This was when I worked at Express, we all wore red outfits.
The best part is my mom's stirrup pants!

You can't see very well, but I had these totally hot red cowboy boots.
I totally rocked those babies!

I remember crimping my hair on this day, I thought
I looked so cool!

This just shows that I have always been adorable!


I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I love the driving back and forth,
so we get to see everyone. I love seeing my cousins, and grandparents, and aunts
and uncles. I love the memories I have of all the Thanksgiving's past.
I remember sitting in Grandma's living room, and Brook and I would terrorize
Steven throughout the meal. I remember Grandma's stuffing, and this fabulous
cranberry fruity chutney thing. I also remember worrying about grandma
trying new recipes, even though they always turned out great. I look forward
to her apple cider, in the goose punch bowl. Her whole house smells
like it. I also realize how much it has turned me into who I am. We would
almost always take our Christmas card photos on Thanksgiving, so you will notice
in the pictures above we are sometimes wearing Christmas clothes. I
am already getting my kids wardrobe selections ready for tomorrow. I know
my in-laws probably think I am nuts, because my kids are always dressed,
usually in similar outfits or matching colors, with their hair done. That's how
we do holidays. I look forward to getting dressed up, and taking our family pictures.
I am so thankful for all the pictures we have, of all our holidays together.
I am so happy looking at them, thinking of all those wonderful times we had together.
It will be hard tomorrow at Grandma's, missing my uncles , dad and now Grandpa.
I know they will be there with us. I know we will still laugh and eat too much,
and be thankful for all that we have. For being part of this fabulous family.
I get so sad for people when I realize that they don't have families like mine. I
don't know what I would do without my family, they are the best part of my life.
So because of that, I don't want to miss out on anything. I will get the kids ready, go to the cemetary, then we will head to my Grandma P.'s, then leave and go see my husband's family,
then leave to go to my mom's for the Italian blowout. I hope everyone is pondering
all that they have to be thankful for, and remembering all those people who don't have anywhere near as much to be thankful for. It would be so easy to be sad tomorrow,
to think of all the people I have lost over the years, but instead I like to think of all the
people we've gained. My sweet little nephew, in-laws, and new baby cousins.
I think one of the things I love the most is the diversity between my families. We have
so much fun at both places, but it is goofy and more reserved at my Grandma P.'s, then we
head to my mom's and have all the loud Italians, the cursing, the yelling, the wine,
the creampuffs. I can't pick a favorite, they are both so great!
I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

This is a side note, of why I love tomorrow. Because the next day I start my Christmas shopping. I love the crowds, the malls, the festive feeling in the air. I especially love the occasional fist fight you might see between 2 strangers over some stupid toy. I look forward to this day, we get a sitter early in the morning. We talk on the phone back & forth to Doug & Holly, then we meet up, exchange gifts that we have bought for each other's kids, have lunch, go to Target or other places. I know it seems silly, but it's always a fun day, that just gets me in the spirit.


nomromamai said...

I concur with the first part of your blog. The last part is why Festivus was born.

liz said...

I guess I could respond to a lot of what you wrote, but all I can think about is how much I loved Express!