I have a problem, I am aware of it, and I am working on it, but it is still there. No, I am not an alcoholic, no drugs, I don't shoplift, no porn,(pause) I shop. If I can't look good, then by gosh my kids will. I gave enough clothes away out of my girls room today to clothe an orphanage in Cambodia, and yet they are still filled to the gills. I am so much better than I used to be, but they have way more than they need. I am trying to explain to my husband that this is a legit sickness. I need them to have these cute clothes and shoes, I hope he's buyin it! On the other hand, there are many people who have benefited from my children's hand-me-downs, so that should count for something. I love it when I see something they have outgrown, that I loved, on someone else. I am spreading the joy. Anyhow, I'll keep you updated on my therapy and progress...after I get back from target. (just kidding!)

Cute family!

Welcome to the jungle

Watchin the ducks

the kids favorite freaky duck
(they are positive it is part turkey)
Gobble Gobble!

We had a fun day at the park with our fab friends from San Fran! So sad :( you are sick, can't wait to see you again soon!


Coop in the slide

Coop the ladies man with Allison

Andy lighting things on fire with
his magnifying glass
(his new favorite activity)

The girls posing

The boys having a pow-wow in the net

They conquered the hill,
their favorite thing to do at this park

Cute Cooper!

Such a fun day at the park with our great friends the Astorga's! The kids had a blast, no injuries, the weather was great. All in all a fabulous day at the park!


We were in an accident today, sooooo scary. Luckily, my wonderful dad taught me how to drive, and taught me to always be looking in my mirrors. That saved us today, if I hadn't looked in my mirror, I would not have seen the old man in the truck about to plow into me when I had to slam on the brakes. I was able to maneuver throughout the other accidents, was barely nudged and didn't hit any other cars. I was the only one. If I hadn't have seen it, our car would have been totaled, because he would have smashed us into the cars in front of us. It was so scary, I am so thankful all my kids are safe. Anyhow, thanks dad for teaching me how to drive, and thanks for watching out for me and my babes today.


Sweet Dreams

Cooper finally gave up the ghost today. He refused to take a nap yesterday, I was hoping it would make him go to sleep earlier last night, but no such luck. So I have been trying and trying to get him to calm down long enough today to take a nap, but he wouldn't have it. Then he went and played dress-up with his sisters, that is why he is in a velour dress, with a little bit of blush on, laid down to watch Spongebob, and voila, he sleeps. I wish I could be tired enough to fall asleep like this. Sweet dreams, sweet boy!

This is the all time greatest opening of any movie, ever!
This poster rocks!

WE had movie night last night with the crew, it was disgusting, but hilarious. There were numerous times I covered my eyes until one of my boys told me to look again. I almost hurled 5 times, but it was worth it. You can only watch this if you don't get offended, or grossed out. It's trash, but it's freakin awesome!


A view from the top

The view from Josephine's. Beautiful!
There was an amazing sunset, the weather
was perfect. Merry Christmas!


Need I say words?

No trip to the ER

Everyone with their airkicks!

Johnny, almost losing his balance

Where did you come from Cotton-eyed Joe?
(That song just comes to mind when
I look at this picture)


Mom got these for the boys and older kids, I was sure someone was going to the ER, if not multiple people. They all had a blast, but it wore them all out tremendously. It was so fun watching them. One of the highlights of my day!

Fun at Grandma's

Sweet Tommy!

Cute girls in their new robes

Bumper cars in the living room!

It's finally here!

The night before!

Super excited kids!

It was a good day! The kids were happy, and Jon and I both commented on how calm and relaxed it was. I was a little sad they had so few gifts, but it went away quickly. They always get a lot of loot from Gramma Ro! I was disappointed there were no reactions like the kids on the BMW commercial, but maybe next year!


Secret Santa

Jon had Cooper

Cooper had Buffy

Buffy had me

I had Andy

Andy had Chloe

Chloe had Jon

Secret Santa was a success. We went around in a circle, and said at least one nice thing we did for our person. Then we guessed who our Secret santa was, and opened the present. The kids loved it, can't wait to do it next year!

The Trump

Toms joined the hair club for men!
I love this kid!

Christmas Eve at Lara's


Hayley, Caleb & Buffy

Caleb ( Punk!)

The fam


Elvis has left the Building

I wish I could pull these glasses off.
What a boy!

Happy boy, Sad mom

I finally broke down and let Andy get his haircut. I am so sad, I loved his long hair. It looked so good on him, he looks so young now. I didn't even do anything fun like a mohawk or a mullet, and the lady just kept cutting and cutting. It's a little shorter than I wanted, but he is happy. Merry Christmas to him I guess!


We finally saw Santa Claus! I know you may think I'm insane, taking all my kids to the mall 3 days before Christmas, when it is raining no less. It wasn 't so bad, the hardest part was getting lunch at 3 different places at the food court, and hoping Cooper wouldn't run away from the table him and Andy were saving. They did good though, we all made it home, everyone was happy. Unfortunately Andy asked Santa for something he's never asked for before, so I think he is going to be sad Christmas morning. We stood in line for about 40 minutes, as you can see Cooper didn't last long. That actually made it a whole lot easier. Merry Christmas!


From left: Amber, Laura, Taya, Me, Dad, Brent, Seth, Steven, Hannah, and Jill

At the dinosaurs from Pee Wee's big adventure

It was very windy, take a gander at our hair

Circle K at Thomas and the freeway, we've only just begun!

McDonald's before Disneyland!
Breakfast of Champions!

Disneyland ponchos at Magic Mountain,
we were rebels!

To one of the few men I've never gotten freaky with, but who I like a whole lot more than most guys I did! Brent you rock, thanks for the call. This trip was the best ever. Hope you like the pictures!