughing with her and her husband. The best thing is we can joke about anything, and it's all good. When I dropped by, she just jokingly asked me " If I still lived in Laveen, would you be bringing me brownies?" I am happy to say that I could answer her honestly, with a hearty "No", and she wasn't offended, we just laughed. Then I asked her how her kids were getting to school, she and Brian looked at each other like they hadn't thought that far yet, and I was able to say "If I was a really great friend, I would offer, but my mom is taking my kids, and I am not passing that up." And guess what, we are still friends. I love her. She is my girl soulmate, and we could have very possibly met each other a long time ago, but we are meant to be friends now. I am glad too, I am old enough, and wise enough to treasure my friends so much more now, than when I was in high school! Anyhow, I just love knowing I've got these people out there, that know me, that I can be myself around. It is definitely the real thing!


Crazy weather today. We woke up to rain and cold, got all bundled up to go to the auction. It was freezing and wet. When we got out, it was hot, no clouds in sight. We came home, and all of the sudden we hear this noise. I was not sure if it was thunder, last time I had looked outside it was sunny. Not anymore, it was gray and wet and cold enough for this little fall of snow. The kids had a blast!

Russo and Steele

Andy and "Tweety Pie"

Andy thought the skull was pretty cool!

Cooper & Jon in front of a yellow Ferrari
(Cooper's current favorite color)

Buffy & Andy
Buffy loved the chain steering wheel,
I'm gonna have to keep my eye on her!



The weather matches my mood today. It is gray, and wet and cold. Do you ever have one of those nights, where things just go from bad to worse? Last night was it. I came home from the auction feeling a little blah, Cooper was coughing horribly, so I was able to rush him into the doctor before they closed. We got home and I felt worse. I sat on the couch all night, wishing I could just throw up and get it over with. No such luck, I climbed into bed at 9:15 only to wake up at midnight. It had started. I was then up until almost 3:00. I was miserable, my body ached, my head hurt, and I was so tired I couldn't sleep. So I started watching Grey's Anatomy that I had recorded earlier. It was great until they realized they were going to have to take George's dad off of life support. It was too real, it was like deja vu. So not only am I feeling miserable physically, now I am emotionally a wreck because I can't stop thinking about doing that to my dad. I was a wreck, then George says something that is so true, he said "I don't know how to live in a world where my dad doesn't exist." I knew exactly how he felt. It's been 6 1/2 years, and sometimes I still feel that way. I realized that Jon and I have been married longer without my dad here, than with him here. It's not like I didn't know these things were going to happen, but I guess I try not to think about it. I hate that it's normal now for him not to be here. We're used to it, I never thought I would get used to it. Anyhow, gray, that just sums it up I guess.


Hair today, Gone tomorrow...

I love your hair. This is what it looks like after a bath, and I just towel dry it. It looks so cute, you actually have texture, a little wave. It's not just stick straight. By the next morning ti does not look like this though, and no matter what I do, even if I completely soak your hair with the spray bottle, it never turns out like this. It makes me so sad, I love it when it looks like this. Anyhow, just wanted to show people out there, who can't figure out why I won't cut your shag, it's because it looks this cute sometimes.


I was soooooooooo happy, like unbelievably happy, when I flipped through the channels tonight, and saw that my favorite show "Dirty Jobs" was on. Now I don't have a strong stomach, and I end up gagging, and covering my eyes through a lot of it, but it is so worth it to watch Mike Rowe. Now you all may think I have a lot of crushes, but I don't. Mr. Craig was a fling, until Mr. Rowe was back on tv. My loyalty is to him! If you have not seen this show, you need to. It rocks!

Love is...

One of my most favorite purchases of last year is this fabulous red robe. It is so soft, and warm, I love getting up in the mornings and wrapping myself in it. After the kids are off to school, and it is just me and the Coop, we snuggle on the couch. Sometimes I nod off, other times we just watch too-toons. When it is time for me to shower, Cooper always wants to get bundled up in my warm robe. I wrap him up, and plant him on the couch. So many times I have come out of the shower to find him asleep in its soft warmth. I guess to him, my love is like a big, fluffy, warm red robe. Wouldn't we all like to be wrapped up in that?


These are 3 ring binders I scrapbooked for me,
the other counselor & president.

Front side

Front side

Front side (I hope I don't burn in he*$ for
distressing a picture of Christ :( )

Back side

These are composition books

This is the front and the front inside of my
journal that I made

This is the front and inside of our family journal

I put all of our initials on the inside

This is the back, I did the back on all of them, but didn't feel like
taking pictures and downloading them all. You get the picture.

My amazingly talented friend Mamie did this and showed me, and I have been on a kick since. I did darling ones for my girls, Buffy's is in the top picture, and an army one for Andy. I did a cute one for Toms and for my cousins baby. Anyhow, is it fun, and supereasy, plus a really cute journal. If only I could scrapbook my blog. That would be the best!

before I forget

I only have a second, hopefully I will have more time later, but I wanted to do this before I forgot. This morning as I was getting ready, I went in to comb my hair after my shower, and as usual, my comb is missing. I went into the girls room because I remembered they were having a salon earlier, but I still could not find it. Cooper was in there playing with their make-up, under my breath I said"I could just kill someone". Without skipping a beat, Cooper replied "Mom, kill Buffy." I guess I know who he will vote off the island someday.


humdrum, drab,monotonous,stodgy, stale, boring...

Do you ever just feel blah(so blah that I don't feel it even warrants any punctuation of any kind)

I am in a rut, every day I fell blah. I wake up and shower, when I do my hair, blah, when I don't do my hair, blah. When I get dressed, blah, when I am in my pajamas, blah. Makeup, blah, no makeup, blah. Food, blah, no food, blah. I am going crazy. I need something to get me going. I am sick of being blah......................................................................................................................................... (as I am typing this, I notice that I am expressionless, with my mouth agape, just being blah......)


Cooper has eczema on his legs. It only flares up in the winter, and I can usually keep it under control with smothering him in vaseline before he goes to bed at night. Not this year, the picture above is from the top of his right foot. This is the spot he has gotten it on every year since he has been born, even as a newborn. This year though, he is scratching, he calls them his scratchies. He made a sore on the bottom, so now he has to take oral antibiotics for the infection, plus this scary steroid cream, that if it gets in your eyes you will go blind they say. I fell so bad for him, I hope he doesn't have this problem his whole life, though seeing the history so far it seems very likely. Anyhow, something stupid to put on a blog I guess, but I am really ticked with it today. Actually, this is 10 times better than it was yesterday, we got the cream last night, so obviously it works miracles. Maybe it will be gone tomorrow. The other picture is from behind his left knee, now mind you he has this all over both legs, those are just the only pictures that turned out!
I had an epiphany this morning, I will be waking up early for the next 16 years of my life, more if I have more kids. It is so nice to have the kids back in school, and to be back on our regular schedule, but I hate having to get up so early in the morning to get everyone ready for school. I kept thinking it wouldn't last that long, but when they hit high school it will be even worse because of early morning seminary. I am not a sleep freak or anything, but when you don't fall asleep most of the time until midnight or later, and often have wake up calls in the night, 6:00 and 6:30 comes up pretty fast. Anyhow, it was a sad realization for me, this is my life. I am looking forward to summer vacation already!


If you haven't seen Casino Royale, go now, RUN! I'm serious, what are you waiting for? I hope Mr. Craig sneaks into my dreams... I love the new blonde Bond.


In Vegas, on our pretend picture honeymoon.
(We didn't take any pictures on our actual honeymoon,
so when we went back a month later, we had my sister
pictures of us.)

On my favorite trip of all times, New York.
We went over New year's to see our favorite out-of-towners!

A trip to Pinetop when we were still newlyweds

Newport, 2 summers ago.

I will keep this very short, but it says it all. Would I do it all over again? Yes, I think I would!


West Side Story

I grew up loving music, of all kinds. I first started going to the opera when I was in 7th grade. My grandma got me season tickets, so I could go with her and Grandpa. I loved it, I loved getting dressed up, seeing all the other people dressed up. I felt so grown up. She also took us to the Nutcracker for many years, and my interest grew. I was in dance, I sang, I secretly wanted to be on Broadway. I would have settled for a show in Vegas. I loved to perform. It is the best feeling when you are doing something, with all these people watching you. I got it from singing, dancing, cheering. It was a rush I loved. West Side Story is one of my favorite shows, I love the music. When I was in high school my cousin Steven was Tony in a production. It was so fun seeing him, he was amazing. I tivoed West Side Story the other day, and I made my girls watch it. They didn't sit through it the first time, but I can count at least 8 times I have caught them watching it since then. I love walking past their bedroom, and hearing Buffy sing "I feel pretty" or Chloe singing "When your a jet." I am pretty sure Jon is not loving it as much as I am, but it is so important to me that my kids know all kinds of music and art. Museums, plays, ballets, operas, concerts... It is a whole other world out there for there enjoyment. I am so glad my Grandma brought music into all of our lives, I can't wait for my kids to go to there first opera. They already look forward to the symphony field trip each year. Anyhow, once again it has turned to babble, maybe "Tonight, tonight. Won't be just any night..."


It's a new year, in case you haven't noticed. A time most people spend looking forward to a new year, with wonderful resolutions they are sure to keep. I am the same, but year after year of disappointing myself, I wonder if I should even try. I have this wonderful outlet, to tell the world my goals and aspirations for the year, but then the world will know how badly I have failed, if and when I do. I wonder if I should just focus on the already good stuff, and hope the rest will just follow. If I just think of my resolutions, then they aren't concrete, so I can justify when I fail, and say they weren't really what I wanted to accomplish. But maybe, if I write them down for all to hear, it will motivate me enough to really do it this year. This could be the year of Kristy if I will just let it. I am scared, because there's a lot at stake, there always is. Plus if I do succeed, and this turns out to be my year, then it can only go downhill from there, right?!? There are a few I can put down now, that I feel pretty confident about, so here goes...

I need to be:

more understanding
more helpful to my mom
more patient
less resentful of unkind things done to me or my loved ones
more frugal
less concerned with what other people think

I will be:

more organized
sweeter to my husband
more supportive of anyone who needs it

The most important thing, I am going to focus on learning how to say no. I don't want to be mean, but I need to make sure that I focus on the needs of my family and myself, before everyone else. This is going to be the hardest, I never say no.


Happy Birthday!

Ok, it's pretty sad I can't find a picture of Jon by himself, but here is a recent one with cute Coop. Today is his 35th birthday, for some reason he does not like being reminded of it. If his life span is the same as his dad and grandfather's, then he is already past middle age. I am glad he is 35 years, he is 4 years wiser than me ( you do the math!). I love you honey, have a great birthday, you've got a sweet present waiting for you at home!


My 2006 Playlist

Once again in no specific order, these are the songs I listened to over and over throughout the year!

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Over my head - The Fray
How to save a life - The Fray
I Write Sins not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
Is it any Wonder? - Keane
Everybody's Changing - Keane
Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects
Move Along - The All-American Rejects
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Breathe (2 A.M.) - Anna Nalick
Scotty Doesn't know - Lustra (It's kinda trashy, but I love it!)
Pump it -Black eyed Peas
All my Life -Foo Fighters
I'll stick around -Foo Fighters
Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Walk Away -Kelly Clarkson
Stay with you -Goo Goo Dolls
In My Place -Coldplay
Objection -Shakira
Speed of Sound -Coldplay
Don't phunk with my Heart - Black eyed Peas
My Humps -Black eyed Peas
Let's get it started - Black eyed peas
Feel Good inc - Gorillaz
Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Crazy in Love - Beyonce
Borderline - Madonna
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
You're my best friend - Queen
I want to break Free - Queen
Talk dirty to me -Poison
Caught up in you - .38 Special
Rock your Body -Justin Timberlake
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
Sussudio - Phil Collins
Some guys have all the luck -Rod Stewart
P.I.M.P. - 50 cent
Ignition - R. Kelly
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Fix you - Coldplay
Strict Machine - Goldfrapp
Miss murder - AFI
Dance, Dance - Fall out boy
Sugar, we're goin down - Fall Out Boy
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
Suddenly I see - KT Turnstall
Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Yeah! - Usher

Along with anything on Radio Disney, specifically Cha-Cha slide, The Hampster dance, Crazy Frog, anything from High School Musical, Cheetah girls, TMBG... This pretty came straight off my playlist "It's all good", I had to exclude a ton, or this list would have lasted forever, but you get the jist of it!

Something Silly

For no reason at all, Chloe has been singing "Super Trouper" from Abba all day today. It's nice to know I am doing something right with that girl!
Really in no particular order, these are the highlights of my year:

10. I took 2 trips with my kids, no husband, to Pinetop, I can do it. This was a major step for me, and I am looking forward to more adventures this year!

9. Our new saltwater pool, and Buffy getting the guts to swim without floaties. I knew she could do it. All of my kids doing cannonballs off the diving board!

8. Andy getting baptized. I was so proud of him!

7. My sister becomes a mom, sweet little Tommy is born!

6. I found the perfect color blue for my living room walls! I loved it so much it is in my bedroom also :)

5. We had the best trip to Disneyland over Spring break, even though it was freezing and raining, we weren't ready to leave after 3 days there. The kids were great, Jon and I had a blast, all in all a fabulous family vacation. I can't wait to do it again!

4. Seeing "Love" in Vegas with my mom and sisters, then living vicariously through my single sister when she picks up on a hot brit after the show.

3. I started blogging, I love it. It is a fabulous hobby, and I look forward to doing it each day. I hope you all enjoy reading it!

2. I did the best ever on a new year's resolution, of cooking at least 4 meals a week. I followed through 7 out of 12 months. Pretty good!

1. One of the best trips to Newport ever, so sad it may be our last for a while.

I can't believe this is all I can think of for a whole year, I mean I know there are a billion other things, but these are favorites. I can't wait for this year, I wonder what the top 10 will be of '07?!? Some of you may think the perfect blue is rather strange, but I lived with the wrong green for almost a year, so it was a very exciting moment when I stumbled upon this blue by accident, and it actually turned out to be the one!


Happy New Year

All the leaves are brown...

Sweet babes!


Fun at Grandma's

Autumn leaves on New Year's!

We all went over to mom's to eat left-overs from our bash last night, and I thought it was the perfect time to take pictures in the fabulous leaves. I love yards covered in leaves, I know some people don't, but it is so beautiful to me. We had a great time raking them up and then playing! The kids had no idea they were doing work for grandma, they were just having a blast!