When I was a girl, I used to swallow my Top Ramen noodles, while holding one end still, then pull it back up my throat. I totally forgot I ever did this, until Cooper asked for soup today for lunch. I was watching him slurp, sometimes the juice splashing him in the face, and all of the sudden I remembered. It felt so weird coming back up, my sisters and I would laugh and laugh. I suggest you try it, just so your kids know you were a kid once too. (It might even make me a cool mom if I did it at dinner tonight) Slurp away!


liz said...

that was always my fav meal- the oriental flavor only, please!

never did that trick, i was too excited to eat it i guess. ;-)

camilla Wright said...

Nasty kris, it's like cereal to me. I can't stand the slurping! it makes me gag.